How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Kits

Love essential oils and looking to incorporate them into your daily routine? An essential oil starter kit or set can be an easy way to try out multiple new oils in fun ways. Learn how to choose the best essential oil kits with these handy
How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Kits

Essential Oil Kits: oils and rose petals

Love essential oils and looking to incorporate them into your daily routine? An essential oil starter kit or set can be an easy way to try out multiple new oils in fun ways. Learn how to choose the best essential oil kits with these handy tips.

Tips to Find the Best Essential Oil Kits

How Will You Use the Oils?

The first thing you need to think about is how you will use your oils. If you want to use them in aromatherapy, you may want to find a kit that includes a diffuser. These kits often include different types of diffusers from simple diffusers to ultrasonic and nebulizing diffusers.

If you plan on using essential oils to make beauty products, for topical application, or to liven up your bath you can choose an essential oil set that just features different types of oils and essential oil blends.

Focus on Quality

When it comes to essential oils, not all oils are created equal. Some are extracted through chemical processes that alter the integrity of the oils while others are produced in ways that may be harmful to the environment. Do your research and only buy essential oils from reputable brands. Look for certified organic essential oils and pure therapeutic grade oils, especially if you plan on using them topically.

Many essential oil brands claim they sell pure essential oils. Always fact-check a website before making a purchase. Reputable essential oil brands offer transparency and a rigid testing process that ensures the integrity of the oils. Most of these brands prominently display test results and criteria on their websites if you still need help choosing a brand, check out our guide to the best essential oil brands.

Look For Your Favorite Scents

Essential oil kits should be fun and feature your favorite scents. Some companies will let you choose which oils to add to your kit, while others sell kits of the most popular oil blends including peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and frankincense oil. You can also find seasonal essential oils kits along with spiced or fruity blends featuring things like sweet orange oil and grapefruit oil.

Get a Kit With Carrier Oil

Many beginner oil users don’t realize this, but essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin. Essential oils contain high concentrations of organic plant matter and can cause skin irritation. The best way to put these oils on your skin is to dilute them with carrier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Membership Programs

While simple start kits are the best option for people who don’t want to commit to a brand forever, membership programs for essential oils are a great choice for people who regularly use oils from the same company. These plans often come with added perks and great deals, but they aren’t always cheap. Young Living and Doterra both offer membership plans ranging from $175 to almost $300 so this option isn’t for the casual oil user.

Essential Oil Kits: floral essential oilsOur Favorite Essential Oil Kits

Young Living Everyday Oils

Young Living’s Everyday Oils kit includes five single oils including frankincense, melaleuca alternifolia, and lavender. The kit also comes with five oil blends including their trademarked Thieves Vitality™, Stress Away™, and Joy™. This starter set is perfect for beginners who are looking for high-quality oils that can meet all of their everyday needs.

Plant Therapy Set

Plant Therapy offers aromatherapy oil kits that can be used for personal care, skincare, and hair care. Their oils are also significantly cheaper than big name brands like Doterra and Young Living, making this company a good choice for people who are working with a smaller budget. Their starter kit, known as the 7 & 7 Essential Oil Set, features seven single oils and their top seven synergy oils. This set is also fantastic because it includes an essential oil diffuser all for around $100. You can also opt for the kit without the diffuser for $60 if you plan on just using the oils topically.

Eden’s Garden Everyday Essential Oils Set

Eden’s Garden is our favorite when it comes to choice and flexibility. The company features a create-your-own kit style that allows you to choose which oils and synergy blends you want in your kit. You can choose from best sellers palmarosa oil and bergamot oil or exotic options like copaiba, elemi, and fir oil. They also have options at every price point with options to choose three, six, twelve, twenty-four, or forty-eight oils for your tailor-made kit.

Doterra Essential Oils Kit

Doterra offers a wide range of essential oil starter kits including enrollment kits and collections featuring oils from Spanish or Chinese regions. Doterra’s Family Essentials Kit features a mix of 10 oils that the whole family needs on a daily basis. Oils in the kit include lemon, lavender, peppermint, oregano. They also offer an affordable introductory kit with three essentials oils for under $30 that’s a great choice for beginners.

Plant Guru Gift Sets

Plant Guru offers gift sets and variety packs featuring massage oils and pure organic essential oils that can be used for health care purposes. The sampler packs range from citrus essential oils to essential oils for boosting the immune system and respiratory health. They make the perfect gift for someone who enjoys crafting DIY soap bars and homemade shampoos using essential oils.

oil 1370569 1280Get Started With The Best Essential Oil Kits

These essential oil kits are perfect for holiday gifts or if you’re looking for a starter kit to dive into the world of essential oils. You can pick up these kits at each company’s website and you can even find some of them on Amazon if you prefer faster shipping and an easy return policy.

To find the best essential oil kits, think about how you want to use the oils before making a purchase so you’ll have all the tools you need for success. Don’t forget to pay attention to quality and reputation when choosing a brand of essential oils. Discover the vibrant world of essential oils with one of these handy starter kits today.

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