Wife accused of spiking husband’s Mountain Dew with Roundup weed killer

Wife accused of spiking husband’s Mountain Dew with Roundup weed killer

A woman in Missouri has been accused of spiking her husband’s Mountain Dew with Roundup weed killer — all because he wasn’t excited enough about his 50th birthday bash.

Michelle Peters, 47, is facing first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action charges, according to court records.

Investigators say Peters added the Roundup weed killer to her husband’s Mountain Dew drinks several times in May and June. They claim she also used insecticide to poison the beverages.

Peters’ husband reportedly began to feel ill and started to suspect something might be wrong with his drinks.

That prompted the man to take a look at surveillance footage from inside his home, at which point he saw Peters take one of his sodas from his refrigerator in their garage just before she grabbed a bottle of Roundup and walked outside, police said, according to Fox 59.

Michelle Y Peters, 47, has been charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action for allegedly poisoning her husband by mixing Roundup and insecticides with his Mountain Dew sodas (Laclede County Sheriff’s Office)

The victim told police that he believed his wife tampered with his drinks because he had not shown enough excitement over the 50th birthday party she had planned for him. He also reportedly told investigators he thought she was chasing his $500,000 life insurance policy.

Peters was questioned by the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office on June 24. She reportedly denied tampering with his drinks.

When police asked her why she had been spotted on video grabbing her husband’s Mountain Dew in one hand and Roundup in the other, she reportedly claimed that she was creating a weed killing agent she saw on Pinterest by combining the soda with lawn chemicals.

She eventually admitted to putting insecticide inside her husband’s Mountain Dew bottles, police said.

Peters conceded that she was trying to be “mean” in court records, confirming that she was feeling under-appreciated after planning her husband’s 50th birthday.

She reportedly told a detective that “she should have just divorced” her husband, calling him selfish and noting that they had been having relationship issues.

Glyphosate, a chemical found in Roundup, can cause burns, mouth and throat pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and potentially death if consumed.

Peters was booked by deputies and has pleaded not guilty. She is being held at the Laclede County Detention Center without bond. Her next court appearance is scheduled for July 2.

Source: independent.co.uk