Manchester United news LIVE: Sir Jim Ratcliffe ‘agrees deal’ – takeover latest

Manchester United news LIVE: Sir Jim Ratcliffe ‘agrees deal’ - takeover latest

Erik ten Hag is committed to enhancing Manchester United’s performance.

The current season has seen Manchester United’s poorest beginning since 1962, leading to increased scrutiny on manager Erik ten Hag before their upcoming match against Fulham tomorrow.

United has suffered five losses in their first ten games of the Premier League and were eliminated from the Carabao Cup this week after a dismal loss to Newcastle.

Ten Hag is currently in a secure position, but there is still uncertainty surrounding the future of the club. Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s acquisition of a 25% stake in the club has not yet been confirmed, and the Glazers are looking to maintain their ownership.

According to Sky News, Ratcliffe has agreed to invest £245m in enhancing Manchester United’s infrastructure as part of their recent developments.

United had a rough beginning to the season on the field, which only worsened when they experienced two significant losses at Old Trafford this week. They were first heavily defeated by Manchester City in the derby, followed by a disappointing 3-0 defeat by Newcastle, ending their Carabao Cup defense.

United’s loss in the Manchester derby last weekend has put them eight points behind the top four. It is crucial for them not to fall any further behind as they prepare to face Fulham on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, midfielder Casemiro will be unavailable for “several weeks” due to a hamstring injury. This means he will miss United’s November matches against Fulham, FC Copenhagen, Luton, Everton, and Galatasaray.

Stay updated on the most recent updates and news about Manchester United, including Ten Hag’s statements in his pre-match press conference before their game against Fulham on Saturday.


According to reports, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has reached an agreement for a 25% investment.

According to Sky News, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has agreed to invest up to £245m in Manchester United’s infrastructure as part of his acquisition of a 25% stake in the club.

According to The Independent, Ratcliffe and Ineos are poised to purchase a 25% stake in Manchester United. The deal is expected to be finalized within the next two weeks. Sources say that the billionaire, who made his fortune in petrochemicals, hopes to eventually gain a majority stake in the club and is already looking to have a say in its football-related decisions.

Ratcliffe has chosen to acquire a 25% share in Old Trafford, which is estimated to be worth £1.3 billion. This decision also involves Ineos owner investing a considerable amount of money to address issues at the stadium, such as a faulty roof, that have arisen in recent years. Additionally, Old Trafford was not selected as a host stadium for Euro 2028.

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Ajax asserts that Manchester United’s style of play is justified, as defended by Erik ten Hag.

According to Richard Jolly, Erik ten Hag has emphasized his footballing strategy for Manchester United, which incorporates the club’s identity, the strengths of his players, and Ajax’s passing philosophy.

Earlier this week, the United manager gave an interview in his native Dutch language where he appeared to imply that he lacked the necessary players to replicate the style of his former team, Ajax.

Ten Hag has stated that his team, which has suffered defeats in eight out of 15 games this season and has been criticized for lacking a clear identity and playing style, has been misunderstood. He clarifies that he is seeking a combination of the strengths from both clubs.

He argued that the explanation, as seen from his perspective, was completely incorrect. He believed that his team’s playing style could not be compared to Ajax’s due to the different players on his team. He brought his philosophy of possession to Manchester United, but also aimed to incorporate the team’s DNA and the strengths and personalities of his players. The results were evident, as the team played excellent football last season.

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of fixtures

Manchester United announces that Casemiro has suffered an injury setback just before a critical stretch of upcoming matches.

Manchester United’s woes have only been compounded with the news that Casemiro will be unavailable for “a number of weeks” due to a hamstring injury.

During Wednesday’s 3-0 loss to Newcastle, the Brazilian player sustained an injury in the first half. This was following his absence from United’s last three games due to an ankle issue.

He will be absent for the remainder of United’s games in November, including matches against Fulham, FC Copenhagen, Luton, Everton, and Galatasaray.

The 31-year-old player for United has not completed a full 90 minutes in a match since September. There is a possibility that he may not have enough time to recover for the challenging games at the beginning of December, when United will be playing against Newcastle and Chelsea, followed by Bournemouth, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool.

His absence means loan signing Sofyan Amrabat could get an extended run as Erik ten Hag’s defensive midfielder.

Raphael Varane will be back in action for Saturday’s away game at Craven Cottage, having been absent from the previous match against Newcastle due to a virus. However, there is uncertainty surrounding Victor Lindelof’s availability.

