Live updates of the Women’s Nations League match between England and Netherlands Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Women’s Nations League game between England and Netherlands through live updates.

Live updates of the Women's Nations League match between England and Netherlands

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Women's Nations League game between England and Netherlands through live updates.

Sarina Wiegman states that the English team is aware of the task they must accomplish against the Netherlands.

England managed to stay in the running for Olympic qualification for Great Britain in a thrilling manner, with Ella Toone’s last-minute goal sealing a comeback from being two goals behind to defeat the Netherlands 3-2 at Wembley.

In order to stay in the running for first place in Nations League Group A1 and potentially secure a spot for Great Britain at the Paris Games next summer, the Lionesses needed a victory. However, they were headed towards their third loss in the group as Lineth Beerensteyn scored two goals in the first half for the Dutch team.

However, Sarina Wiegman’s team fought back with two goals in rapid succession by Georgia Stanway and Lauren Hemp at around the 60-minute mark. Substitute Toone then sealed the comeback with a goal in the first minute of added time, causing a massive cheer from the 71,632 fans in the stadium.

England remains in the second position, tied in points with the Netherlands and one point ahead of Belgium. Their group stage matches will conclude with a game against Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday. In the other Group A1 match on Friday, Belgium and Scotland drew 1-1.

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Final score: England defeats Netherlands 3-2.

Cancel the investigation, deactivate the alarms: the true Lionesses have returned. How determined is England to secure a spot in next year’s Olympics? Let this exciting comeback in the second half against the Netherlands at Wembley Stadium speak for itself. With their chances of qualifying for the Nations League finals in jeopardy and trailing 2-0 against the Dutch, England put on an impressive display to secure a crucial victory. Ella Toone’s last-minute goal saved the Lionesses from a disastrous evening.

Sarina Wiegman’s team appeared to be headed towards a loss after a lackluster first half, which was possibly their worst under her leadership. Wiegman’s previous team displayed superior sharpness and hunger, but the Lionesses showed their resilience and determination when it mattered most. In the second half, England dominated the Netherlands and ultimately earned a well-deserved win, although there is still room for improvement.

Report from Wembley

Jamie Braidwood1 December 2023 22:29

Final score: England 3, Netherlands 2.

The manager of England, Sarina Wiegman, remained confident in her team’s ability to come back in the second half and secure a 3-2 victory over the Netherlands in their second-to-last match of the Women’s Nations League at Wembley.

In order to stay in the running for first place in Group A1 and progress in the competition, England required a win. This tournament also serves as a qualifier for the Olympics in Paris next summer. However, they faced an early setback as Lineth Beerensteyn scored two goals before halftime, giving the Dutch a 2-0 lead.

However, the Lionesses were able to make a comeback after the game resumed on a freezing evening in London. By the hour mark, Georgia Stanway and Lauren Hemp reignited the energy of the crowd before Ella Toone, who came in as a substitute, secured a thrilling win in extra time.

Wiegman stated that she remained composed during the match. She was disappointed when the opposing team scored their second goal, even though she felt that her team had not played poorly. The second goal was a result of bad luck and was not necessary. Despite this setback, Wiegman and her team still believed that they could make a comeback and never lost faith in themselves.

Jamie Braidwood2 December 2023 00:45

Final score: England 3, Netherlands 2.

Despite the Lionesses’ comeback victory against the Netherlands at Wembley, Mary Earps expressed her remorse to her England teammates in an emotional apology.

The Lionesses’ captain and star player, who has been performing exceptionally for the national team this year, let a seemingly easy shot from Netherlands’ Lineth Beerensteyn slip past her and give the visitors a two-goal advantage before halftime.

The Lionesses came roaring back after the break and won 3-2 thanks to Ella Toone’s stoppage-time strike, but England will head into Tuesday’s final Nations League fixture against Scotland knowing that the Netherlands remain in charge of the group.

In order to have a chance at qualifying for the Olympics, England had to defeat the Dutch by two goals. However, they now must either beat Scotland by at least three more goals than the Netherlands or rely on the Dutch losing to Belgium.

Earps was emotional following the game and took responsibility despite England ultimately winning at Wembley. “I was amazed by the resilience of the team to make a comeback,” Earps shared with ITV. “They were truly impressive.”

I regret that my performance negatively affected the team tonight. The second goal will weigh heavily on me for a while. I am deeply disappointed because tonight could have been a memorable evening.

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Jamie Braidwood2 December 2023 00:43

The score of the football match was England 3, Netherlands 2.

Wiegman praises Beth Mead for her strong performance, especially considering her recent injury and return to both Arsenal and this high-pressure environment with a crowd of 72,000 people.

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:32

The final score of the match between England and Netherlands was 3-2.

Wiegman discusses the necessary strategy for Tuesday’s match against Scotland at Hampden Park: “Our main focus is on winning the game. We will strive to put pressure on them and score as many goals as we can. Our goal is to secure a victory with a margin of three goals higher than the Netherlands, if they also win.”

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:31

Final score: England defeats Netherlands 3-2.

Additional inquiries for Wiegman:

There is concern about the events that have occurred in the past few months. The speaker believes that the team played differently against a strong opponent, and that the first goal scored against them was a result of a well-executed counter-attack. In the game against Belgium, the team lost possession unexpectedly, but overall played better compared to their other games.

Regarding the negative response from the players after the game ended: “The team is aware of our responsibilities and we were close to scoring a 4-2, which would have greatly impacted the outcome. Despite this disappointment, I am incredibly proud of the team for their determination and resilience.”

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:29

Final score: England 3, Netherlands 2.

When questioned about Mary Earps, Wiegman stated that she had a conversation with the goalkeeper after her remarks. She also added, “She certainly did not disappoint the team. In my opinion, you only disappoint your team when you do not give your best in the game, and we always put in our best effort.”

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:26

The final score was England 3, Netherlands 2.

When inquired about her response to being down 2-0, Wiegman stated: “I remained relatively composed. However, I was extremely disappointed when they scored the second goal because I felt we were not performing at our best.”

They entered our half of the field for the first time at the 11-minute mark and immediately scored. The second goal was a stroke of bad luck and our performance was not strong.

“We had faith in our ability to make a comeback, and the players shared that belief. Even if we scored just one goal, we never wavered in our trust.”

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:25

Final score: England defeats Netherlands 3-2.

Sarina Wiegman has recently entered the press conference…

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:23

Final score: England 3, Netherlands 2.

The manager of England, Sarina Wiegman, expressed mixed emotions to ITV, stating, “I feel a bit odd. While I am pleased with the victory, I had hoped for a two-goal lead to secure a better position. However, our comeback from being down 2-0 and our strong performance in the second half was commendable. It was an overall impressive game.”

We began strongly and were in complete control, but they managed to score one goal on a counter-attack, putting them ahead 1-0. It was a well-executed goal.

During the break, we acknowledged that our performance wasn’t terrible, but we had let in two goals and needed to improve. However, we reminded ourselves to continue pushing forward as our opponents were also facing difficulties.

Sonia Twigg1 December 2023 22:17

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