The ongoing conflict in Ukraine: Russia is being accused of causing civilian casualties in residential areas, while Kyiv targets a factory – updates as they happen.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine: Russia is being accused of causing civilian casualties in residential areas, while Kyiv targets a factory - updates as they happen.

<p>A Ukrainian serviceman jumps out of the boat on the shore of Dnipro river at the frontline near Kherson, Ukraine, Sunday Oct. 15, 2023.</p>

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, a soldier from Ukraine disembarks from a boat onto the shore of the Dnipro river near the frontline in Kherson.

A seven-year-old child is one of the casualties of a fatal shelling carried out by Russia in southern Ukraine, following a drone strike by Ukraine on a Russian aircraft factory.

According to local officials in Ukraine, four people were killed and at least five were injured when Russian shells hit a residential building and privately owned homes.

According to Serhiy Lysak, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, a five-story building was struck in the morning in the town of Nikopol in southern Ukraine.

According to a message sent on Telegram, a man who was 63 years old passed away and two women, ages 65 and 63, were harmed. It is possible that there are individuals trapped beneath the debris.

According to Sumy regional prosecutors, a northern settlement near the border with Russia was hit by Russian shelling in the afternoon, resulting in the destruction of at least five private residences.

According to information shared on Telegram, two individuals were found in the debris and a 7-year-old girl passed away in a medical facility after the vehicle she was in was targeted with gunfire. Three others sustained injuries.

Kyiv Independent has reported that a drone strike on a Russian aircraft factory in Smolensk, located 200 miles beyond enemy lines, was confirmed as successful on Monday by Kyiv.

According to Kyiv Independent, the production of Kh-59 missiles was disrupted due to the attack.


According to reports, Ukraine claims that private residences were hit by shells fired from Russia, resulting in four fatalities.

According to local Ukrainian officials, on Tuesday, Russian projectiles hit a housing complex and privately owned homes, resulting in four fatalities and at least five injuries.

According to Serhiy Lysak, the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, a five-story building in the southern town of Nikopol was struck this morning.

According to a message on Telegram, a 63-year-old man died and two women, ages 65 and 63, were harmed. There is a possibility of individuals being trapped in the debris.

In a second assault later in the day, Russian bombing resulted in the destruction of at least five privately owned homes in a settlement located near the border with Russia, according to a report from prosecutors in Sumy region.

According to the prosecutors on Telegram, two individuals were found in the debris and a young girl, aged 7, passed away at the hospital after the car she was in was shot at. Three others sustained injuries.

Despite numerous civilian casualties from its frequent air strikes, Russia denies intentionally targeting non-combatants.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 15:20

Ministers have been instructed to disclose their plans to provide financial support for Ukraine’s war efforts in 2024 in the United Kingdom.

Ministers have been cautioned that the UK needs to ensure continued military funding for Ukraine’s defense in the coming year.

The UK government has provided £4.6 billion in aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. However, there have been inquiries regarding the lack of additional funding announced in the Chancellor’s autumn statement to assist the country in defending itself against Russian aggression until 2024.

The Government was confronted by Labour and senior members of the Conservative party regarding potential aid in the future. Defence minister James Heappey promised to make an official announcement in the House of Commons once the plans were finalized.

In a statement to the House of Commons, John Healey, the Shadow Defence Secretary, stated that the Defence Secretary (Grant Shapps) had previously emphasized the importance of not overlooking Ukraine. However, the recent autumn statement seemed to do just that.

The Prime Minister is withholding military funding and an action plan for Ukraine in 2024, which is concerning as Ukraine is currently in need of reassurance and steadfast support from its allies.

The level of UK involvement in Ukraine is decreasing. The £2.3 billion allocated for military funding this year will expire in March, and Germany recently revealed plans to provide eight billion euros in military assistance for next year.

The Labour spokesperson further stated: “When will the Prime Minister prove through his choices and deeds that Britain will support Ukraine until victory is achieved?”

<p>James Heappey on Good Morning Britain, 13 November</p>


On November 13, 2019, James Heappey appeared on Good Morning Britain.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 14:46

According to a report from News X, university students in Russia have been instructed to give up their vaping devices in order to create drones.

According to reports from Russian media, students at Samara University were instructed to give up their e-cigarette devices.

Reportedly, the organizers of the movement are members of the Volunteers in Uniforms club, a branch of the Sokol students’ patriotic association.

According to reports, they have been circulating pamphlets outlining their objectives which state that the batteries and microcircuits found in smoking devices can be repurposed for creating drones.

According to the university’s press service, these elements are necessary for creating release mechanisms for attaching to drones, enabling them to release bomb payloads.

The creators of the vaping donation campaign claimed that every donated e-cigarette is equivalent to a “copter drop on the enemy”, using a Soviet-inspired anti-alcohol poster with their revised message.

The news network, News X, has been unable to confirm the allegations or the video on their own.

<p>Vape pens stand on a counter at a vape store, in Melbourne, Australia</p>

Vaporizer pens are displayed on a counter at a vaping shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 14:00

Pictured- Odesa rescue efforts as snowstorm hits Ukraine

<p>Ukrainian service members release car stuck in snow in Odesa region</p>

Soldiers from Ukraine’s military freed a stranded vehicle from the snow in the Odesa region.

