Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to agree to a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, despite the release of a hostage by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to agree to a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, despite the release of a hostage by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Netanyahu states that Israel will make sure that Hamas becomes a thing of the past.

The leader of Israel has refused to consider a pause in fighting in Gaza, while the nation’s armed forces revealed that a soldier held captive by Hamas has been freed.

During a press conference on Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel will not allow Hamas to gain power and will instead work towards their downfall. He also rejected any calls for a ceasefire, stating that it would imply surrendering to Hamas, which is not an option.

On Monday, the IDF stated that a woman serving in the military who was taken captive during Hamas’s extensive attack on Israel on October 7th has been freed during their ground mission.

According to a statement, Private Ori Megidish is in good condition and has reunited with her family.

On Monday, the IDF launched an attack on Gaza’s primary northern city from two directions, following a large-scale ground operation that began three days prior in the area.

The Israeli military has reported that in recent days, it has attacked over 600 targets belonging to militant groups in the Gaza Strip. The ongoing conflict has left Palestinian civilians in urgent need of basic resources such as fuel, food, and clean water. This marks the fourth week of the war.


The Prime Minister stated that Israel will not accept a ceasefire with Hamas.

The Prime Minister of Israel has stated that the country will not accept a halt in hostilities with Hamas following the militant group’s attack on October 7th.

During a press conference on Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We will ensure that Hamas becomes a thing of the past.”

<p>The Israeli Prime Minister has said Israel will not agree to a cessation of fighting with Hamas after the militant’s attack on the country on 7 October</p>

The leader of Israel has stated that the country will not accept a halt in hostilities with Hamas following the group’s assault on October 7th.

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According to Jared Kushner, Saudi Arabia is a safer place for Jews compared to American colleges.

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A single fatality in Jerusalem exemplifies an unceasing pattern of aggression.

This was yet another instance of violence in a long series of deaths, demonstrating the growing anger and desire for revenge that is trapping both Israelis and Palestinians in a never-ending cycle of conflict.

On a pleasant morning in east Jerusalem, a young teenager was walking near a security checkpoint when an incident occurred. According to Israeli authorities, the teenager pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the policemen before attempting to flee. However, he was quickly stopped by three rapid shots from a semi-automatic rifle within a short distance.

A 17-year-old teenager collapsed outside the entrance of St George’s Cathedral, located on Nablus Road which is known for its religious significance to three religions. I had passed by the area a few minutes prior, but when I heard gunshots, I went back and saw the young person lying on the ground face down.

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What is causing Israel to experience a “nightmare” in Gaza?

Their military campaign in Gaza, in retaliation to a deadly Hamas assault on Israeli territory on October 7th that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 individuals, has never been executed on this scale previously.

Limited attacks in 2014 and 2009 aimed to eliminate stockpiles of Hamas’ weapons, not to completely eradicate the group, as stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the sole objective for the current operation. This will involve intense urban warfare tactics.

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The White House has drawn a comparison between the violence against Jewish individuals in Dagestan and historical incidents known as “pogroms.”

The White House drew a parallel between the recent targeting of Jewish individuals in Dagestan and the historical pogroms that occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The remarks were made one day following a demonstration where numerous individuals in the Russian area forcibly entered an airport in pursuit of travelers who had arrived on a flight from Israel. The incident resulted in twenty people sustaining injuries before security personnel were able to control the situation.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that some individuals may liken it to the pogroms that occurred in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He believes this is an accurate comparison.

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Labour MP McDonald has given a statement in response to his suspension from the party.

Andy McDonald, a prominent member of the Labour Party, claims that his statement has been misinterpreted. As a result, he has been temporarily removed from his party position for uttering the phrase “between the river and the sea” during a pro-Palestine rally.

The Member of Parliament representing Middlesbrough stated that he felt obligated to reply after facing unfounded and damaging allegations for using a particular phrase while advocating for peace between Israel and Palestine at an event over the weekend.

On X, he released a statement saying: “During my speech on Saturday, I stated: ‘It is my hope that all individuals, both Israelis and Palestinians, living between the river and the sea, can coexist peacefully and freely.’ These words should not be interpreted in any other manner than their intended meaning, which is a sincere plea to stop the violence in Israel, Gaza, and the occupied West Bank, and for all people in the area to live without fear of harm.”

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CARE reports that women in Gaza are having C-sections performed without anesthesia.

A humanitarian group has reported instances of pregnant women in Gaza being coerced to undergo C-sections without anesthesia.

