streaming of the night Riley Strain was lost streamed online The video from the night that Riley Strain disappeared has been released, following the discovery of a bank card: The live stream of the evening when Riley Strain went missing was broadcasted online.

streaming of the night Riley Strain was lost streamed online

The video from the night that Riley Strain disappeared has been released, following the discovery of a bank card: The live stream of the evening when Riley Strain went missing was broadcasted online.

The search for a University of Missouri student who has been reported missing is ongoing.

The search continues for a student at the University of Missouri who has been reported missing.

Riley Strain’s family, whose University of Missouri student has disappeared without any clues during a night out in Nashville, has requested the assistance of the United Cajun Navy in their attempt to find him/her.

The person in charge of the organization, Dave Flagg, stated that a hovercraft would be arriving to help and that he was also gathering as many volunteers as possible to aid in the ground operation.

On the evening of March 8, a 22-year-old man was celebrating with his fraternity siblings in Nashville before being asked to leave a bar.

Newly-released footage reveals that Mr. Strain had a brief conversation with a police officer shortly after leaving the bar. According to Nashville Metro Police, the student did not seem upset during the interaction.

A close acquaintance of Mr. Strain’s family has shared the final communication the student had on the evening in question – a text sent to a girl he was dating.

Chris Dingman shared with NewsNation that she reached out to him via text to check on his well-being and if he was enjoying himself. His response was somewhat automated, simply stating “Good lops.”

Law enforcement officials have been scouring the vicinity of downtown Nashville, including a river bank where his bank card was discovered over the weekend.


A Timeline of the Disappearance of Missouri Student Riley Strain

The following is a timeline of the disappearance of Riley Strain.

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The Strain family advocates for the police’s actions in responding to the situation involving Riley.

At a press conference held on Tuesday, the family of Riley Strain pledged support for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department amidst skepticism from certain social media users about the department’s capabilities.

Chris Whiteid, the stepfather of Mr. Strain, expressed his satisfaction with the way the police have conducted the search. He also shared the difficult emotions that come with being a parent and having 11 to 12 days pass without any progress. Despite frustration setting in as time goes on, the family acknowledges the efforts of the police in their job and the resources they have at their disposal.

According to David Flagg, the national director of the United Cajun Navy, speculation on social media about the police is simply speculation and should not be taken as fact.

The United Cajun Navy is supporting the family and will organize the volunteer search operation.

Detectives Anthony Chandler and Sargent Robert Nielsen also participated in the press conference and shared their insights. Responding to the discovery of Mr. Strain’s bank card near a river bank by TikTokers, Chandler commended the women for their contribution. However, he emphasized that in missing person cases, the police are primarily focused on locating the individual or their body. Physical evidence, such as the bank card, plays a secondary role until the person or body is found.

The members of the police force also mentioned that they were pursuing multiple “actionable leads” and have been receiving a consistent “influx” of tips from individuals who believe they have valuable information to provide.

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The Strain family requests the aid of the Cajun Navy in the search and coordination of volunteer efforts.

Today, in Nashville, Riley Strain’s family had a press conference to give information about the ongoing search for the University of Missouri student who is currently missing.

The family has requested the assistance of the Cajun Navy in locating Mr. Strain.

The Cajun Navy was developed as an emergency response organization in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They also aid in delivering resources to areas affected by disasters, as well as support in locating missing individuals and conducting search and rescue missions.

“We are still working towards bringing Riley back home,” he stated.

Dave Flagg, the head of operations for United Cajun Navy, stated that the family of Mr. Strain has requested the assistance of the Cajun Navy in their search efforts.

According to Mr. Flagg, the Cajun Navy has been participating in the search since the beginning, but will now intensify their efforts in trying to locate Mr. Strain.

He mentioned the arrival of a hovercraft, stating that it would arrive either today or early tomorrow. He also mentioned that a search would continue using an airboat that was already on the river.

Mr. Flagg announced that his team will be actively searching for Mr. Strain and also coordinating with volunteers to ensure their safety during the search. He invited individual volunteers to join the Cajun Navy search efforts.

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What we know so far about the disappearance of University of Missouri student Riley Strain

On Friday, March 8th, Missouri University student Riley Strain went missing while out with his fellow fraternity members in Nashville, Tennessee.

He was requested to depart from a bar where the Delta Chi group was gathered, around 9:45pm, and mentioned he was returning to their hotel.

This is everything that has been discovered thus far.

Can you provide an update on the well-being of Riley Strain?

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to Black Lives Matter protests

Inquiries regarding police actions during Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Since two TikTokers found Riley Strain’s bank card on the Cumberland Riverbank on Sunday, there has been some doubt about the effectiveness of the police’s handling of Mr. Strain’s disappearance.

