The decision to provide a $175 million bond to Trump has been criticized as a disgrace, following the launch of Truth Social on Wall Street. There has been backlash over the decision to grant Trump a $175 million bond, with the recent launch of Truth Social on Wall Street.

The decision to provide a $175 million bond to Trump has been criticized as a disgrace, following the launch of Truth Social on Wall Street.

There has been backlash over the decision to grant Trump a $175 million bond, with the recent launch of Truth Social on Wall Street.

Donald Trump has shown up in a New York court for a hearing regarding a case involving hush money.

On Monday, Donald Trump had both good and bad news in court. The judge in his hush money case in Manhattan decided that the trial will proceed as scheduled on April 15th with the selection of a jury. However, a New York appeals court gave him a significant victory on the same day that he was supposed to pay a $464 million bond for a fraud case.

Mr. Trump appeared at the pre-trial hearing for the hush money case and stated that he would not have any issues testifying. He also expressed his belief that if he is found guilty, his popularity will increase, as his supporters are aware that the case is fraudulent.

The Republican nominee for president was given an additional 10 days to pay $175 million of the fraud judgement against him, on the day the deadline for payment approached.

President Trump has frequently stated that his net worth is in the billions, however a significant portion of that is invested in the Trump Organization and his real estate projects focused on building his brand.

The attorney general of New York, Letitia James, stated that the defendant will be held accountable for their substantial fraud.

His Truth Social platform will become a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq exchange starting this Tuesday.


Biden criticized Trump for likening himself to Jesus, calling him “feeble, confused, and tired.”

Yesterday, during his difficult period, Trump shared this on the previously mentioned Truth Social.

The Biden campaign responded with a delightfully scathing comment.

By chance, on Fox News, pundit Marc Thiessen made an ill-advised comparison between Trump and Charles Manson rather than Christ. He complained, “If Donald Trump wasn’t running for president, none of this would be happening.” The number of indictments against Trump stands at 91.

“10 charges were filed against Charles Manson… He is facing numerous lawsuits in an attempt to financially ruin him.”

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Today marks the debut of Trump’s Truth Social platform on Wall Street.

The Truth Social platform, founded by former president Trump, is set to start trading on the Nasdaq exchange today. Trump stands to make approximately $3.5 billion from the public offering if he sells his 78 million shares in six months.

Here’s more.

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The Trump administration’s bond life policy has been described as a complete disaster and further evidence that attempting to use legal tactics against him is futile.

Yesterday’s decision by the five-judge panel at the New York appeals court to postpone and disregard Trump’s bond deadline has prompted this response.

Letitia James showed unwavering determination in the face of disappointment.

Tristan Snell, a previous assistant attorney general for New York, described it as a complete injustice and a total miscarriage of justice during an appearance on MSNBC. Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, stated that the ruling was completely nonsensical.

However, Alina Habba, the lawyer representing Trump, was ecstatic.

Steve Bannon, a supporter of Trump, saw this as evidence that traditional legal tactics are ineffective when used against the 45th president.

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Trump’s most recent press conference was filled with mistakes, including his inability to recall the name of the governor of New York.

Following his time in Judge Merchan’s courtroom, Trump briefly addressed reporters.

Afterwards, he conducted a disorganized media briefing at his property located at 40 Wall Street, which may potentially be taken over by Letitia James, the New York attorney general. The meeting was filled with mistakes and controversial remarks, some of which are listed below for you to review.

“He insists it is not possible to hold an election during a political season, and promises to restore law and order by tackling crime.”

Worrying stuff.

In this summary by Mike Bedigan, Trump’s lack of understanding about the identity of New York’s present governor is highlighted.

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Summary: The trial for Trump’s hush money case in New York will take place on April 15th.

On Monday, Judge Juan Merchan presided over a pre-trial hearing in Manhattan for his hush money trial. This hearing addressed the potential impact of a large dump of 100,000 fresh documents on the already postponed proceedings. These documents could potentially be relevant to the case.

