of the team The leader of Brazil’s soccer organization declares that the rape convictions of Alves and Robinho bring an end to a troubled period for the team.

of the team

The leader of Brazil's soccer organization declares that the rape convictions of Alves and Robinho bring an end to a troubled period for the team.

The president of Brazil’s soccer federation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, stated on Friday that the rape charges against former football players Dani Alves and Robinho mark the conclusion of a negative era in the history of the country’s sports.

In a statement, Rodrigues expressed that the executives at CBF and its coaching staff are remorseful for the “victims of the violent acts committed by the former football players.”

Robinho was jailed Thursday after a high court authorized his nine-year jail sentence from a trial in Italy to be served in Brazil. This week, Alves got the opportunity to leave prison on bail while awaiting the appeal of his conviction for rape.

According to Rodrigues, the yellow jersey worn by Brazilian athletes during games represents more than just a piece of clothing. In Brazil, soccer holds a special significance beyond just a sport. Those who wear the jersey are expected to defend the emotions and principles of the entire country they are representing. It is disappointing and shameful that an athlete would feel at ease committing such atrocious acts, disregarding the reputation and accomplishments they have achieved through their sport and thinking it will exempt them from consequences.

Earlier today, the coach of Brazil, Dorival Júnior, described Robinho as a “wonderful individual” during a press conference in London ahead of their exhibition match against England at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. Members of the women’s national team of Brazil expressed their outrage with Júnior’s statement on various social media platforms throughout the day.

“I am in disbelief, I truly am,” commented midfielder Ary Borges on a social media platform.

Leila Pereira, the chairperson of Palmeiras and head of Brazil’s delegation in London, stated that the lack of response from football players regarding the cases of Alves and Robinho is disrespectful to all women.

According to Rodrigues, Brazil is aiming to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup as a major initiative of the current government to support women’s involvement in soccer, combat sexism, and advance the sport’s growth. The announcement of the host country for 2027 is anticipated in May.

Alves has been incarcerated for the last 14 months at Brians II prison, located 45 minutes away from Barcelona. After being convicted of sexually assaulting a woman at a nightclub in December 2022, he was sentenced to four years and six months behind bars. Alves maintained his innocence throughout the three-day trial in February.

The state prosecutors’ office in Barcelona, Spain, requested on Friday for a court to review its ruling that allowed Brazilian celebrity Alves to be released from prison.

His attempts to secure bail prior to the trial were rejected due to the court’s belief that he was likely to flee.

On Friday, Robinho was taken to the Tremembe prison in rural Sao Paulo. He is required to serve a minimum of 40% of his nine-year sentence for committing rape in Italy.

According to Brazilian criminal law guidelines, it is possible for Robinho to receive a less restrictive imprisonment program based on his good behavior while in prison. This option would become available to him in 2027, after he has served approximately half of his sentence. He maintains his innocence and denies any illegal actions.


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