The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a ship: Real-time updates.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a ship: Real-time updates.

“A vessel’s collision caused the collapse of the Baltimore Moment Bridge.”

Two individuals have been safely retrieved from the icy waters of Baltimore following a significant collision between a large cargo vessel and the Francis Scott Key Bridge. This incident occurred during the early hours of Tuesday.

Video footage captured the occurrence of the 1.6 mile bridge collapsing into the water at approximately 1:30am this morning, following a collision with one of its pillars by the Singapore-flagged vessel, Dali.

Several vehicles, including one of the dimensions of a large truck, were passing over the bridge at that moment.

According to a press conference by the Baltimore Police, an urgent hunt is taking place for a minimum of seven individuals who are currently unaccounted for in the water.

At this time, only two individuals have been rescued from the water five hours after the event occurred. One of them is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

The sonar system has detected the presence of several vehicles still submerged in the water.

The state of Maryland’s governor, Wes Moore, has officially declared a state of emergency and the White House is closely monitoring the situation.

Based on information from the Marine Traffic website, the vessel was en route to the harbor of Colombo in Sri Lanka at that moment.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge rests partially collapsed after a container ship ran into it in Baltimore


The Dali cargo vessel experienced a loss of power while departing from the harbor.

According to an unclassified intelligence report, the Dali cargo ship collided with a Baltimore bridge on Tuesday due to loss of power while leaving the port. The crew informed authorities that they had lost control of the ship.

“The ship informed the MD Department of Transportation (MDOT) that it had lost control, potentially resulting in a collision with the bridge,” according to a report from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, as stated by ABC. “The ship collided with the bridge, resulting in its complete collapse.”

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, 22 crew members were present during the time of the collision.

They have verified the presence of all crew members and there have been no reports of injuries.

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The traffic at the Baltimore port has been halted until further notice.

The traffic at Baltimore’s port is on hold until additional notice.

The Maryland Transportation Authority categorized the event as a significant traffic warning and instructed vehicles to take alternate routes on either the I-95 or I-895 highways. Trucks of a certain size are not allowed to pass through the I-95 tunnel which runs beneath the Baltimore harbor.

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The collision of the cargo ship resulted in a devastating collapse.

During a press conference, officials stated that the cargo ship crash resulted in a “devastating collapse.”

According to Julian Carter, a specialist in structural and civil engineering, in a previous interview with Sky News, the Francis Scott Key Bridge has areas that are “particularly vulnerable” due to its poor structural integrity.

“They referred to it as a continuous structure where every small component is linked to another, and it’s unfortunately a devastating collapse,” they explained.

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According to ship tracking data, a minimum of 10 commercial vessels en route to the port of Baltimore have come to a halt in the nearby waters, as reported by Reuters.

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Pictures show the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

<p>A general view shows the Francis Scott Key Bridge, as seen from the Baltimore side, following the bridge collapse</p>
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in Washington

A panoramic look depicts the Francis Scott Key Bridge from the Baltimore perspective after the collapse of the bridge in Washington.

<p>Seeven people are believed to be in the water after the birdge collapsed </p>
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Seven individuals are assumed to be in the body of water following the failure of the bridge.

<p>The Francis Scott Key Bridge is shown collapsed after it was struck by cargo ship</p>
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The Francis Scott Key Bridge is shown collapsed after it was struck by cargo ship

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“The White House is monitoring the Baltimore Bridge collapse closely.”

The White House is paying close attention to the situation following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

In an official statement, the president expressed his condolences to the families of those who are still unaccounted for in this terrible event.

The US Coast Guard is currently performing rescue operations for individuals who have not yet been found following the collapse of the bridge.

The White House is communicating with the governor and mayor to provide them with any necessary federal aid. The statement assures that there are no suspicious motives involved.

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Authorities have confirmed that two individuals were rescued, while at least seven others remain missing.

The collapse of a bridge in Baltimore: Officials have verified that two people were rescued, while at least seven others are still missing.

Two individuals were rescued by authorities from the Patapsco River following the collapse of a major bridge in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, March 26. Portions of the 1.6-mile Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed into the river after being hit by a container ship at approximately 1:30am local time. One of the individuals pulled from the water was unharmed, while the other is currently hospitalized in critical condition. According to Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace, there are still an undetermined number of individuals who are being searched for, with estimates of potentially seven or more.

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The fire chief stated that the search will proceed for an unspecified amount of time.

“We are currently engaged in an ongoing search and rescue effort, and we will continue to do so for an extended period of time,” stated James Wallace, chief of the Baltimore Fire Department.

“We need to cover a vast area during our search. This includes examining the surface and subsurface of the water, as well as the deck of the ship.”

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It is uncertain whether or not there was an issue with the ship.

The Baltimore Fire Chief, James Wallace, stated that there is currently no available information regarding any issues with the ship.

According to him, law enforcement has not yet had a chance to speak with the captain of the ship.

Chief Wallace stated that he was unable to verify whether there was a fuel leak from the cargo ship.

“We anticipate that with the rise of the sun, we will gain a clearer understanding of any potential fuel spill and its current impact,” he stated.

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There is no sign of terrorism.

Officials in Baltimore have stated that there is no evidence to suggest that terrorism was a factor in the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

The fire chief of the city, James Wallace, stated that there are no signs that the crash was done on purpose.

He stated that our criminal intelligence team is collaborating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other levels of government to gather all available information.

<p>James Wallace, chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department gives a statement on the Key Bridge collapse</p>
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Chief James Wallace of the Baltimore City Fire Department issues a statement regarding the collapse of Key Bridge.

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