Wales triumphed thanks to an inspiring speech from actor Rhys Ifans – Jordan James.

Wales triumphed thanks to an inspiring speech from actor Rhys Ifans – Jordan James.

Jordan James shared how a heartfelt address from Rhys Ifans motivated Wales to secure a win over Finland in the Euro 2024 play-offs.

In 1999, Ifans became a global sensation for his performance in the comedy blockbuster Notting Hill, starring alongside Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. He is also recognized for his appearances in the Harry Potter and Marvel’s Spider-Man franchises.

The actor from Wales, who is 56 years old, had a conversation with Rob Page’s team before their 4-1 victory against Finland in the play-off semi-finals on Thursday. He expressed that the team’s unity is unparalleled and enables them to openly display their pride and sadness.

James, the midfielder for Birmingham, expressed his astonishment, stating that he was in awe during the entire speech.

“The sentiments were echoed by all the boys. It was truly heartfelt and demonstrated the significance of this to the supporters and every Welsh individual globally.”

“It’s incredible to have the support of our fans, it greatly assists us in our endeavors.”

On Tuesday, Wales will resume playing at the Cardiff City Stadium against Poland, with the possibility of securing a spot at Euro 2024.

If Wales wins, they will secure a spot in their third consecutive European Championship and their fourth major tournament out of the last five. This feat is especially impressive given that they did not participate in any major tournaments from 1958 to 2016.

By having faith in ourselves, collaborating, and putting in effort for each other, we will always be able to reach the other side.

Jordan James

James stated that they are eager to participate in major tournaments and they are only one game away from achieving their goal.

The upcoming match is of utmost importance, not just for the team but for the entire country. Our manager has urged us to have confidence in ourselves, as we are skilled players.

If we have confidence in ourselves, collaborate, put in a strong effort for each other, and leverage our fans, it will become simpler. We can always reach the other side.

James does not turn 20 until July but the teenager – who was heavily linked with Serie A club Atalanta during the January transfer window – has become a mainstay of the Wales midfield alongside Ethan Ampadu over the last six months.

He will win his 10th cap against Poland, but admits he did not even consider the prospect of playing at Euro 2024 during the last European Championship, three years ago.

James stated that he was at home with his parents, watching the event on television. He didn’t have any expectations of attending the next one, as it wasn’t even a thought in his mind. Therefore, being in this position and only one game away is truly incredible.

While discussing his experience playing with Ampadu, James stated, “Ethan is an exceptional player and I am motivated to emulate his abilities. Achieving 50 caps by age 23 is a personal goal of mine.”

My hope is to emulate his path and have a similar successful career as he will have.

Playing more games together will improve your skills.

I am beginning to understand his game plan and anticipate his moves in order to react accordingly.

“We have excellent teamwork, which is very beneficial.”