How to future-proof your business with experts in people, work and change

How to future-proof your business with experts in people, work and change

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In an evolving world of work, are you confident you’ve got the right HR expertise for your business to thrive?

The pandemic had a huge impact on ways of working, with the rise of flexible and hybrid working, and on people’s health and wellbeing. Most recently, we have seen rapid advances in technology that stand to greatly affect the future of work.

There are many complex people issues that employers must manage carefully, including the use of generative AI, attracting and retaining talent, productivity and new ways of working, ensuring their people have the right skills, workplace conflict, leadership capabilities and supporting employee wellbeing.

Organisations need to be able to adapt in order to not just survive, but thrive. Behind every thriving organisation is a team of experts, ensuring that work works for everyone.

As the professional body for HR and people development, the CIPD is a trusted career partner for people professionals, providing support and guidance for every stage of their career. We work collaboratively with hundreds of organisations around the world, including the UK government, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, NatWest, the NHS in England and Petronas, to help them get the most out of their people.

The key role of HR and people professionals

In times of significant change, and opportunity, HR has a key role to play in supporting and building agile organisations.

People teams are responsible for making sure the right people are in the right jobs, helping employees develop the skills they need to succeed, boosting productivity and creating inclusive workplace cultures. Without the right knowledge and expertise, organisations may be exposed to a range of legal, compliance and reputational risks.

Employers should expect the same level of professionalism from their HR and people team as they do from their finance team. When you hire a chartered accountant, you know they have the knowledge, skills and professional standards to take good care of your organisation’s finances. But who do you trust to nurture your greatest asset – your people?

That’s why it’s so important to ensure your HR and people teams are equipped with the right skills, expertise and knowledge from a trusted source. When your HR team is professionalised with the support of the CIPD, you can be confident that your people and your business are in expert hands.

Membership commitments

The CIPD has been championing better work and working lives and setting the global standards for excellence for over 100 years. Our worldwide community of more than 160,000 people professionals makes a tangible difference in the world of work every day.

The CIPD Profession Map sets clear standards for the profession and defines the values, knowledge and behaviours that shape our members’ work. These professional standards give employers confidence in their people teams’ skills and expertise.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics holds CIPD members accountable for maintaining the highest standards of professional competence and responsibility. As part of this commitment, members are required to record and demonstrate their continuing professional development (CPD) and have a responsibility for making a positive contribution to the world of work.

Our members act as advocates for better work and working lives, supporting our essential policy and research work to influence and make change happen. They have access to the latest knowledge, insights and learning opportunities, so employers can be sure their HR and people team is up-to-date, relevant and ready to make an impact.

How to get started

By ensuring your people team is made up of CIPD members, you can be confident that they have the essential skills, knowledge and insights to best support your organisation.

Put your people and your business in expert hands – partner with the CIPD today.