Victim of Arkansas mass shooter was treating wounded when she was killed, police say

Victim of Arkansas mass shooter was treating wounded when she was killed, police say

An Arkansas shooting victim was fatally shot while tending to another victim’s gunshot wounds in the Fordyce, Arkansas supermarket shooting.

Travis Posey, 44, is accused of opening fire in Mad Butcher grocery store in the small Arkansas town, on Friday, June 21 at 11:38am in a massacre that killed four and left 10 others wounded, including the gunman.

During the incident, “we observed the very best and very worst of humanity,” Arkansas State Police Col Mike Hagar said at a press conference on Sunday.

He was referring to Callie Weems, 23, who was at the grocery store when the gunfire broke out.

Callie Weems was killed in the Fordyce, Arkansas mass shooting (Facebook)

“Instead of fleeing the store, she rendered aid to the victim in one of the most selfless acts I’ve ever seen,” Hagar said. The shooter then fired at Weems. She later succumbed to her injuries, leaving behind her 10-month-old baby.

Police are still unsure of Posey’s motive. “It was just a completely random senseless act,” the colonel said.

He added that understanding the motive this will be the focus of their investigation. At this stage, it appears there was “no personal connection” between shooter and victims, but the victims were just “targets of opportunity.”

In the parking lot outside of the store, Posey was “engaging” shoppers and then entered the Mad Butcher and started “firing indiscriminately” at shoppers and employees, Hagar said.

Posey was booked on Friday, not long after opening fire in the supermarket (Ouachita County Jail)

The shooter had a 12 gauge shotgun, a pistol, as well as a bandelier with dozens of extra shotgun rounds on his person, Hagar said. Posey fired “dozens” of rounds — almost all of which were fired from the shotgun.

The colonel added that Hagar has a limited criminal history, if any at all. The shooter was also injured in the exchange of gunfire with law enforcement — who responded to the incident within three minutes, Hagar said. Posey was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and was then taken to Ouachita County Detention Center.

Hagar said authorities intend to “make sure he is held accountable for his despicable actions.”

Posey faces four counts of capital murder — as well as additional pending charges. “With the capital murder charges, the death penalty would be on the table,” Hagar said.

The colonel called Friday’s tragedy an example of “unspeakable violence.”

In total, in addition to the shooter, 11 civilians and two law enforcement officers were shot.

Police released Weems’ identity on Sunday morning, alongside the three other people who have since died: Shirley Taylor, 62, Roy Sturgis, 50, and Ellen Shrum, 81.

Four of those who were injured are still in the hospital, police said, including one woman in critical condition.

The three others were treated and released from the hospital on Friday. Police did not reveal their identities.