Unfortunately, the candidate received some negative news as Judge Merchan decided to proceed with selecting the jury on April 15th, a Monday.

Trump personally attended to hear the report, along with Alex Woodward, who submitted it on our behalf.

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Summary: Appeal court reduces fraud trial bond, giving Trump a last-minute chance.

Good morning!

For those who have not been following, here’s a summary of the two major updates from yesterday, which was another eventful day in the world of Trump.

According to a New York appeals court, the Republican nominee for president has been granted an additional 10 days to gather a portion of the $464 million bond that he was instructed to pay. This extension was granted after the ex-president indicated that he was facing difficulties in obtaining the funds.

The panel of five judges stated that the previous president may have over a week to gather $175 million while he waits for a decision on his appeal of the judgment made by Justice Arthur Engoron in the case of civil fraud.

Trump has emerged as the victor after being granted an extension to meet the requirement of paying a $464 million bond by Monday to prevent the seizure of his properties by New York attorney general Letitia James.

Even though the businessman frequently brags about his wealth, it appears that he was having difficulty finding a means to secure the bond.

Judge Engoron issued a $454 million fine to Trump, his grown sons, and past leaders of the Trump Organization for their involvement in a scheme to overstate his assets in order to receive advantageous deals from insurance companies and banks for his real estate holdings.

Ariana Baio is the one who has all the details.

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The Nasdaq will list Trump’s newly founded social media business for trading this week, according to AP.

The Nasdaq stock market will debut Trump Media & Technology Group, which features Truth Social as its primary service, on Tuesday.

The proposal for Digital World Acquisition Corp., a company whose stocks are publicly traded, to join forces with Trump’s media venture was approved by shareholders in a vote on Friday.

The ticker symbol for the common stock of Trump Media & Technology Group will be “DJT.”

Donald Trump, the ex-president, is expected to have a majority stake in the newly formed company consisting of approximately 79 million shares. Multiplying this number by the closing stock price of Digital World on Friday, which is $36.94, would result in the value of his stake being close to $3 billion.

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View: President Trump falsely claims that Andrew Cuomo is currently the governor of New York.

Trump falsely claims that Andrew Cuomo is the current governor of New York.

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Trump urges Israel to end the fighting in Gaza.

During an interview with Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, the ex-president revealed that he witnessed nightly footage of bombs being deployed on residential structures in Gaza. He referred to this as a significant error.

“You must complete your conflict… You must accomplish it. And I am confident that you will do so. We must achieve peace, we cannot allow this to continue. I must mention, Israel must exercise caution as you are losing significant global support,” he stated in the interview.

The ex-leader has chosen not to make ongoing remarks about the conflict since the 7 October attacks by Hamas and the subsequent actions taken by Israel. These statements mark his strongest involvement thus far in the issue, prior to a scheduled vote by the United Nations Security Council today, which is expected to call for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Please read the entire article…

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What led to Trump’s current financial predicament?

In September 2022, Ms. James filed a civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization, suing Donald Trump, his three oldest children (Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump who was later dropped from the case), former Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, former Controller Jeffrey McConney, and ten related companies. The lawsuit accused them of habitual financial fraud by falsely reporting their property values to obtain loans and deceive tax officials for financial gain.

Judge Engoron duly presided over an 11-week jury trial between October and December after which the defendants were found liable for fraud and ordered to disgorge their ill-gotten gains.

The judge’s ruling, which was 92 pages and issued on February 16th, was in favor of Ms. James. In the ruling, the judge stated that the defendants were at fault for not taking responsibility or implementing internal controls to prevent future incidents. The judge also accused them of providing false financial information in order to secure higher borrowing rates.

Furthermore, aside from issuing a significant restitution order, he also prohibited Mr. Trump from conducting business in New York for a duration of three years, and his sons for a duration of two years.

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