Pro-Palestine march: Far-right protesters clash with police at Cenotaph

Pro-Palestine march: Far-right protesters clash with police at Cenotaph

Demonstrators climbed the Scottish Parliament building to display a banner in support of Palestine, reading “Cease supplying weapons to Israel”.

On Armistice Day, there were confrontations between police and approximately 2,000 counter protesters aligned with the far right. However, the two minutes of silence were observed without any disturbances.

On Saturday morning, footage captured individuals forcefully pushing past law enforcement and scaling bollards while counter-demonstrators were confined to Whitehall.

Groups of males were vocalizing and ascending on short posts with sporadic instances of chaos occurring. However, at 11am, there was a moment of quiet as a two-minute period of silence was observed.

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, was present among the group of people who gathered on Whitehall. He called upon his supporters to come out and “defend” the Cenotaph.

Police are preparing for a large number of demonstrators to gather in London today for a pro-Palestine protest. A high-ranking official from Scotland Yard has stated that officers may need to resort to force during the protest.

The most recent demonstration supporting Palestine in the city is demanding an urgent end to the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza that broke out last month.


Far-right groups clash with police near Cenotaph in counter rallies to pro-Palestine march

Extreme right-wing demonstrators have engaged in confrontations with law enforcement in London prior to the two-minute moment of silence on Armistice Day passing without interruption.

Video footage captured people pushing past law enforcement and scaling bollards on Saturday morning, while counter demonstrators were confined to Whitehall.

A large group of males were loudly repeating phrases and scaling on posts, causing sporadic instances of chaos. However, at 11am, a period of silence was observed for two minutes.

Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League, was present among the assembled crowd on Whitehall. He called upon his supporters to come out and “defend” the Cenotaph.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:51

Braverman exacerbated the situation by referring to the protests as “hate marches”.

Tom Watling located at Marble Arch.

According to the chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa, Suella Braverman has only worsened the already tense community relations by adding “fuel to the fire.”

Ismail Patel spoke to Tom Watling about the upcoming march, which has two components. The situation in Gaza is causing a lot of worry and unease, while Suella Braverman’s actions have added fuel to the fire of community tensions by attempting to discredit us as hateful protesters.

The actions of the Home Secretary have diverted attention away from the situation on the ground in Gaza.

The current conditions are terrible. We were able to communicate with some individuals there, but sadly, some of them are no longer alive.

The current situation is constantly evolving and unfortunately, there is not much we can do to assist, which is disheartening.

“It is extremely difficult to help with this while the situation in Gaza unfolds. It is both emotionally draining and physically demanding.

“At the same time, we are mindful of the potential danger posed to others. However, we must continue on.”

“It is worth noting that there is currently no mention of the far-right counter marches occurring today.”

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:48

On the day of Armistice, we are requesting a ceasefire.

Tom Watling is reporting from Marble Arch as a group of demonstrators supporting Palestine start to assemble.

At 11am, the two-minute silence commenced, and a single man stood at Marble Arch wearing a Palestinian flag with red, green, white, and black stripes. He also had a red poppy pinned to his lapel, observing the silence.

He found himself amidst a large group of protestors who were waving flags.

A lone man stood in front of a black sign that read “Free Palestine”. Another sign with fake bloodstains on a white background read “Stop the Massacre”.

The two minutes of silence passed without being acknowledged by everyone except for one man. They had not gathered here for that reason.

There is a scarcity of poppies visible near Marble Arch and along Park Lane, where the protesters have congregated. They will soon proceed to the US Embassy.

However, the organizers of today’s demonstrations have all expressed their appreciation for Armistice Day, and there has not been any rhetoric against remembrance thus far.

After the moment of silence, Mustafa Al-Dabbagh, who leads the Muslim Association of Britain, stated that remembering and supporting the Palestinian cause are closely connected.

He expressed a request for a ceasefire on the day of the armistice. If individuals are unable to comprehend this, it is quite disheartening.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:43

After two minutes of silence, anticipation rises for a protest in support of Palestine.

Zander Butler is giving updates from the Cenotaph.

After the Cenotaph ceremony concluded and bagpipes were played, a gathering of men donning flat caps and poppies gathered outside the Red Lion pub, enjoying glasses of beer.

One person exclaimed, “Freedom!” while the rest stood nearby, smoking.

Two supporters of West Ham, adorned with poppies and club logos, expressed their displeasure that individuals were protesting in support of Palestine.

“They should demonstrate respect and not feel entitled to act in such a manner.”

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:39

Tommy Robinson is seen conversing with law enforcement prior to a moment of silence lasting two minutes, as shown in photographs.

Tommy Robinson was observed conversing with police upon his arrival at the Cenotaph to participate in the two-minute silence.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:25

Before a two-minute silence, there were clashes between police and far-right demonstrators, but no arrests were made.

There have been reports of altercations as individuals attempted to reach the Cenotaph before the two minute silence.

Video footage captures clashes between far-right protesters and police near the Cenotaph.

No arrests seem to have been made yet.

Keep an eye out for additional updates.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:20

Pictures show a large group of people standing quietly at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day.

Many people gathered at the Cenotaph to pay their respects and observe a two-minute silence on Armistice Day.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:15

There was no interruption during the two minutes of silence.

Zander Butler is currently reporting live from the Cenotaph.

Just before 11 o’clock, a large and noisy group of people were observed pushing through police near the Cenotaph.

A man holding a can of beer began speaking before the quietness was broken, but he was promptly hushed and reminded to be respectful.

Despite much anticipation, there were no interruptions during the two minutes of silence this week.

Later on, individuals waving St George flags could be heard jeering.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 11:07

Video footage captures far-right demonstrators forcefully pushing past law enforcement officers in the vicinity of the Cenotaph.

A video shared on social media depicts far-right demonstrators forcefully passing through police officers near Whitehall and the Cenotaph.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 10:59

In pictures:

Police are observing the crowds as they gather to observe a two-minute silence near the Cenotaph on Whitehall in central London.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain11 November 2023 10:56