Police in Metropolitan Nashville have utilized boats equipped with sonar, a drone, and helicopters to search the Cumberland River and surrounding areas for Mr. Strain.

According to a report by FOX Nashville, some of Mr. Strain’s friends have raised concerns about certain actions taken by the police.

Chris Dingman, a friend of Mr. Strain who is helping in the search, wondered why it took two days for a detective to be assigned to Mr. Strain’s case after he was reported missing.

“I regret that we did not act sooner. The initial 48 hours are extremely important,” stated Mr. Dingman.

The business owners in the vicinity of where Mr. Strain tripped over a pole, which was captured on surveillance footage, are also said to have not been interviewed.

One of the business owners stated to FOX Nashville that they have not been consulted. This is the current situation, unfortunately.

Mr. Dingman shared his frustration that it was not the police, but amateur investigators who successfully found Mr. Strain’s bank card near the river. He believes that the police may have rushed to the conclusion that no crime had been committed.

Mr. Dingman expressed frustration regarding the card found yesterday which is now considered as evidence of a crime. He finds it difficult to understand why this may not be enough to change the classification of the case from a missing person’s case. This situation is quite frustrating for him.

The Nashville police have updated the family on the latest developments of their investigation.

The investigation into Riley Strain’s whereabouts is ongoing and no signs of suspicious behavior have been discovered. On Sunday evening, Riley’s parents met with the detective team and were updated on the progress of the search. They were also provided with access to any available surveillance footage, according to a statement from the department to FOX Nashville.

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Fresh video shows Riley Strain, who was reported missing, being interviewed by a police officer after leaving a bar on the night he went missing.

Efforts to locate him have been initiated, however law enforcement has yet to discover any evidence of Mr. Strain aside from his bank card, which was discovered near the Cumberland River more than a week after he was last spotted.


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The last text message sent by the absent student Riley Strain was unclear and read: “Good lops”.

The last text message sent by Riley Strain, the University of Missouri student who went missing, has been disclosed.


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‘No foul play’

Riley Strain was last observed on March 8th, after being instructed to depart from a bar in Nashville while traveling with his fraternity.

As of the afternoon of March 14th, authorities stated that there were no indications of suspicious activity in Riley’s disappearance. However, they will continue to search by land, water, and air.

Sgt Bob Neilsen of the Metro Nashville Police stated that people may go missing for a variety of reasons. These reasons can be voluntary or involuntary, and some may be related to medical emergencies.

“At the current moment, the situation regarding this man is unknown. We do not suspect that a crime has occurred, but our main priority is finding him,” stated the police sergeant, emphasizing their focus on locating the individual.

On 13 March, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission stated that it was looking into the possibility of Mr. Strain being over-served at the bar. However, on 15 March, the bar owners disclosed that they had only served the college senior one drink and two glasses of water before asking him to leave.

“The owners stated that none of the members in Riley’s group were obligated to remain inside the location in order to settle any unpaid bills, and no individual from Luke’s 32 Bridge team impeded any member of Riley’s party from exiting the premises with him.”

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Recent video shows Riley Strain engaging with a police officer following their ejection from a bar.

Recent footage shows the final movements of Riley Strain before she disappeared without a trace while out in Nashville.

On the evening of March 8th, a 22-year-old man was celebrating with his fellow fraternity members in Nashville when he was asked to leave a bar.

He informed his friends that he was going back to his hotel, but they later found out that he was no longer there. This initiated a week-long search for the university student.

Recent footage reveals that Mr. Strain had a brief conversation with a police officer shortly after exiting the bar.

The Nashville Metro Police stated that the student did not seem distressed during the interaction.

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In case you missed it, what occurred with Riley Strain?

On Friday night, 22-year-old Riley Strain disappeared after departing from Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink located on Broadway in Nashville.

In an interview on Monday, the senior’s stepfather described the time following Riley’s disappearance as “absolute torture.”

They went to the city to search for the young man who had contacted his fraternity brothers after leaving the bar, stating that he was going back to their hotel.

Riley’s acquaintances made multiple attempts to reach him on Friday evening and again on Saturday morning, however, their calls continually went to voicemail.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department shared footage of Riley, who was wearing a shirt with two colors, crossing the intersection of 1st Avenue North and Gay Street at approximately 9:45pm on Friday. This location is about 0.5 miles away from the bar.

The investigators are seeking assistance from anyone who knows the whereabouts of a man who is 6 feet and 5 inches tall, has a slender build, blue eyes, and light brown hair.

On Monday, the department stated that they had combed through the downtown vicinity where Riley was last observed, which included the riverbank, but had been unsuccessful.

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