Updates on the shooting in Vermont: The Palestinian student who was injured may have to deal with life-changing consequences.

Updates on the shooting in Vermont: The Palestinian student who was injured may have to deal with life-changing consequences.

Three students from Palestine were injured by gunshots in Vermont.

One of the three Palestinian students who were shot near the University of Vermont campus in a possible hate crime may be permanently disabled due to the injuries sustained.

The three individuals, aged 20, named Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdalhamid, and Tahseen Ahmad, were attacked in a shooting while on their way to a family Thanksgiving celebration in Burlington on Saturday evening.

According to his mother, Elizabeth Price, Mr Awartani was the most seriously injured, as a bullet became lodged in his spine. She explained that he is currently grappling with the realization of the difficult journey ahead, as doctors are concerned that he may never regain movement in his legs.

New information is coming to light about Jason Eaton, the 48-year-old individual who was taken into custody on Sunday in the vicinity of the incident.

On Monday, Mr. Eaton was formally charged and entered a plea of not guilty to three charges of attempted murder.

The resume of Mr. Eaton, as viewed by The Daily Beast, shows that he has experience as a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts, a research assistant at Harvard, and a ski instructor.

According to his mother, she was taken aback by his supposed involvement. Although he had battled with depression in the past, they had celebrated Thanksgiving together just a few days before, she stated.


A video shows the accused individual pleading not guilty for the shooting of Palestinian college students.

The accused denies responsibility for shooting three college students from Palestine.

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 15:40

Jason Eaton identifies as a “radical citizen” on the internet.

Since the shooting, the online activity of the suspected gunman has been revealed, showing that he refers to himself as a “radical citizen.”

Jason Eaton has been accused of attempting to commit murder three times during the shooting that took place on Saturday.

According to NBC News, the 48-year-old individual identifies himself as a “radical citizen” on his X account and claims to be monitoring democracy and capitalism for corrupt officials.

According to a YouTube page allegedly belonging to the perpetrator, there are several videos promoting claims about Dr Antony Fauci, including one titled “Reveal Fauci.”

According to NBC News, some videos discuss the use of brain crystals for abilities like psychic powers and managing long-term effects of Covid-19.

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 15:20

Shown in the photograph is Jason Eaton, as seen in his mug shot.

<p>Jason Eaton </p>

Jason Eaton

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 15:00

The family of a Palestinian student believed that he would be in a safer environment in the US rather than in the West Bank.

The relatives of a Palestinian student who was shot in Vermont in a possible hate crime have stated that they initially believed he would be safer in the US than in the West Bank, where his family resides.

Elizabeth Price, the mother of Hisham Awartani, stated to NPR that they had chosen for him to remain in the United States during the holiday season instead of going back to Ramallah, due to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.

She stated that her spouse was not in favor of Hisham returning for Christmas.

He believed that our son would be more protected than in Palestine.

Mr. Awartani, a student at Brown University, was shot on Saturday by Jason Eaton, who is believed to be the gunman responsible.

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 14:40

The arrest of the suspect in the Vermont shooting provided chilling insight into their mindset.

During a press conference, officials stated that the individual responsible for the Vermont shooting, which injured three students of Palestinian descent, was aware that law enforcement was searching for him.

The Burlington Police Department is collaborating with federal officials to look into the incident on November 25th where Hisham Awartani, Tahseen Ali, and Kenan Abdulhamid, all 20-year-old college students, were shot while walking to a Thanksgiving event in Burlington, Vermont. The alleged shooter, Jason Eaton, who is 48 years old, is currently in custody without bail and is facing three counts of attempted murder. Mr. Eaton has entered a plea of not guilty for all three charges.

During a press conference on Monday, Chief Jon Murad of the Burlington Police announced that officers had discovered the identity of Mr. Eaton while conducting a search at an apartment complex.

On Sunday, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives visited an apartment and made contact with Mr. Eaton. He came out and showed his hands, informing the officers that he had been anticipating their arrival, according to Mr. Murad.

