David Cameron has been appointed to a position following the dismissal of Braverman in a cabinet reshuffle led by Sunak, as reported in live updates.

David Cameron has been appointed to a position following the dismissal of Braverman in a cabinet reshuffle led by Sunak, as reported in live updates.

Rishi Sunak dismisses Suella Braverman from her role as home secretary following controversy over her involvement in a pro-Palestine march.

Rishi Sunak has made a major impact in the political world by dismissing Suella Braverman and naming David Cameron as the new foreign secretary.

Mr Sunak sacked Ms Braverman after claims that she incited violent protests by far right thugs at the Cenotaph.

Mr. Cameron, who was previously the foreign secretary, was appointed as the new home secretary by the person in charge. This decision was made after former home secretary James Cleverly stepped down from his position due to his loss in the EU referendum in 2016.

To appoint Mr. Cameron, who left the House of Commons seven years ago, as the head of foreign affairs, Mr. Sunak granted him a life peerage. This decision has raised concerns that he may have disregarded the democratic process.

Mr. Sunak is currently in danger of a major rebellion from members of the Conservative Party who supported Ms. Braverman’s controversial statements about “hateful” pro-Palestinian demonstrators, which ultimately resulted in her removal.

Andrea Jenkyns, a staunch supporter of Boris Johnson, was the initial MP to send a letter of no-confidence in Mr. Sunak while there were rumors of a conservative uprising against Ms. Braverman’s removal.


Bercow warns of potential risks for parliament with ‘unusual’ choice of Cameron’s appointment.

According to Adam Forrest, John Bercow expressed concerns on Times Radio about David Cameron’s appointment, stating that it poses a potential threat to Parliament and creates issues with accountability.

The previous Speaker also described the action as “strange” and remarked that Rishi Sunak was seeking the support of someone who retired from active politics seven years ago.

<p>Former speaker John Bercow (Victoria Jones/PA)</p>

John Bercow, a previous speaker (Victoria Jones/PA)

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 19:21

in Theresa May

“A Conservative MP who aligns with right-wing beliefs has submitted a letter expressing a lack of confidence in the current Prime Minister, Theresa May.”

Andrea Jenkyns, a staunch supporter of Boris Johnson, has disclosed that she sent a vote of no confidence to the chairman of the 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady, stating that she has had enough and that it is time for Rishi Sunak to step down.

Fifty-four letters of no confidence in Mr Sunak, which is equivalent to 15% of the party, would need to be submitted to the Tories’ 1922 committee in order to initiate a vote on his leadership.

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 19:20

Explanation: What is the process for David Cameron to return to the cabinet without being a Member of Parliament?

Mr Cameron, who is not an elected MP but was made a peer on Monday, is replacing James Cleverly in the role as he moves to the Home Office to replace Suella Braverman.

Joe Sommerlad reports:

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 19:10

Summary: Rishi Sunak is making changes to his cabinet, so who is staying and who is leaving?

Did you miss out on all of today’s reshuffling activity?

Rishi Sunak continues to implement modifications to his administration this evening, but here is a summary of the significant adjustments:

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 18:40

“An MP from the far-right faction of the Conservative Party has submitted a letter expressing no confidence in the current leadership, stating that they have reached their limit.”

Andrea Jenkyns, a strong supporter of Boris Johnson, has disclosed that she submitted a vote of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee. Her message stated that she had reached her limit and that it was time for Rishi Sunak to step down. For a vote to be initiated on Mr. Sunak’s leadership, 54 letters of no confidence – which is 15% of the party – would need to be submitted to the Tories’ 1922 committee.

Adam Forrest13 November 2023 18:24

Dorries claims Cameron is attempting to improve his image.

According to Adam Forrest, Nadine Dorries informed Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel on LBC that David Cameron’s decision to become foreign secretary was motivated by his desire to improve his image and not out of genuine selflessness.

She stated that she never believed these individuals truly prioritized public service. She always perceived them to prioritize their own interests.

I believe he is trying to restore his reputation by covering up the scandal with a new layer.

Watch more below:

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 18:11

Kwarteng claims that Braverman’s dismissal was unavoidable.

Former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has expressed his support for Rishi Sunak’s actions, stating that the Prime Minister requires a team that is loyal. This was reported by Adam Forrest.

Mr Kwarteng described Suella Braverman’s sacking as an “inevitability”, telling Times Radio: “She was acting with increasing independence for months actually before today.

“I believe she greatly complicated the prime minister’s role.”

<p>Former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng</p>

Former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 18:01

McVey has reportedly been named as the new Cabinet Office minister without a specific portfolio.

Esther McVey has been chosen as the minister without a specific departmental role in the Cabinet Office.

The Sun reports that the current GB News host will join the cabinet as the Prime Minister’s “Minister of Common Sense” in order to address issues of “wokeness” throughout Whitehall.

The appointment has been confirmed by No 10 and the Conservative Party.

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 17:57

Esther McVey, presenter for GB News, is making a comeback to the government.

According to Adam Forrest, Esther McVey, who previously held the position of work and pensions secretary, has arrived at Number 10 as part of a ministerial reshuffle. The Member of Parliament for Tatton, known for her show on GB News, entered the building around 5pm, but it is still unknown which role she will be assuming.

McVey’s comeback could potentially increase backing from Conservative Members of Parliament on the conservative side, as they have lost Suella Braverman in her role as Home Secretary.

The number 10 has stated that it is not prioritizing “checklist diversity” – justifying the fact that four men who were privately educated currently hold important government positions.

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 17:51

Peers will hold Lord Cameron accountable.

Lord Cameron stated that he will be held responsible in his new position, even though he will not be subject to regular questioning from Members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

During his initial interview as foreign secretary, he stated that he will be accountable in the House of Lords for both himself and the government.

The lower chamber will hold Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell and others accountable, according to his statement.

Lord Cameron stated that while his government and his position will ultimately be answerable to the voting public during the general election, he is currently focused on bolstering alliances, collaborating with allies, and forging crucial partnerships to ensure the safety and prosperity of the nation in a challenging and precarious global landscape.

<p>David Cameron breaks silence on his return to cabinet: ‘It’s not usual’.</p>

David Cameron has spoken out about his rejoining the cabinet, stating that it is not a usual occurrence.

Matt Mathers13 November 2023 17:41

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