Get to know the mastermind behind a cutting-edge television production company in the United Kingdom.

Get to know the mastermind behind a cutting-edge television production company in the United Kingdom.

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Jonathan Levi and Gavin Hay, the co-founders of Content Kings, have been the main driving force behind the company’s rapid success in the entertainment industry. Their impressive collection of innovative shows and ability to produce thought-provoking content that has a global impact has led to numerous accolades and a range of TV shows airing in international markets.

Content Kings is one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative production companies, making programmes for top broadcasters and online platforms. Since opening its doors for business in 2020, Content Kings has worked both on and off screen with some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment, including Neale Whitaker and Ed Westwick.

Gavin Hay and Jonathan Levi initially teamed up due to their complementary abilities, extensive knowledge, and broad industry connections. This partnership has enabled them to consistently produce high-quality content for various digital, TV, and film platforms. Their impressive portfolio includes some of the most well-known shows in the UK, and they are now expanding their reach to the United Arab Emirates with the upcoming launch of a second Content Kings office in Dubai. They have also appointed Darren Arturi as the Director of Middle East and Asia Operations. Their first undertaking is with a prominent American celebrity.

<p>Dream Team:  Jonathan and Gavin originally joined forces thanks to their complementary skills, extensive expertise and vast industry networks</p>

The Dream Team, comprised of Jonathan and Gavin, came together due to their unique abilities, wide range of knowledge, and extensive connections within the industry.

Breaking down Content Kings into three primary categories – TV, movies, and branded content – the pair has established a strong presence in each sector, creating content for audiences worldwide.

One of the key factors contributing to Content Kings’ accomplishments is its aptitude for producing prime-time material that has a lasting influence. Its noteworthy history includes partnerships with prominent networks like ITV, Channel 5, Paramount+, and Sky History.

Gavin Hay, the CEO of Brighter Pictures since 1992, sold the company to Endemol for approximately £10 million. He now reveals his vision for Content Kings, stating, “We are creators who are dedicated to both entertaining and enlightening. Our goal is to create and share high-quality content that appeals to diverse audiences worldwide.”

“We prioritize creating compelling, emotionally impactful stories that reflect real-life experiences. Our audience is naturally curious and intellectually interested. From our educational and specialized documentary series like Secrets of the Lost Liners to our touching Princess Diana commemorative film that was sold to 25 countries on the 25th anniversary of her death, we continuously aim to captivate our viewers with stimulating content. These are themes that have a global appeal and connect with audiences in Africa, the Middle East, as well as in the UK and Europe.”

<p>Gavin Hay, CEO, Content Kings</p>

The CEO of Content Kings, Gavin Hay, is in charge.

<p>Jonathan Levi, Managing Director, Content Kings</p>

Jonathan Levi, Managing Director, Content Kings

The pair was drawn to the idea of expanding their business into the UAE due to its reputation for attracting talent and investment from around the globe. They see a great potential for injecting energy into the UAE’s predominantly formal and business-oriented content. Content Kings aims to bring in high-quality storytelling and entertainment, leading the way in content creation and production in the region. Their first project will be a large-scale entertainment show filmed in Saudi Arabia in late January 2024.

According to Managing Director Jonathan Levi, who has worked on projects such as ITV’s Broadmoor, Hatton Garden featuring Timothy Spall, and Tulisa: The Price of Fame, the conventional route for a UK production company would be to establish themselves in New York or LA. However, these markets are already saturated. Instead, Levi and his team saw potential in expanding their reach to the east, specifically the Arabic and Middle Eastern region. They viewed it as an exciting opportunity to develop an infrastructure and form new partnerships, allowing them to continue producing high-quality content across various genres for a fresh audience.

The upcoming months and forecast for 2024 hold great excitement and a packed schedule for Content Kings. They have multiple projects at different stages, including an eight-part historical series for Channel 5, a six-part series for Sky History, a three-part series for consumers, and a feature documentary for a major UK broadcaster. Additionally, Content Kings is collaborating with Channel 4 for a funded development of a new reality series. Meanwhile, they are already working on the second series of Secrets of the Lost Liners. The production company is also producing an access documentary about a well-known comedian, exploring topics such as cancel culture, class, and the comedy world.

The dynamic duo is not limited to producing content for mainstream audiences. They have also created a new digital series for Crime and Investigation. Levi explains that their expertise in crime and investigation formats allows them to excel in digital storytelling, which offers the chance to delve into unexplored narratives and connect with specialized viewers without the limitations of traditional TV.

Content Kings has the potential to shape the future of entertainment by combining creativity, storytelling, and connecting with audiences worldwide.

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