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Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 14:20

According to the uncle, a student was injured in the shooting and suffered a spinal injury.

At a press conference held on Monday afternoon, Rich Price, a resident of Burlington and uncle of Hisham Awartani, stated that the student suffered a spinal injury during the shooting and will have a lengthy journey towards recovery.

All of the men are in the intensive care unit at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Tahseen Ahmad is in a lot of pain, Mr Price added, while Kinnan Abdalhamid’s injuries are difficult. Still, Mr Price said that Mr Abdalhamid is expected to make a full and speedy recovery.

“I want to say that these three young men are incredible,” Mr Price, who was hosting the students for Thanksgiving, said. “They have their lives in front of them. They are committed to building incredible lives. They each go to great schools.”

In recent years, the men have made a tradition of visiting the family for Thanksgiving, according to Mr. Price. He expressed disbelief that such an event could occur.

After attending a birthday celebration for Mr. Price’s twin sons who are 8 years old, the men returned to their uncle’s house and decided to take a stroll. During this time, it is believed that Mr. Eaton encountered the men.

Graeme Massie28 November 2023 14:00

The FBI is currently looking into a shooting in Vermont that may be considered a hate crime.

The FBI is conducting an investigation into the shooting of Palestinian students in Vermont as a possible hate crime.

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 13:40

Additional information uncovered about suspect Jason Eaton’s CV.

Additional information is being revealed about the individual who allegedly shot three Palestinian students near the University of Vermont campus. The incident is currently under investigation as a potential hate crime.

According to his resume, which was obtained by The Daily Beast, Jason Eaton has held positions as a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts, a research assistant at Harvard, and a ski instructor in the past.

In 2001, the individual, who is currently 48 years old, pursued a degree in general studies at the University of Idaho but was unable to complete it.

Based on his CV, he has experience as a research assistant at Harvard Forest in Massachusetts during the year 1999.

According to reports, he later instructed 5th and 6th grade students in science at the McCall Outdoor Science School in Idaho.

According to his resume, he has previously organized survival training and served as an assistant scoutmaster for a Boy Scouts of America group in New York.

Rachel Sharp28 November 2023 13:20

Groups of parents and guardians of students come together to issue a collective statement urging for hate crime charges to be filed.

The Institute for Middle East Understanding released a collective statement on behalf of the students’ families, urging authorities to continue their investigation of the incident in order to press hate crime charges against the shooting suspect, Jason Eaton.

The families viewed the man’s attempted murder charges as a significant and positive initial action towards achieving justice and accountability for our sons.

The statement declared, “We support the choice made by law enforcement and the Vermont Attorney General’s office to persist with the investigation and prosecution of hate crime charges.”

We think that a thorough investigation will reveal that our sons were specifically targeted and violently assaulted simply because they are Palestinian. It is crucial and necessary to have full justice and accountability in order to prevent similar brutal and violent attacks from occurring in the future.

The statement continued by explaining that the men had been childhood friends. According to the statement, each of them possesses outstanding qualities such as intelligence, kindness, and talent.

The families expressed their excitement for their children to attend esteemed universities in the US, but were devastated when they became victims of a violent attack, causing immense fear and worry for the parents.

Graeme Massie28 November 2023 13:00

The man’s uncle expressed feeling “betrayed” by the choice to bring him to the United States.

Kenan Abdulhamid’s uncle, Radi Tamimi, expressed feeling “somehow betrayed” by the choice to bring his nephew to the United States.

Mr Abdulhamid was raised in the West Bank, an area located east of Israel and populated by approximately 3 million Palestinians.

During a press conference, he expressed concern about the potential risk to his safety and stated that sending him here was the best choice. He also mentioned feeling betrayed by the decision to do so.

“I find it difficult to believe that this was just a random act, especially in light of current events,” said Mr. Tamimi, who traveled from California to Burlington before the press conference.

He stated, “It doesn’t feel like that,” and added that they are fully prepared to wait for due process to run its course.

Graeme Massie28 November 2023 12:00

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