<p>Emergency workers release a car stuck in snow following a heavy snowstorm in Odesa region</p>

Rescue personnel freed a vehicle trapped in snow after a severe snowstorm in the Odesa region.

<p>A woman walks in a snow-covered park during the first snowfall, amid Russia's attack in Ukraine, in Kyiv</p>

A woman is strolling through a park covered in snow during the initial snowfall, amidst the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in Kiev.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 13:30

Ukraine has announced its decision to not participate in the OSCE meeting because they disagree with the organization’s choice to invite Russia’s Lavrov to attend, according to Kyiv.

On Tuesday, Ukraine announced that their foreign minister will not attend a meeting of the OSCE in North Macedonia this week in protest of the decision to include Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian foreign ministry, Oleh Nikolenko, stated on Facebook that the Ukrainian delegation will not be attending the OSCE ministerial meeting with their foreign affairs minister.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 13:00

The Black Sea fleet of Russia was forced to retreat due to a snow storm.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, the storm has caused Russia to recall all of its naval ships and missile carriers to their home bases. They also warned that the risk of drifting mines in the Black Sea has heightened due to the storm’s impact on minefields.

The storm caused damage that disrupted military operations on the frontline in Ukraine, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). However, military activity has not come to a complete halt.

The ISW stated that the storm may have caused railway damage in coastal regions, potentially affecting the Russian military’s ability to transport supplies in occupied Crimea and southern Ukraine.

According to Tass, Tuesday is expected to bring wind speeds of 67 mph to areas in Crimea, southern Russia, and north-western Russia.

<p>Russia Crimea Storm</p>

Russia Crimea Storm

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 12:30

Strong winds to move through the area along the Black Sea coast

The Black Sea region is expected to experience tornadoes, following a storm that caused power outages for over two million individuals in Russia and Ukraine.

A research group stated that the climate also impacted the actions of the Russian military.

Officials reported that the severe storm caused the deaths of at least 14 individuals in Russia and Ukraine. The destructive weather caused damage by knocking over trees, causing power outages, and flooding coastal regions.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, stated that five individuals lost their lives in the Odesa region located in southern Ukraine. He also mentioned that engineers are currently working to restore power to the disconnected villages.

According to the state news agency Tass, winds reaching 67 mph were predicted for Tuesday in Crimea, southern Russia, and some areas of north-western Russia.

According to the mayor of a small town in the Vologda region, located approximately 310 miles northeast of Moscow, there was a significant snowfall of about 10 days’ worth in just one day. This amounted to approximately 25cm (10in) of snow. The clearing of roads took twice as long as usual due to the heavy snowfall.

According to the Tass news agency, the recent storm resulted in heavy snowfall of up to 25cm in the Moscow region on Monday, which is three times more than the usual amount.

On Sunday, a weather system caused blizzard-like conditions in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Serbia, resulting in snowfall, power outages, and deadly traffic accidents.

<p>Ukrainian emergency workers tow ambulance from snow as storm kills five</p>

Emergency workers in Ukraine towed an ambulance from the snow due to a fatal storm that claimed five lives.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 12:00

Cameron from the UK will emphasize his backing for Ukraine during the NATO gathering.

According to a statement from his office, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron will emphasize the nation’s strong backing for Ukraine during his initial gathering with NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday in Brussels.

<p>Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron (left) and Minister of State for Development and Africa Andrew Mitchell leave 10 Downing Street</p>

Lord David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, and Andrew Mitchell, the Minister of State for Development and Africa, exited 10 Downing Street.

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Russian troops have surrounded the city of Avdiivka in Ukraine and are prepared to launch an attack after months of continuous aggression.

The situation in the Avdiivka area has become more difficult. According to Vitaliy Barabash, the head of the military administration in Avdiivka, there has been a steady increase in the intensity of fighting.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar has the complete narrative.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 11:15

Adviika is currently surrounded by Russian forces.

which has been held by Ukrainian government forces since 2014.

Russian military forces have been carrying out both ground and air assaults in an effort to surround the eastern city of Avdiivka. The city has been under control of Ukrainian government forces since 2014.

Last week, Vitaliy Barabash, leader of the military administration in Avdiivka, reported that Ukrainian soldiers had made progress in stopping and pushing back the Russian advance.

Barabash informed Espreso TV that the situation in the Avdiivka sector has intensified, with clashes growing in frequency.

The Russians have initiated attacks from two additional areas, towards Donetsk and the industrial zone. The enemy is trying to take over the city from all sides.

According to authorities, there is not one building left standing in the town, which is known for its large coking plant, after several months of fighting. Only 1,500 residents are left, a significant decrease from the pre-war population of 32,000.

<p>Ukrainian serviceman stands next to residential buildings heavily damaged by permanent Russian military strikes in the front line town of Avdiivka in Donetsk region, Ukraine</p>

A Ukrainian soldier stands near residential structures that have been severely harmed by ongoing attacks from the Russian military in the town of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Lydia Patrick28 November 2023 10:39