The terrorist organization Isis has taken credit for the attack at a concert hall in Moscow that resulted in the death of 40 individuals due to gunshots.

The terrorist organization Isis has taken credit for the attack at a concert hall in Moscow that resulted in the death of 40 individuals due to gunshots.

At least 40 individuals were fatally shot and 145 were injured on Friday during a shooting incident carried out by assailants using automatic firearms at a concert near Moscow. The terrorist group, Isis, has taken credit for the attack.

Multiple individuals wearing camouflage attire fired rounds of ammunition into a group of concert-goers at the Crocus City Hall.

Footage from the location displayed the assailants shooting without discrimination at frightened individuals attempting to escape.

Loud blasts were reported at the location, as the roof caved in due to a fire. Images revealed massive flames and dark smoke rising high into the air.

“Hearing sudden noises from behind, possibly gunshots, a witness (who preferred not to reveal their name) shared with Reuters, “A rapid series of gunshots, I can’t be sure.” They further added, “A chaotic commotion ensued as people fled towards the escalator, with screams filling the air and everyone running.”

The Russian government stated that they successfully rescued 100 individuals who were taking shelter in the basement.

Gunmen in the Crocus City Hall

The national guard of the country is currently searching for the perpetrators, whose identity has not yet been confirmed.

ISIS has asserted accountability for the assault through their media outlet on Telegram. In a written declaration, the organization stated that “our fighters of the Islamic State targeted a sizable assembly of Christians in Krasnogorsk, a city neighboring the Russian capital of Moscow. The attack resulted in hundreds of casualties, significant damage to the location, and our safe retreat to our established strongholds.”

The number of attackers and their outcomes were initially unknown. According to reports, a minimum of four individuals were involved.

In 2015, Russia intervened in the Syrian civil war, altering its course by providing support to President Bashar al-Assad against both the opposition and Isis. This extremist group has taken responsibility for numerous violent attacks in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Europe, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

Officials in Russia and members of security agencies labeled the event as an act of terrorism, even as it continued to unfold, and took steps to open an official inquiry.

The assault was directed at a major music establishment located on the outskirts of Moscow. This information was reported by Russia’s Federal Security Service, the primary agency responsible for domestic security and counterterrorism. They have also released statistics on the number of fatalities and injuries.

It is suspected that the fire at the concert hall was triggered by explosives set off by the assailants.

According to Russian news sources, the attackers ignited a large fire at the hall, which has a capacity of 6,000 people, by throwing explosives.

A video captured footage of the structure engulfed in flames, emitting a massive plume of smoke against the dark sky.

The road was illuminated by the flashing blue lights of numerous emergency vehicles, including firetrucks and ambulances. Several helicopters were also flying above, dropping water onto the fire.

The assault occurred during a gathering of spectators for a concert by the renowned Russian rock group, Picnic.

According to Russian news sources, attendees of the concert were being removed from the venue, but it is unknown how many individuals may have been unable to escape the fire.

According to the district attorney’s office, a group of men wearing military-style clothing entered the music venue and shot at attendees.

Gunfire could be heard multiple times in videos shared by Russian media and on Telegram channels.


A police officer stands watch by the ablaze Crocus City Hall.

One showed two men with rifles moving through the venue. Another showed a man inside the auditorium as gunshots rang out incessantly in the background.

Additional videos displayed a group of up to four individuals, carrying assault rifles and donning caps, who were shouting at bystanders.

According to Russian news sources, the security personnel at the concert venue were not armed and may have been at risk of harm when the attack began.

Russian media sources reported that the attackers escaped prior to the arrival of special forces and riot police.

Throughout the night, as the fire continued to burn fiercely, messages expressing anger, surprise, and solidarity for those impacted poured in from all corners of the globe.

Several people on Russian social media platforms raised concerns about how the government, which closely monitors and intimidates opponents of the Kremlin, did not recognize the danger and stop the assault from happening.

The officials in Russia have announced that increased security measures have been implemented at the airports, railway stations, and subway system in Moscow.

The emergency services are attempting to control the fire as smoke billows from the building.

Russia’s government did not immediately assign blame for the attack, but certain legislators pointed the finger at Ukraine and advocated for more aggressive retaliation.

A short time before the assault, the Russian armed forces initiated a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine’s power infrastructure, severely damaging the nation’s largest hydroelectric plant and other energy installations and resulting in over one million individuals without access to electricity.

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy leader of Russia’s Security Council, stated that if evidence confirms Kyiv’s participation in the assault on the music venue, all individuals involved “must be sought out and eliminated without compassion, including government officials from the responsible state.”

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, denied Ukraine’s involvement in the concert hall attack.

On X, he wrote, “Ukraine has never employed terrorist tactics. The outcome of this conflict will be determined solely through military action.”

“Recently, the US embassy in Russia released a warning about potential extremist activity in Moscow. This came shortly after the FSB announced they had disrupted a planned attack on a synagogue in Moscow by a group affiliated with Isis.”

According to John Kirby, a representative for the White House’s National Security Council, he is unable to discuss all the specifics at this time. However, he did express that the images being shown are extremely disturbing and difficult to witness.

Mr Kirby expressed his condolences for the victims of the tragic shooting and stated that thoughts will be with them.

Some parents, siblings, and children are still unaware of the news. Today will be difficult.

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