Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Women’s Champions League match between Ajax and Chelsea.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Women's Champions League match between Ajax and Chelsea.
Chelsea Women’s boss Emma Hayes and Erin Cuthbert preview UCL quarter final first leg vs Ajax

Chelsea is determined to give Emma Hayes a perfect send-off by facing Ajax in the quarter-finals of the Women’s Champions League.

The quarter-final match will consist of two matches as the two teams strive to move on to the semifinals. Chelsea, whose coach Hayes will leave at the conclusion of the season, performed well in the earlier rounds as they aim for their first European title.

Ajax has been the unexpected standout team of the tournament, advancing from a group consisting of powerhouse teams such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, and Roma. They are only the second Dutch team in history to reach the quarter-finals. Stay tuned for updates, team announcements, and live updates from the match. For the latest odds, refer to the link provided.


Chelsea won 3-0 against Ajax in their match.

Chelsea defeated Ajax with a score of 3-0 during their game.

More than one foot there, we’d argue. One foot and three or four toes perhaps. A Chelsea goal in the second leg and there’s no chance they concede four – in the last three years or so they’ve conceded four in a game to Wolfsburg, Barcelona and Arsenal. Doesn’t seem likely this Ajax side will be added to the list.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:57


Chelsea defeats Ajax 3-0 in the FT match.

Possession 46-54

Attempts 9-12

On target 2-6

Chelsea had control for most of the game, although there was an early attempt from the hosts that hit the woodwork. This could have changed the outcome significantly.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:47


Chelsea defeated Ajax with a score of 3-0.

The final whistle has blown and Chelsea has secured three goals, giving them a strong advantage going into the second leg at Stamford Bridge. This match should be a straightforward one and a good opportunity to ensure that players are in top physical condition before facing either Brann or Barcelona in the semi-finals.

Lauren James found the back of the net first and believed she had also helped with the second goal – but a review from the Video Assistant Referee deemed Reiten’s shot invalid. Nevertheless, Reiten assisted Nusken for another goal just moments later from a short distance, and Nusken sealed a third goal at the end thanks to a precise cross from Macario.

Excellent performance: Ajax 0-3 Chelsea under the night sky.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:42


Chelsea dominated Ajax in a 3-0 victory during the 90-minute match.

As we enter stoppage time, three minutes will be added on. Ajax is currently in possession at the back, however, they are unable to make any progress – they are simply trying to avoid a heavier loss at home.

In the end, they have struggled to create opportunities in the attacking third and have not been able to provide Leuchter with many chances.

It’s time to tune in and witness the performances of Chelsea and Hayes in tonight’s quarter-final, as well as the ones taking place tomorrow.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:40


In the 86th minute, the score for the Ajax and Chelsea match is 0-3.

Cuthbert has been replaced by Cankovic following the goal. Van Gool has also been taken off and substituted with Noordman. Additionally, two more Chelsea players have been substituted, with Leupolz making way for Ingle and Charles being replaced by Beever-Jones.

Each participant has a brief moment to conclude, as the outcome of the match is definite and the quarter-final is nearly secured.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:36


The exciting moment has arrived! In the 82nd minute, Chelsea scores, making it 3-0 against Ajax.

That was an excellent play, with a fantastic pass and a flawless header. Chelsea is now leading 3-0 and it looks like they have secured the win.

Macario discovered an opening on the right and swiftly delivered an exceptional pass; Nusken jumps the highest in the six-yard area and powerfully heads the ball past the goalkeeper, who remains stationary.

This marks the third one they desired and it’s likely to be an excessive amount for the Dutch team.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:33


“Chelsea dominated the game against Ajax and secured a 2-0 victory.”

With only 15 minutes left in the game, Ajax has not been a danger for the past 20 minutes. They must figure out a way to keep possession in the last third of the field or at least make Chelsea’s defense move. In this half, Carter and his teammates have had a relatively easy time.

This is the second goal scored by Chelsea close to the end of the first half, which could be crucial in determining the outcome of the game.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:28


The score of the match between Ajax and Chelsea was 0-2, with Chelsea emerging as the victors.

Macario promptly enters the box and encounters the ball twice. The first instance is a cross that is slightly too high, while the second sees her surrounded and needing to backtrack and set up a fellow teammate. However, the Ajax defenders quickly recover and block out Erin Cuthbert.

It seems likely that Emma Hayes is eager to conclude things in this initial round.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:24


The score was 0-2, with Chelsea leading over Ajax by 70′.

The score should have been 3-0. Reiten had another excellent opportunity just a few yards away after a cross from the left, but unfortunately missed the shot. This could have sealed the victory for the team.

Ajax made a substitution, bringing in Keukelaar for Hoekstra.

Chelsea substitutes twice: James out, Macario in; Kaneryd substituted for Lawrence.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:23


Ajax suffered a 0-2 defeat against Chelsea in the match that took place at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

The Johan Cruijff Arena was the setting for Ajax’s loss of 0-2 to Chelsea in a 66-minute match.

After the start of the game, Yohannes was substituted by Van de Velde.

The young player in midfield was given a yellow card earlier.

Van Eijk has now tested multiple times in a row. On the second try, James shoots with her left foot but the shot lacks sufficient power to hit the target.

Karl Matchett19 March 2024 19:18

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