A frantic search is currently taking place for seven survivors following a collapse of a bridge in Baltimore.

A frantic search is currently taking place for seven survivors following a collapse of a bridge in Baltimore.

Rescue teams are currently combing Baltimore for any survivors after a massive cargo ship collided with the city’s Key Bridge, resulting in its sudden collapse into the water.

Several individuals and cars were present on the Francis Scott Key Bridge above the Patapsco River when the Dali ship collided with a supporting column at approximately 1:30 am local time.

Frightening video captured the bridge collapsing into the icy waters.

At 6:15am ET, the Baltimore police reported that only two individuals had been rescued from the water after approximately five hours.

A victim, who was brought to a trauma unit in serious condition, is currently battling for their life in the hospital.

According to authorities, the individual involved did not sustain injuries and declined medical assistance.

Currently, several organizations are working against the clock to save a minimum of seven individuals who are thought to be in the water. The temperature during the incident was at a frigid 30 °F (-1°C).

The number of those unaccounted for could climb higher as sonar has detected multiple vehicles submerged in the frigid river while officials have learned that workers were also on the bridge at the time of the crash.

A helicopter is flying above the location where the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore, Maryland.

During the press conference, James Wallace, the fire department’s chief in Baltimore City, stated that the search pertains to a “considerable event with a significant affected area”.

Search teams are facing not only frigid temperatures, but also the challenges of darkness and a widespread area of wreckage as they attempt to locate individuals who have potentially been submerged for a considerable amount of time.

The governor of Maryland, Wes Moore, has declared a state of emergency and is collaborating with an interagency group to allocate federal assets.

The city is currently handling a “developing mass casualty incident,” according to Kevin Cartwright, the fire department’s communications director.

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A significant section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge is currently submerged, as displayed on the flight tracking website FlightRadar24. The Maryland State Police are circling the area in a helicopter where the crash occurred.

Mr. Cartwright stated that a rescue operation involving multiple agencies is currently in progress. Members of a dive team are actively searching the river in an attempt to locate individuals who may be in the water.

The US Coast Guard reported that they have dispatched small vessels and helicopters to aid in the search for individuals who are feared to be in the water.

However, the rescue team is facing challenges due to the freezing weather conditions while they pursue their search efforts.

More than seven individuals are currently unaccounted for as rescue operations persist.

“I am experiencing temperatures of approximately 30 degrees (-1°C) here,” Mr Cartwright reported to CNN. “It could be a bit colder than that. I am certain that the water temperature is even lower… This could potentially be a concern and danger for our divers.”

According to current maritime records, the cargo ship implicated is called Dali and carries the flag of Singapore. On Tuesday, it was observed leaving Baltimore’s port and en route to the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Its expected arrival date is late April.

The owners of the container ship have stated that all crew members, including the two pilots, have been confirmed as safe and unharmed.

Authorities stated that there is no evidence to suggest that terrorism played a role in the event.

Chief Richard Worley stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the incident was an act of terrorism.

The White House is keeping an eye on the situation.

On X, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced that he has reached out to Mayor Scott and Governor Moore to provide assistance from the Department of Transportation in the aftermath of the bridge collapse.

He stated that the rescue operations are still in progress.

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