Having a strong chemistry foundation is essential for building a sustainable future.

Having a strong chemistry foundation is essential for building a sustainable future.

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Many individuals do not typically connect chemistry companies with sustainability, clean technology, or reducing carbon emissions. However, upon further investigation, the advancements towards a Net Zero economy heavily rely on chemical technologies. In fact, one company in this industry has prioritized sustainability in both its values and products.

Chemours, a company specializing in chemistry on a global scale, produces vital components for various products such as smartphones, semiconductor chips, refrigeration systems for preserving food and vaccines, and durable coatings used in infrastructure. Along with these essential products, the company is utilizing its expertise in chemistry to develop eco-friendly technologies that address global sustainability issues. This includes reducing the expense of renewable hydrogen, improving energy efficiency in data centers through immersion cooling, and creating polymers for batteries that not only lower the cost of electric vehicles but also increase their charge capacity and driving range.

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Although green technologies are essential for a sustainable future, the responsible production of these groundbreaking products is just as crucial in safeguarding human well-being and the planet.

Chemours aims to establish a blueprint for responsible manufacturing in its industry and promote progress towards creating a more sustainable planet. The Chemours Discovery Hub, a cutting-edge research center spanning 312,000 square feet and built with sustainable design principles, is the focal point of this effort.

Mark Newman, the President and CEO of Chemours, states that several advancements at the Chemours Discovery Hub are enhancing our process technology in order to decrease emissions, enhance our environmental impact, and guide the company towards reaching Net Zero by 2050.

The company is currently pursuing multiple ambitious environmental goals as part of its commitment to corporate responsibility.

The goals are to decrease air and water emissions of fluorinated organic chemicals by 99%, and to lower greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 60% by 2030. The company has made significant progress towards reaching both targets.

Chemours is actively pursuing methods to increase its contribution towards sustainability. Currently, 48% of its revenue is generated from products and services that specifically align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Increasing the amount of individuals who drive change in STEM fields

Additionally, Chemours is contributing to the development of a strong and varied pool of upcoming STEM professionals who will address obstacles and meet the needs of a constantly evolving society.

The Chemours Discovery Hub, located at the University of Delaware, demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration in chemical engineering and creating opportunities for a diverse group of young people to enter the industry during a time of rapid advancement. According to Amber Wellman, Chief Sustainability Officer of Chemours, the Discovery Hub fosters collaboration and inspires innovation among Chemours and the next generation of scientists, leading to the development of new technologies. The unique environment of the Hub cannot be replicated elsewhere and will continue to generate fresh ideas for the company.

To promote diversity in early STEM education and provide necessary resources, Chemours plans to allocate $50 million towards expanding access to STEM skills, safety programs, and sustainable environmental initiatives in local communities by 2030. A total of $18 million has already been pledged. According to Newman, collaborations such as the Chemours Discovery Hub and other initiatives are crucial for investing in future innovators who can address global challenges through sustainable chemistry.

Chemours’ environmental and community investment objectives are closely connected to the company’s dedication to improving the world through its chemistry and the essential role its products play in promoting a sustainable future. “We are surpassing the minimum requirements,” Wellman states. “And we are doing what is morally correct.”

Chemours is a unique chemical company with a mission to use the strength of our chemistry to improve the world. Our chemistry plays a role in many modern technologies, such as smartphones and high-speed communication devices, as well as in creating more environmentally-friendly refrigerants for household and automotive use.

Our planet depends on chemistry, which is why we are dedicated to developing solutions that are superior, secure, and environmentally friendly. For additional details, please visit www.chemours.com/en.

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