Weather alerts for UK: Severe rain expected to cause life-threatening conditions in UK

Weather alerts for UK: Severe rain expected to cause life-threatening conditions in UK

Can you define extreme weather in simple terms?

The UK is under two “danger to life” warnings from the Met Office due to the impending arrival of Storm Ciarán, which will bring severe rain and winds.

On Thursday, amber warnings have been issued for the south west and south east of England, as well as parts of Wales, due to the potential danger to life caused by strong winds and heavy rain.

On Wednesday, a yellow alert will be issued for South Wales and the South West of England due to anticipated widespread disruptions in these areas.

The Met Office announced that Amber weather warnings have been given due to the arrival of Storm Ciarán, which will bring powerful winds causing travel disruptions and potential damage. There is also a possibility of coastal impacts from large waves.

Strong wind gusts of 80mph are forecasted for the southern coast of England, with some areas also predicted to receive up to 60mm of rainfall.


Greenpeace is calling on politicians to address the climate crisis with urgency.

As the storm named Ciarán moves through Northern Ireland, it has caused some areas of the country to become flooded due to heavy rainfall.

Some areas of Newry, located in County Down, are currently experiencing flooding due to a yellow rain warning that will be in effect until 9am tomorrow.

Greenpeace has issued a call to take action, warning that flooding will become increasingly prevalent as the climate crisis continues to escalate.

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Rephrased: The projected path of Storm Ciarán in the UK has prompted a new warning of potential danger to life.

Coastal areas of England may experience strong gusts reaching speeds of 90mph, potentially causing damage from flying objects, roof damage, and power outages throughout the country.

From Wednesday night until the end of Thursday, there will be both amber and yellow wind warnings in effect for significant areas of England and Wales.

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The Met Office has released over 70 flood warnings in preparation for Storm Ciarán, as the amber alert takes effect.

In the UK, the Environment Agency has released over 70 alerts for potential flooding in preparation for the arrival of Storm Ciarán on Wednesday. The Met Office has also issued yellow weather warnings for rain from Monday to Thursday.

The alert includes Antrim, Down, and Armagh counties. It was put into effect at 9pm on Monday and will last until 9am on Tuesday.

The Met Office predicts continuous heavy rainfall, causing floods and hindering transportation.

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The prediction for Thursday includes rain and wind.

<p>Rain forecast on Thursday as Storm Ciaran arrives</p>

There is a prediction of rain for Thursday with the arrival of Storm Ciaran.

<p>Wind forecast on Thursday as Storm Ciaran arrives</p>

The wind prediction for Thursday when Storm Ciaran makes landfall.

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The weather forecast for today in preparation for the arrival of Storm Ciaran.

Today is expected to be windy and unsettled, according to the Met Office. Tomorrow, Storm Ciaran will arrive and bring some sunny periods.

The forecaster has already issued several Severe Weather Warnings.

Storm Ciarán will move northeastwards with heavy rain and damaging winds affecting many parts of England and Wales.

The northern regions will experience gradual clearing of rain throughout the day. The rain may still be heavy at times, but the nights will be mostly dry with lighter winds in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In the southern region, strong gusts of wind and showers will be replaced by intense rain and strong winds moving in from the southwest as Storm Ciarán arrives during the evening hours.

Dan Suri, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, stated that a turbulent cold front will progress towards the east of southern and southeast England, resulting in intermittent episodes of intense rainfall and strong coastal winds reaching speeds of 60-70mph. This will occur prior to Storm Ciarán’s arrival.

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There have been two Amber warnings issued for England and Wales.

The Met Office has released two amber warnings for England and Wales on the upcoming day as a large portion of the nation prepares for strong winds and heavy rain from Storm Ciaran.

There are amber warnings covering the entire southern coast of England and certain areas of Pembrokeshire, as Storm Ciaran is expected to strike. Additionally, there are several yellow rain warnings in effect.

The current storm has resulted in flooding in Northern Ireland. A yellow rain warning issued by the Met Office will remain in effect until 9am today.

A similar warning has been released for regions in the southwest, central, and eastern parts of Scotland from 3am to 3pm, and for the southern areas of England and Wales from 6pm today until the end of tomorrow.

A new warning has been issued for heavy rain and strong winds in the southeast coastal areas from 5am to 9am today. Additionally, a warning for strong winds has been issued for southern England and some parts of South Wales starting at 6pm today and continuing through tomorrow.

The map displays the regions included within the amber warning.

<p>Map showing amber warnings in place on Thursday</p>

On Thursday, a map displays areas with amber warnings currently in effect.

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Newry is experiencing a high volume of flooding as additional floods hit Ireland.

Significant portions of Newry, located in County Down, have been inundated with water due to heavy rainfall causing the city’s canal to overflow.

Many businesses were caught in the floods, resulting in extensive harm to structures, furniture, and inventory.

Authorities have issued a cautionary statement advising individuals to avoid the downtown area due to flooding, causing streets to resemble waterways.

Numerous sandbags have been placed along the canal in an attempt to reduce the flow, as there is concern about potential additional breaches.

Sections of the canal’s walls have already crumbled into the water, causing concern for the authorities that additional portions may also collapse.

Parts of the northeastern region of Ireland were also greatly affected by the heavy rainfall overnight, resulting in flooding of residences in Camlough, County Armagh and Newcastle, County Down.

On Tuesday, the primary highway and railway connecting Belfast and Dublin experienced flooding, leading to significant inconvenience for individuals traveling between the two countries.

Areas severely impacted included Sugar Island, Kildare Street, Canal Quay, and a section of Bridge Street in Newry.

<p>Flooding in Carlingford, Co Louth</p>

is causing chaos

The excessive amounts of water in Carlingford, Co Louth are resulting in disorder and confusion.

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Regions covered by Amber warning on Thursday

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for tomorrow in Cornwall, Devon, and the western coast of Pembrokeshire from 3am to 1pm. They anticipate that Storm Ciaran will bring strong winds of 75 to 85mph, with gusts reaching 65 to 75mph inland.

From Dorset to the eastern coast, there is an amber warning in effect from 6am to 8pm due to anticipated winds of 70-80 mph, with a potential for 85 mph and high waves.

The alert states that strong winds may disrupt travel, damage power lines, and pose a risk to buildings and individuals due to flying objects.

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Mapped – Today’s weather warnings

The UK currently has five severe weather alerts in effect due to heavy rain and strong winds with speeds reaching 70mph.

<p>There are five yellow weather warnings in place across the UK</p>


There are currently five severe weather alerts in effect throughout the United Kingdom.

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The list of storm names provided by the Met Office.

The third named storm of the season is Ciarán, coming after Agnes and Babet.

The Met Office uses designated names for storms in order to effectively communicate the potential for severe weather to media partners and government agencies, ultimately promoting a more effective public response.

2023/4 Storm Names

<p>2023/4 Storm Names</p>

2023/4 Storm Names

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