Violent clashes in Dublin’s streets have been attributed to the “far-right” group after minors were wounded in a stabbing incident.

Violent clashes in Dublin's streets have been attributed to the "far-right" group after minors were wounded in a stabbing incident.

Emergency services are currently responding to a reported stabbing near a school in the city centre of Dublin.

Violent protests have broken out in Dublin city centre after a suspected stabbing left a five-year-old girl seriously injured, with two adults and two other young children rushed to hospital.

Protests continue tonight as clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement persist. Multiple Garda vehicles and a tram have been set ablaze, and fireworks have been hurled into the streets.

The Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, described the events as “disgraceful scenes” and attributed the disorder in the capital to a small group of extremists with far-right beliefs.

This comes after an attack unfolded shortly after 1.30pm in Parnell Square East, near the Irish-medium primary school Gaelscoil Cholaiste Mhuire, which left five people injured.

The fatalities consist of three minors, one woman, and one man. Two girls are currently being treated for severe injuries, while a five-year-old boy has been released. The two adults are still hospitalized due to sustaining serious wounds.

According to authorities, the assault was an isolated event and not linked to terrorism. The area is still restricted, and a male in his fifties has been apprehended and identified as a key figure in the inquiry.


Authorities are advising individuals to disregard any false or unverified information circulating and not to believe rumors.

The police in Dublin are advising the public to disregard any false information and rumors regarding the recent riots.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 23:00

The gates of Trinity College Dublin are closed.

Because of the ongoing unrest in the city center, authorities have advised Trinity College Dublin to shut all entrances.

They posted on a social media platform that due to disruptions in Dublin’s city center, the police have advised Trinity College Dublin (@tcddublin) to shut all entrances. However, Kinsella Hall, GMB, and the 1937 Reading Room will remain open to ensure the safety of students. Please stay safe and we will provide further updates.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 22:30

A riot erupted in Parnell Square, leading to a Dublin bus being set on fire.

A violent incident in Parnell Square sparks riots, resulting in a Dublin bus being set on fire.

A bus in Dublin caught fire during a violent incident in the city on Thursday, November 22. Five people, including three children and two adults, were hurt in an assault in the Parnell Square neighborhood. Video shows the bus on fire on O’Connell Bridge. The chaos was caused by a group with extreme right-wing beliefs, according to Garda (Irish police) Commissioner Drew Harris. Mr. Harris also stated that several police vehicles were damaged. He urged the public to act responsibly and not to believe false information spreading on social media.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 22:00

The act of violence results in disturbance for both individuals on foot and those traveling in vehicles.

The recent outbreaks of violence in the heart of Dublin have greatly impacted both drivers and pedestrians, causing significant disruptions.

Public-order police officers have blocked the roads surrounding O’Connell Street.

Protesters obstructed the road near Tara Street by placing construction signs and barriers on a nearby bridge over the River Liffey.

A traffic signal was broken at the congested intersection.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 21:40

Transportation services in Dublin have been halted.

The tram system in Dublin’s city center has been halted, according to a statement from the operator, Luas, on their social media.

The Dublin Bus company has informed customers that none of its buses are passing through Parnell Square East or O’Connell Street, where conflicts have occurred.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 21:20

There was a fire on a tram and chaos in Dublin.

A tram in Dublin caught fire during ongoing chaos and disorder.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 21:06

The ambulance service is experiencing a high level of demand.

The Ambulance Service of Dublin Fire Brigade has stated on social media that it is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. They are requesting for understanding and patience as they prioritize attending to the most severe illnesses and injuries first.

It cautions that individuals requiring treatment for non-life-threatening conditions may experience significant waiting periods.

Holly Evans23 November 2023 21:05

Pictures of burning military vehicles are unrelated to the riots.

The Irish Defence Forces have cautioned that pictures of burning Irish military vehicles are not related to the ongoing riots in Dublin tonight.

The images of Defence Forces vehicles in Dublin City Centre that are currently being shared were taken during a routine operation and are not from this evening. These images are not related to the events happening this evening.

The forces stated on X, previously known as Twitter, that they are urging everyone to be mindful of the spread of false information and to be cautious.

Alexander Butler23 November 2023 20:59

Pictured: Cars and buses on fire in Dublin

<p>A bus and car on fire in Dublin’s city centre after violent protests erupted following a stabbing attack</p>

A violent protest in Dublin’s city center resulted in a bus and car catching fire, following a stabbing incident.

<p>An Garda Siochana at the scene in Dublin city centre after five people were injured in an attack</p>

The police force of An Garda Siochana responded to an incident in Dublin city center where five individuals were harmed in an assault.

Alexander Butler23 November 2023 20:48

Protesters steal from shoe store.

According to reports, a group of rioters has stolen items from a Foot Locker store on a well-known street in Dublin.

Individuals were observed hurling bottles towards law enforcement officers while some wielded metal bars and shattered storefront windows.

During a planned operation, police officers dispersed a significant number of people onto nearby roads. The air was filled with smoke from burning buses and cars, and a police helicopter was monitoring the situation from above.

Alexander Butler23 November 2023 20:40

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