The organization CARE West Bank and Gaza issued a warning about lack of baby formula and important medical supplies in the confined Palestinian territory.

Hiba Tibi, Director of the country, expressed deep distress at the information being received from doctors in Gaza. She shared that pregnant women are being compelled to undergo emergency Cesarean sections without anesthesia. This situation is causing extreme fear and pain for these women and their newborns.

According to reports, several hospitals have reported a shortage of baby formula. This is especially worrisome as maternal trauma can impact milk production. With decreasing food resources, there is a significant threat to the well-being of approximately 283,000 young children and expectant or nursing mothers.

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The White House is equating the targeting of Jewish individuals in Dagestan to historical incidents of violence and persecution known as “pogroms.”

The US expressed disapproval towards recent acts of violence targeting Jews and Israelis in Russia, particularly in the Dagestan region where rioters stormed an airport in an attempt to target Jewish passengers on a flight from Tel Aviv.

Footage captured by Reuters at the airport in Makhachkala, the main city of Dagestan, displayed a group of rioters, mainly composed of young males, brandishing Palestinian flags, shattering glass doors, and sprinting through the airport on Sunday evening.

The authorities reported that they apprehended 60 individuals in relation to the disorder and identified 150 of the most involved participants.

The incident was denounced by Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the State Department. He stated that he had viewed videos of the events, which appeared to him as a pogrom.

During a routine press briefing, Miller stated that it is imperative for the Russian government to publicly denounce the violent demonstrations, take responsibility for those involved, and guarantee the protection of Israelis and Jews in Russia.

The Russian embassy in Washington has not yet replied to a request for comment.

<p>People in the crowd walk shouting antisemitic slogans at an airfield of the airport in Makhachkala, Russia on Monday</p>

On Monday, individuals in the crowd at an airfield in Makhachkala, Russia were walking and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.

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Netanyahu criticizes Hamas’ latest video featuring a hostage.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu denounced a video released by Hamas on Monday, calling it “cruel psychological propaganda.” The video featured three hostages who were taken by the Islamist group on October 7.

In the video, three women, Yelena Trupanob, Danielle Aloni, and Rimon Kirsht, are seen sitting next to each other against a plain wall. Aloni can be heard directing a heated message towards the prime minister, as identified by Netanyahu.

She blamed Netanyahu for not safeguarding the Israeli people in the Hamas attack and not bringing them back to their homes. She demanded a deal to ensure their release in return for Palestinian prisoners. She expressed disappointment that Netanyahu did not keep his promise to free all of them, and that his actions were a failure in politics, security, military, and diplomacy.

Netanyahu restated his commitment to do everything possible to rescue the hostages. He expressed sympathy for those who were taken by Hamas, a group guilty of war crimes. He assured them that they are not forgotten and that efforts are being made to bring them home along with any others who are missing.

Ramos Aloni, father of Aloni, shared that he was filled with shock and relief upon seeing his daughter in the video. He expressed that until that moment, they had no concrete information about her well-being. He shared this with reporters in Tel Aviv.

According to him, Aloni and five other family members, including his 3-year-old twin grandchildren, are currently being held captive.

Avital Kirscht stated that her daughter Rimon remained calm in the video next to Aloni. She expressed their determination to bring her home and called for the hostages to receive immediate medical attention.

“I don’t wish on any mother to have to go through what we are going through for the past 24 days,” she said. “I saw the video today and I am worried. Rimon was without eyeglasses. For 24 days she cannot see. She needs glasses.”

<p>Ramos Aloni, father of hostage Danielle Aloni who featured in the video released by Hamas, speaks at a press conference</p>

At a press conference, Ramos Aloni, the father of Danielle Aloni who was held hostage and appeared in a video released by Hamas, gave a speech.

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The midwife who is on a hunger strike warns that we will be responsible for the deaths of infants if a ceasefire is not reached.

A midwife who is protesting through a hunger strike for Gaza has stated that the lives of newborn babies will be our responsibility if we do not heed the urgent plea for a ceasefire.

Sharyn Lock, a resident of Campbeltown in Argyll and Bute, is currently conducting a five-day fasting protest outside the Scottish Parliament. She is also urging UK politicians to take action towards restoring crucial services in Palestine.

Before receiving her midwifery education in the United Kingdom, Ms. Lock started participating in volunteer work in a Middle Eastern nation in 2002, after being introduced to the International Solidarity Movement by a Jewish acquaintance in order to assist Palestinians.

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