The shooting at a concert hall in Moscow resulted in over 60 deaths, as armed individuals began shooting.

The shooting at a concert hall in Moscow resulted in over 60 deaths, as armed individuals began shooting.

The police are attending to reports of a large number of shootings at a concert hall in Moscow.

Over 60 individuals lost their lives and approximately 100 were wounded in an attack by individuals wearing camouflage clothing, as they opened fire at a well-known venue near Moscow where a Russian rock band was performing and attracting a large crowd.

According to reports from state media, a group of four gunmen initiated an assault that resulted in a major fire and the collapse of the roof at the Crocus City Hall.

Afterwards, ISIS accepted responsibility for the assault.

Startling footage captured concert attendees seeking shelter as gunshots and blasts rang out.

Reports indicated that there were children present in the midst of the gathering. It is believed that certain individuals sought refuge in the basement, while others sought safety on the roof in order to evade the gunfire.

The Russian Federal Security Service stated that they are taking all necessary actions to assist those impacted by the shooting.

“The emergency at the Crocus complex has prompted the special services to conduct extensive search operations.”

The American embassy located in Russia confirms having knowledge of a potential terrorist event. The Russian legal authorities have labeled the incident as an act of terrorism and have initiated a criminal investigation.


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The future of the attackers in Moscow remains uncertain according to Russia: ‘It is too premature to determine’.

Officials from the Russian Investigative Committee have stated that the outcome of the individuals responsible for the attack on a Moscow concert, resulting in the death of over 60 individuals, is still unknown. According to a spokesperson for the committee, it is premature to make any statements about the fate of the attackers, as reported by the state-run news agency RIA.

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American officials say that they have acquired intelligence which confirms that the Islamic State is responsible for the attack in Russia.

Based on information from US sources, it has been verified that the Islamic State terrorist group is responsible for a fatal shooting during a concert near Moscow, according to two American officials.

“In the beginning of this month, the US government received intelligence regarding a potential terrorist attack in Moscow that could potentially impact large events, such as concerts. As a result, the State Department issued a public advisory for Americans in Russia,” stated Adrienne Watson, representative for the White House National Security Council.

The US government has also informed Russian authorities about this information, following its duty to warn policy that has been in place for a long time, stated the official.

The officials stated that Washington had cautioned Moscow in recent weeks about the potential for an attack.

The recent act of terrorism in Russia resulted in the death of at least 60 individuals and left 145 others injured on Friday. The attack occurred near Moscow, where gunmen dressed in camouflage used automatic weapons to shoot at attendees of a concert. This tragic event is considered one of the worst attacks in Russia in many years.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic State, a militant organization that previously aimed to dominate parts of Iraq and Syria, according to the group’s Amaq agency on Telegram.

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Putin sends his wishes for a quick recovery to those who were injured in the attack at the Moscow concert.

According to deputy prime minister Tatiana Golikova, state news agency TASS reported that Vladimir Putin expressed his hopes for a quick recovery for the individuals injured in a concert attack near Moscow, which resulted in the death of at least 60 people.

The militant organization Islamic State, previously known for attempting to gain control of parts of Iraq and Syria, has claimed responsibility for the attack through its Amaq agency on the messaging app Telegram.

The spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova, denounced the act as a “violent act of terrorism” and called for global condemnation. Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, denied any involvement by Ukraine.

Several countries, including the United States, European and Arab nations, as well as numerous former Soviet republics, expressed their shock and offered their condolences.

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A previous terror alert in Moscow prompts a statement from the UK and US embassies advising against travel.

The Friday before the concert hall near Moscow was attacked, UK and US citizens were advised to avoid traveling to Russia due to a terrorist threat in the capital city.

The United States embassy in Russia issued a warning regarding possible plans for an attack in Moscow by “extremists”. This warning came shortly after Russian security forces announced that they had prevented a shooting at a synagogue by a group within the Afghan branch of the Islamic State.

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Yulia Navalnaya sends her sympathies to those affected by the shooting near Moscow.

On Friday, Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Russian political activist Alexei Navalny who recently passed away, offered her sympathies to those impacted by the shooting at the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow.

Navalnaya posted on her X account that all perpetrators of this offense should be identified and held accountable for their actions.

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Fire trucks and choppers fight against fire.

The street was lit up by the blinking blue lights of dozens of fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles, as several fire helicopters buzzed overhead to dump water on the blaze.

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In the last two years, the ISIS group has been excessively focused on Russia.

According to Colin Clarke, a counterterrorism expert from the Soufan Group security consulting firm, ISIS-K has been heavily focused on Russia for the last couple of years and often denounces President Vladimir Putin in its propaganda.

The ISIS-K organization is accusing the Kremlin of being responsible for the deaths of Muslims, citing Russia’s involvement in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Syria.

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Viewing: Armed men in military uniforms shoot firearms at concert venue in Moscow.

Military-clad gunmen begin shooting at concert venue in Moscow.

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Museums in Moscow to shut down during the weekend in response to an attack.

According to the news agency TASS, museums in Moscow will not be open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday due to a fatal incident that occurred at Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk.

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