The manager, Ten Hag, stated that Varane is prepared to participate and will be accompanying the team for the trip. However, Victor Lindelof is currently experiencing some illness, so it remains to be seen if he will be fit to play.

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Ajax argues that Manchester United’s approach to playing is defensible, according to Erik ten Hag.

Despite suffering five losses at Old Trafford this season, United is struggling and not performing well. Erik ten Hag believes the issue is not with his tactics, but rather how his team, which has been plagued by injuries and lineup changes, is executing them.

He stated: “The purpose is evident, but it is apparent that the implementation is lacking. Currently, we are experiencing frequent changes in every game, preventing us from using the same lineup for two or three consecutive games; we have to make substitutions.”

“I am determined to secure a victory and I refuse to make excuses if we fail to do so. We must be more practical in our approach, but ultimately, winning is our goal and I cannot ignore that expectation.”

Jamie Braidwood3 November 2023 15:26

Erik ten Hag supports Manchester United’s playing style following Ajax’s claim.

Erik ten Hag was insistent that his tactic is not to engage in long-ball football, but rather to utilize the speed and height of his offensive players and the distribution skills of goalkeeper Andre Onana to overcome the opposing team’s pressure.

He stated: “Our intention is to have a more direct approach, but the reasoning behind this is that I want to focus on making long passes. However, this does not mean I want Andre Onana to solely rely on long balls. Our strategy is to build up from the back, but in the event of an opponent applying high pressure, it may be beneficial to opt for a more direct approach.”

“What I was trying to convey by using the term ‘directness’ is that we aim to press aggressively from various areas on the field, utilizing the skills of players such as Rasmus Hojlund, Marcus Rashford, Antony, Bruno Fernandes, and Scott McTominay. We also incorporate Christian Eriksen’s passing abilities and involve our full-backs in the attacking play. This was my strategy.”

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Which games are potentially unavailable for Casemiro?

The midfielder, who has not played a full game since September, is expected to be sidelined for the remainder of the month.

  • vs Fulham (A) – 4/11
  • vs Copenhagen (A) – 8/11
  • /21

    The match against Luton at home on 11/11/21.

  • /2021

    The upcoming match against Everton on November 26, 2021, will take place at their home stadium.

  • /21

    On November 29th, Galatasaray will play against (A) at their home stadium.

  • /18

    The away game against Newcastle on February 12, 2018.

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Erik ten Hag press conference

Regarding the potential investment from Sir Jim Ratcliffe and revisiting the transfer market, I have confidence in my team. I believe in the players in the locker room and their abilities. While they may have underperformed last year, it is my responsibility to help them improve. I am committed to doing everything in my power to achieve this. I am not currently considering any potential transfers as I am content with the quality of my current squad.

Jamie Braidwood3 November 2023 13:49

Press conference with Erik ten Hag

Regarding the atmosphere in the locker room: “The players are optimistic and determined to make things better. The team spirit is strong, and the manager is resolute. We are determined to make things right.”

Regarding the importance of winning against Fulham: “I prefer not to view it in that manner. Each game is crucial. I trust that the players will be prepared. I have faith in them.”

Jamie Braidwood3 November 2023 13:39

Press conference by Erik ten Hag

Regarding the team’s status before the Fulham game: “Varane is available to play and will join the team on their trip. Lindelof is currently sick, so we will assess if he can travel tomorrow.”

Regarding the team’s level of determination: “Let us recall the impressive display of determination against Brentford. If our team lacked spirit and strong personalities in the locker room, we would not have witnessed such a comeback.”

Regarding the style of play of his team: “Upon my arrival, I brought my philosophy of possession to the team, but I also aimed to incorporate the history and tradition of Manchester United. Last season, we were able to showcase this through our good football. However, this season has presented more challenges due to numerous changes. We have also been lacking players in the back four, which disrupts our routines.”

“I don’t want to offer justifications. We need to emerge victorious. I refuse to give up on that goal.”

Jamie Braidwood3 November 2023 13:37

Ten Hag is expected to attend the pre-match press conference.

Erik ten Hag will be speaking to the press this afternoon in anticipation of the team’s upcoming match against Fulham.

We’ll bring you what the Manchester United manager says on Casemiro’s injury, the team’s form, and how he can turn the club’s season around.

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