When the going gets tough, you need an independent distributor in your corner

When the going gets tough, you need an independent distributor in your corner

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Business Reporter: Fusion Worldwide

The world is full of uncertainty, with little to no indications of improvement amid ongoing trade wars, geopolitical tensions, economic fluctuations and unpredictable environmental events. The good news is that companies that can navigate these challenges, will emerge stronger and better prepared for the long term.

Companies that require electronic components to keep their lines running need partners to guide them through unforeseen obstacles. As a reliable independent distributor, Fusion Worldwide is agile, responsive and able to source the parts their customers need.

In addition to over 20 years of navigating the ebbs and flows of the open market, Fusion Worldwide offers the unique advantage of in-house electronic component and product testing services. Its proprietary software, Scout RMS™, is combined with the company’s proactive approach to deterring costly and disruptive operational risks. With a team of over 35 degreed engineers, quality test houses across the globe, and various certifications and accreditations, Fusion’s services protect supply chain interests to keep lines running. The assurance of parts that form, fit and function correctly can be the difference between staying afloat or sinking quickly.

In 2022, Fusion Worldwide acquired the exclusive large-scale electronic component test house, Prosemi, to expand its quality assurance services. The test house is accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:207 AS6171 (Detection of Suspect/Counterfeit Parts) by the ANSI National Accreditation Board, which demonstrates its comprehensive suite of electronic component testing and authentication services. As a subsidiary of Fusion Worldwide, the test house enforces its commitment to excellence as a trusted partner in open market distribution.

Why certifications and quality testing matter

Time has shown it doesn’t take a global pandemic to bring a supply chain to its knees. Counterfeit parts can bring down an entire manufacturing operation, wreak havoc on the supply chain, and create the kind of reputational damage that companies can’t afford in this competitive business environment.

One of the most common certifications to look for is ISO 9001, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO 9001 certification outlines the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a quality management system (QMS).

While the ISO 9001 certification is a baseline to meet quality standards, Fusion Worldwide invests in going above and beyond. The company maintains multiple cross-industry certifications and accreditations to uphold its commitment to quality. For example, AS912OB proves that QMS supplies authenticate parts that perform as expected in the aerospace and defence industries. At the same time, AS6081 confirms the testing of electronic components against stringent standards, also for aerospace and defence. Additionally, ANSI ESD S20.20 proves that Fusion Worldwide handles and stores electronic components safely and without the risk of electrostatic discharge damage.

Fusion Worldwide’s people

Behind Fusion Worldwide’s commitment to quality and resilience, stands a dedicated team of over 500 professionals. With a diverse range of expertise spanning procurement, engineering, supply chain management, and quality assurance, Fusion’s people are the backbone of the business. Operating from over 20 locations worldwide, these individuals are the driving force behind the company’s ability to navigate business through turbulent market conditions. Their collective experience and passion for excellence ensure that Fusion Worldwide remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable electronic components and products.

A partner in business; a guide through the supply chain

These are a few examples of how Fusion Worldwide assists businesses in enhancing the resilience of their supply chains, guaranteeing a dependable, secure, and high-quality source for electronic components across all market conditions. While the pandemic-driven global chip shortage may be fading in the rearview mirror, there’s always another disruptive event waiting around the next corner.

Fusion Worldwide meets customers where they are and empowers them with the tools and solutions they need to build and maintain a resilient supply chain. It will serve as a guide through any business condition, enabling companies to expertly navigate the fluctuations of the global electronics supply chain, leverage new opportunities, and ensure operational resilience for the future.

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About Fusion Worldwide

Fusion Worldwide is the pre-eminent open-market distributor of electronic components and products. We source, inspect, test and deliver a wide range of components to a large and diversified customer base that includes OEMs, CMs and ODMs across a wide array of verticals. Founded in 2001, Fusion is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, and maintains offices and quality centres in major manufacturing hubs around the world.

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