Follow the latest updates on the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City, happening live now.

Follow the latest updates on the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City, happening live now.

Guardiola predicts that Chelsea will improve and regain their top position in the near future.

Today, Chelsea will face off against Manchester City in the Premier League with the goal of securing consecutive league victories. This comes after their recent triumph over Tottenham in a strange yet engaging match.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team won against Spurs with a score of 4-1, but had difficulty scoring goals after two players, Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogie, received red cards and were sent off. In the 75th minute, Raheem Sterling assisted Nicolas Jackson, which finally broke Tottenham’s determination. Jackson went on to score two more goals in the final minutes, completing a surprising hat-trick.

The Blues’ victory has propelled them back into the top-10 rankings. They are eager to continue climbing the table with a favorable outcome at Stamford Bridge.

On the other hand, Man City easily defeated Bournemouth 6-1 and confidently beat Young Boys 3-0 in the Champions League this week. Pep Guardiola’s team is performing well, although Chelsea managed to secure a crucial win in their last game. Pochettino’s team will face a tough challenge today.

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Chelsea vs Man City

Manchester City currently has 27 points, which is their highest number of points after 11 league matches since 2018-19 when they had 29 points. While they have lost three out of their last six away games in all competitions, they have an impressive 23 consecutive wins at home.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 16:00

The exceptional skill of Jeremy Doku highlights Manchester City’s advantage and reveals a key issue for Chelsea.

In recent months, as the leadership at Chelsea got comfortable, they became obsessed with a particular concept related to this weekend’s match. They started analyzing the elements that contribute to a 100-point season and record-breaking teams. While it may seem far-fetched, it’s important to have aspirations.

Manchester City is a prime example of a club that achieved a centurion season and continues to set records. The typical explanation for this success may be their lavish spending on their football project, but Chelsea’s owners also have significant resources and are willing to invest. Their spending on transfer fees is reminiscent of the early years of Roman Abramovich’s ownership of Chelsea and the initial years of Abu Dhabi’s ownership of City.

Chelsea could potentially find inspiration from the European champions for a particular reason.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:55

The match between Chelsea and Manchester City.

In their most recent five league games, Chelsea has emerged victorious in three, after only managing two wins in their previous 18 games. They are determined to prevent recording nine losses at home in a single year, a feat that has not occurred since 1986.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:50

The match between Chelsea and Manchester City

Manchester City can become the first club to win four consecutive top-flight away fixtures against Chelsea since Leeds United won six in a row at Stamford Bridge from 1973 to 1991.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:46

The match between Chelsea and Manchester City.

Chelsea is attempting to break a record of losing five league matches in a row against one particular opponent, a feat they last accomplished when they lost seven times to Blackburn between 1993 and 1996.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:43

The match between Chelsea and Manchester City.

In the past four Premier League matches, Manchester City has emerged as the victor with a score of 1-0 in each game.

Chelsea has only been unable to score against one team for more than four consecutive top-flight matches – Newcastle United. This occurred in six games between 1913 and 1919.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:40

Changes in the teams for Chelsea versus Manchester City match.

Mauricio Pochettino alters the Chelsea lineup from their previous match against Tottenham, with Marc Cucurella taking over at left-back for Levi Colwill.

Pep Guardiola has made a few alterations to his Manchester City squad from their previous league match against Bournemouth, in which they dominated.

John Stones and Nathan Ake are replaced in the defensive lineup by Josko Gvardiol and Ruben Dias. In addition, Mateo Kovacic is substituted for Phil Foden in a more advanced position on the field.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:35

The line-up for the Chelsea vs Manchester City match

Chelsea XI: Sanchez; James, Disasi, Thiago Silva, Cucurella; Caicedo, Fernandez; Palmer, Gallagher, Sterling; Jackson

The starting lineup for Man City includes Ederson in goal, Walker, Akanji, Dias, and Gvardiol in defense, with Rodri, Bernardo, Foden, Doku, Alvarez, and Haaland in midfield and attack.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:31

Pep Guardiola believes that Chelsea will soon be competing for championships.

City has been the dominant team in the competition, winning five out of the last six campaigns.

After defeating City in the 2021 Champions League final, Chelsea has faced numerous challenges at the London club and are currently ranked 10th in the league.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:25

The progress of the Jackson project is on track.

On Monday evening, Nicolas Jackson achieved his first career hat-trick while playing for Chelsea against Tottenham. This helped alleviate some of the pressure on him as a striker and silenced the doubts that he is not capable of being the main attacker for the Blues.

“It’s an ongoing process and the hat-trick against Tottenham hasn’t altered my perspective,” stated Mauricio Pochettino regarding Jackson’s role on the team.

“Nico is still in his youth and has room for growth and improvement. While he did score three goals, there is always room for more – perhaps even six. The idea is to never settle and always strive for more.”

Remaining composed and at ease is crucial. Nico is a skilled athlete who will continue to progress and score points. Experiences like Monday’s will aid in reducing his anxiety and approaching the game with a fresh perspective.

Mike Jones12 November 2023 15:20