Live updates: Life-threatening alert issued as Storm Ciarán approaches UK

Live updates: Life-threatening alert issued as Storm Ciarán approaches UK

What constitutes extreme weather?

The Met Office has released a severe warning for today, due to the arrival of Storm Ciarán on Wednesday evening, which is deemed a potential risk to life.

The forecaster has issued a new rain warning for Northern Ireland, which will be in effect from 9pm tonight until 9am on Tuesday.

According to reports, the surrounding areas are at risk of being inaccessible for an extended period due to flooding, posing a potential threat to residents.

The meteorologists have issued a warning for “powerful winds and intense precipitation” as the third storm of the season is expected to move through the United Kingdom in the coming days.

Ciarán is expected to bring strong winds of 80mph to areas along the south coast of England. There is a slight possibility that more exposed areas may experience wind speeds of up to 90mph. Additionally, some areas may see up to 60mm of rainfall.

Chris Almond, Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, stated that there will be a continuation of heavy rain on already saturated ground. This increases the potential for additional problems, including flooding, in areas that are still recovering from the recent heavy rainfall.


The Met Office has released a new warning for potential life-threatening conditions today.

The Met Office has issued a new warning for heavy rain today.

The alert will be in effect in Northern Ireland from 9pm tonight until 9am on Tuesday. It includes a “danger to life” advisory due to the presence of swift or deep floodwater.

It has been stated that the floodwater could potentially isolate communities in the area for multiple days, and there is a possibility of power outages and disruption of gas, water, and mobile phone services.

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Current weather advisories in effect:

The Met Office has released an amber weather warning for Northern Ireland today, indicating a potential danger to life.

These are the current weather advisories in effect for the remainder of the week in all of the UK.

<p>An amber warning will remain in place in Northern Ireland until 9am on Tuesday</p>

A warning will continue to be in effect in Northern Ireland until 9am on Tuesday.

<p>Ciaran to bring heavy wind and rain to the South of England</p>

Ciaran will bring strong winds and heavy rain to the southern part of England.

<p>Yellow wind and rain warnings come into place across Northeast </p>

Warnings for high winds and heavy rainfall will be in effect for the Northeast region.

<p>Heavy rain predicted to persist until 6am in the Northeast</p>

The Northeast is expected to experience continuous heavy rainfall until 6am.

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When is the expected arrival of Storm Ciaran in the UK?

After the devastation caused by Storm Babet, British citizens are now bracing for the arrival of Storm Ciaran on Wednesday. The storm is expected to bring powerful winds and significant amounts of rain to the UK.

The upcoming storm is expected to bring gusts of wind reaching 90mph and precipitation of up to 60mm in mountainous regions.

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This evening’s weather forecast

Severe precipitation is forecasted to hit the UK during the night as a hazardous weather alert is issued for Northern Ireland.

Scotland is expected to experience a mostly dry evening with periods of clear skies and potential frost.

In other areas, there will be periods of clear skies that may result in fog forming. However, there is also a high chance of heavy showers, particularly in Northern Ireland.

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What constitutes extreme weather?

Storm Ciarán is the latest extreme weather event the UK has seen in recent weeks. The third named storm of this year’s season comes after areas across Scotland and north-east England were battered with the worst of Storm Babet, which caused serious damage and several deaths when it hit last week.

The Earth’s weather patterns, ranging from floods to heatwaves and from wildfires to droughts, have displayed indications of becoming increasingly unpredictable, severe, and lasting. While there is no single explanation for this shift in weather behavior, human-caused global warming is a significant contributing factor.

The Independent examines severe weather conditions below.

What constitutes as extreme weather? | Simplified

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Mapped: Storm Ciarán’s path across the UK

The projected trajectory of Storm Ciarán as it moves across the United Kingdom starting Wednesday evening.

<p>Wednesday 9pm as Storm Ciarán heads over Britain </p>

On Wednesday at 9pm, as Storm Ciarán makes its way across Britain…

<p>3am Thursday</p>

3am Thursday

<p>Thursday 9am</p>

Thursday 9am

<p>3am on Friday - when Storm Ciarán is due to exit Britain</p>

At 3am on Friday, Storm Ciarán is expected to leave Britain.

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Tips for navigating through storms while travelling.

Ahead of Storm Ciarán’s expected impact on the UK on Thursday, the Met Office has shared their recommendations for traveling during a storm:

  • If there is a forecast for heavy rain, wait until it stops before beginning your journey.

  • If possible, opt for main roads, as they are less likely to have fallen branches, debris, and flooding.

  • If the visibility is significantly decreased, utilize dipped headlights.

  • If there is water on the road, change your direction and find an alternate path. The primary cause of fatalities during flooding is attempting to drive through flood water, so the most secure recommendation is to change your direction and avoid drowning.

  • Be vigilant for empty spaces among trees, buildings, or bridges located above a river or train tracks.

  • Floodwater may pose hidden dangers that can harm your vehicle. Even a small amount of water, equivalent to an egg cup, entering the engine can result in serious damage.
  • Strong gusts of wind have the potential to disturb and destabilize vehicles. For your safety, it is important to maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands.

  • Be sure to leave extra space for vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. They are more susceptible to being affected by strong winds from the side.

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The 18th century west London riverside pub is currently experiencing an increase in water levels, with the water reaching above the windows.

A pub in Chiswick, London, located on the River Thames, was surrounded by water after a flooding warning was issued.

On Wednesday, 25 October, the Environment Agency issued a flood alert for the Tidal Thames riverside from Putney Bridge to Teddington Weir.

On Sunday, The Bull’s Head shared a video on X/Twitter displaying water hitting the windows of the building.

On social media, a user inquired about potential leaks caused by the water, to which the pub replied, “There may be a slight issue.”

The water level has exceeded the height of the windows at a pub located along the river in London.

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The process and reasons behind naming storms: Understanding Storm Ciaran.

The United Kingdom is preparing for heavy rain and strong winds once more, as a new storm approaches shortly after Storm Babet caused significant damage in many areas of the country.

This is the third storm of the season that has been given a name, and its name begins with the letter C.

The UK Met Office has announced changes to its process for naming storms in the 2023/24 season. This is the reasoning behind naming storms.

Read more:

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Environment Agency advise to stay away from swollen rivers

Severe weather caused by Storm Ciarán is expected to bring disruption to the UK on Wednesday evening.

Several weather advisories have been released in anticipation of its arrival, as there is a high chance of flooding.

Kate Marks, the flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, stated that there is a chance of significant surface water flooding in the South East of England today, but it is not expected. Minor river flooding is likely to occur. However, there is a possibility of more significant flooding from Wednesday to Friday due to rainfall from Storm Ciaran.

It is recommended to avoid swollen rivers and not attempt to drive through flood waters. Even just 30cm of moving water can be strong enough to move a car.

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