Technological innovations: transforming audio advertising with Audiomob

Technological innovations: transforming audio advertising with Audiomob

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From AI to cutting-edge technology, find out how Audiomob can enhance your advertising

AI technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our day-to-day lives, impacting everything from our shopping habits to the way we communicate online. Thanks to the advent of smartphones, the barrier between users and the digital realm has significantly diminished. In fact, 97 per cent of users already use AI through AI-powered voice assistants such as Siri.

AI also influences the way we consume media, including mobile gaming, which has become one of the most common forms of entertainment worldwide. With over three billion mobile gamers, AI technology can have real and lasting impacts on game development and marketing strategies. Here at Audiomob we have taken the initiative to develop AI-powered solutions for advertisers and developers.

A better way to play

Audiomob specialises in delivering audio ads into games and apps. Our ad technology allows developers to earn incremental revenue and advertisers to reach new audiences.

Our technology has been adopted by some of the world’s largest mobile gaming publishers, including Voodoo, TapNation and Lockwood Publishing. These integrations have led to consistent triple year-on-year growth, with over $20 million in funding and a valuation exceeding $100 million.

As we continue to scale and collaborate with premium game developers and brands worldwide, we are also spearheading the development of innovative AI-powered audio ad solutions to improve targeting and ad creation.

Enhanced user-targeting

Our AI tech stack has been developed by our engineering team in our Abu Dhabi office with the aim of pioneering new and improved ad targeting methods.

Ensuring users only see the most relevant ads is paramount to the success of an advertising campaign. According to a report by the Integral Ad Science (IAS) on “ad suitability”, 28 per cent of listeners believe it’s the brand’s responsibility to ensure ad relevance, while 25 per cent would avoid purchasing from brands using “unsuitable” ads.

We use AI to analyse over 1,000 contextual data points in real time before delivering in-game ads. This enables us to deliver ads with a 92 per cent targeting accuracy.

AI-generated audio ads

AI content creation is becoming increasingly prevalent, empowering businesses of all sizes to bridge gaps and maintain competitiveness. We offer free access to our AI voices, allowing clients and partners to create their adverts in a matter of seconds.

Our advertisers can now transform ad scripts into fully voiced ads using our AI, employing differences in tone, cadence, inflection and language. Audiomob facilitates the creation of high-quality ads faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

User privacy

Fraud and privacy concerns pose significant challenges for the advertising industry. In 2022 DoubleVerify uncovered a large-scale audio ad fraud scheme that cost advertisers up to $1 million a month.

Audiomob is the only in-game audio partner certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for Open Measurement SDK compliance, providing advertisers with validated metrics for impressions, listen-through rates and click-through rates.

Furthermore, our patented audibility technology detects the volume level of the user’s mobile device, ensuring that ads are audible only when the volume is sufficiently high. This provides advertisers further assurance and confidence in campaign metrics.

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