Breaking News: School closures due to tornado weather warning from Storm Ciarán – live coverage.

Breaking News: School closures due to tornado weather warning from Storm Ciarán - live coverage.

Storm Ciaran strikes the UK, causing intense waves to crash against the coast of Devon.

Numerous schools have shut down due to a tornado weather alert in preparation for Storm Ciarán’s impact on the British Isles and Channel Islands.

According to the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO), the greatest chance of a tornado occurring is in the area spanning from South Wales to London.

At the moment, flights have been suspended, train schedules are affected, and significant events have been reported in certain areas of the UK due to the storm’s arrival, with wind speeds reaching over 100mph in some locations.

According to reports, a resident in Jersey arrived at an emergency shelter and was visibly upset, claiming that the roof of her home had been torn off.

The Southeastern railway advised commuters to avoid traveling before 9am due to the high possibility of severe disruptions on Thursday.

The statement advised individuals to work from home or delay their travels until Friday due to the high probability of significant disruptions on Thursday.

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after closure due to strong winds

The Port of Dover has resumed operations following a temporary shutdown caused by high winds.

The Port of Dover is currently open for shipping, however, there may be some delays according to the port’s authority.

The Port of Dover is now available for shipping, but there may be some delays as traffic clears in the next few hours.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, it was stated that passengers must stay updated and regularly check with their selected ferry company for any updates throughout the day.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 11:45

Drivers advised to steer clear of coastal and rural routes due to increased risk of falling debris.

The RAC is advising drivers to steer clear of coastal and rural routes, as these areas pose a higher risk of tree branches and trees falling.

Rod Dennis, spokesperson for RAC Breakdown, emphasized the importance of drivers in the southern UK paying attention to the warnings issued by the Met Office. He warned that Storm Ciarán will bring powerful winds and hazardous driving conditions.

It is a good idea to stick to main roads and avoid coastal and rural areas where there is a higher risk of encountering fallen branches and trees.

“Motorists should maintain a secure hold on the steering wheel and exercise caution when overtaking tall vehicles, as they can create a disconcerting gusting sensation that may be unfamiliar to some individuals.”

“If there is a possibility of increased traffic on the roads due to disruptions in public transportation, we recommend that those who are not comfortable driving in such conditions should consider postponing their travels until Ciarán has passed later in the week.”

<p>A tree brought down by Storm Ciaran overnight blocks a road in Falmouth, Cornwall</p>

A road in Falmouth, Cornwall is currently blocked by a fallen tree from Storm Ciaran that occurred overnight.

Simon Calder2 November 2023 11:30

Jersey’s fire service has reported gusts exceeding 100mph.

According to the local fire service, wind speeds of 104mph were recorded in Jersey today. As a result, at least 40 individuals on the island have been forced to leave their residences.

As the velocity of the wind increases, there has been a rise in the number of calls we have received. Our response to these incidents includes dispatching 8 crews, primarily to St Clement and St Helier.

“The maximum recorded wind speed is 104mph. For your safety, please heed the advice to stay indoors. The current conditions are extremely hazardous,” stated Jersey fire and rescue on X, previously known as Twitter.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 11:16

The meteorological office has issued updated alerts for adverse weather conditions.

The Met Office has issued new updates to their weather alerts, consisting of three yellow warnings and one amber warning that are currently in effect throughout the UK.

A yellow rain warning will be in effect for the north east until 6am on Friday and for the south west until midnight on Thursday.

A warning for strong winds continues until 12pm on Thursday, while a separate warning for moderate winds continues until 5pm on Thursday.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 11:12

View: Infant surveillance device records the instance Storm Ciaran shatters a window while mother is sleeping.

Jersey’s coastlines were battered by Storm Ciaran, causing strong winds that shattered a window.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 11:04

Over 1,000 tonnes of pebbles were relocated on the beach in order to safeguard residences from potential flooding.

The Environment Agency has reported that approximately 1,400 tonnes of shingle were relocated on a beach in Lancing, West Sussex to safeguard houses from potential flooding.

On X, previously known as Twitter, it was mentioned that our teams were working with contractors late into the night to relocate 1400 tons of shingle in order to safeguard homes in Lancing.

On Thursday, the Met Office revised its amber warning for the south east, forecasting wind speeds of up to 90mph in Sussex and Kent.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 10:50

View the video: A powerful storm named Ciaran causes destruction in England as it brings strong waves to the coastlines.

Ciaran, a powerful storm, causes destruction in England as it brings strong waves crashing onto the coastlines.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 10:38

A father from Jersey reported that hailstones the size of golf balls rained down from the sky in a scene reminiscent of a disaster movie.

45-year-old Carl Walker, who is a father of three, slept in the living room with his family out of concern for their safety.

The chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council stated that the authorities had issued numerous warnings to the residents of the island to prepare for the weather, but it seems that nobody was fully prepared for the intensity of the winds that were encountered last night and this morning. It was an unprecedented event that no one could remember ever happening before.

He stated: “Several properties experienced roof damage and were affected by hailstones the size of golf balls, causing damage to cars and homes. The hail also shattered car windows and conservatories.”

My family and I spent the night sleeping in our downstairs living room to keep the children entertained and ensure our safety.

I heard tiles falling off the roof, similar to a scene from a disaster film. When it reached its peak at 5am, I went to the top floor and it seemed like the roof was going to be lifted off.

Athena Stavrou2 November 2023 10:32

View: Reporter knocked down by powerful gusts while reporting live on Storm Ciaran from Jersey.

During a live report on Storm Ciaran from Jersey, the journalist was pushed over by powerful winds.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 10:28

There are significant delays on the A27 due to drivers navigating through flooded areas.

Delays of over 20 minutes have been reported on the A27 heading east in West Sussex by National Highways. The delay is between Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea and is attributed to faulty traffic lights at Sompting.

Vehicles were caught on camera navigating through flooded roads on the A27 in Worthing during their morning commute.

Alexander Butler2 November 2023 10:27