UPDATE ON ICELAND VOLCANO ERUPTION: Magma is currently located dangerously close to the surface.

UPDATE ON ICELAND VOLCANO ERUPTION: Magma is currently located dangerously close to the surface.

Giant fissures emerge on streets in Icelandic municipality facing potential volcanic activity.

According to Iceland’s meteorological office, there is a possibility that magma has moved up to a high level in the Earth’s crust. They suggest that we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few days.

“While there is still magma flow into the corridor, and while our data and models show that, that probability is imminent, and we really just have to wait in suspense for the next few days to see what happens,” Kristín Jónsdóttir, head of department at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, said.

According to her, the decline in earthquake occurrences in the past day could indicate that molten rock has reached a significant depth within the Earth’s crust. She mentioned that this situation is similar to what was observed before a previous volcanic eruption in 2021.

The meteorological agency, Met Office, reported that volcanic gas has been found at a well in Svartsengi. This indicates that the Fagradalsfjall volcano is likely to erupt in the next few days, and the town of Grindavik is the most vulnerable location.

According to the forecaster, Hagafell is believed to be an ideal spot for a volcanic eruption.

Many experts are concerned that an eruption is inevitable, rather than a possibility.


Despite the increase in ground swelling, the Iceland Met Office states that there is still a low chance of an eruption occurring at the power plant.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has stated that the ground swelling near the Svartsengi power plant does not affect the probability of an eruption from the nearby magma dyke.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office stated that the visible indication of a rise in the Earth’s crust in the Svartsengi area does not affect the probability of a volcanic eruption caused by the intrusion of magma. This determination takes into consideration the fact that the crust above the magma intrusion is significantly less stable than the crust in the surrounding uplifted region near Svartsengi.

If there is no notable seismic activity in the Svartsengi area, the chances of an eruption occurring there are low. Additionally, an eruption is more probable to happen from the intrusion, especially if there is a sudden and large influx of magma into it.

The statement released on Monday afternoon stated that our monitoring and hazard assessment preparations are still operating under the assumption that the situation may change unexpectedly with minimal notice.

<p>General view of the Svartsengi geothermal power plant, near the evacuated town of Grindavik</p>

The Svartsengi geothermal power plant, located near the abandoned town of Grindavik, can be seen from a distance.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 15:36

Numerous seismic events have been recorded since midnight.

The Icelandic Met Office has reported detecting over 700 earthquakes near the magma dyke since midnight, with the largest one registering at a magnitude of 2.7 near Hagafell.

In its 1:20pm update, the national forecaster reported an average of 1,500 to 1,800 earthquakes per day in the area in recent days.

The movement of magma under the Earth’s surface leads to the occurrence of earthquakes, which can cause the ground to elevate.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 15:14

The majority of uprooted children are in close proximity to Reykjavik, according to the head of civil defense.

Officials have stated that children who were displaced due to evacuations will have the chance to attend schools in the capital city of Reykjavik.

This morning, during a press briefing, Jóhanna Lilja Birgisdóttir, a senior psychologist at the social services department in Grindavik, stated that children in the town are not required to attend school. However, officials in nearby areas are collaborating to ensure that all children have the chance to attend school.

According to national broadcaster RUV, Ms Birgisdóttir stated that all children are welcome to attend the school in the area where their family is residing. To register a child at this local school, parents must directly reach out to the school administrators.

According to her, starting next Wednesday, all students from Grindavík will have the opportunity to attend school in various groups, accompanied by their teachers, in different areas of Reykjavik.

The main focus of Civil Defence Director Víðir Reynisson is to keep children together. In order to achieve this, small groups will be formed in Reykjavík next week. The majority of the children who have been displaced are currently located in the capital region.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 14:21

Observation: Earthquake in Iceland causes home to shake and couple to evacuate.

A couple was forced to evacuate their home when an earthquake struck Iceland.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 13:42

The long-term future of the peninsula is characterized by ongoing volcanic instability.

Iceland’s civil defence chief has restated the potential for decades of instability in the densely-populated Reykjanes Peninsula.

There is concern among experts that the renewed volcanic activity in the region, located near the capital city Reykjavik, in 2021 may signify the start of a new period of eruptions after 800 years of dormancy.

When questioned about the future plans for the peninsula, Víðir Reynisson, the civil defence chief, stated to journalists on Monday that their overall evaluation of the area indicates a need for preparation for the next several decades, starting with the events of 2021.

The most risky situation we are considering is a potential volcanic eruption near Grindavík.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 13:13

A volcanic eruption could occur at any point along a 15km underground channel of molten rock.

The chief of Iceland’s civil defense has stated that an eruption could occur at any point along the magma dyke. They also emphasized that the primary focus of officials is to safeguard the Svartsengi power plant.

During a press briefing on Monday, Víðir Reynisson was asked about the potential location of a volcanic eruption. In response, he stated that there is a great deal of uncertainty, as the 15km long dyke could potentially erupt at any point along its length.

“The data on deformation indicates a location just west of Þórbjörn, approximately 2km north of Grindavík and 1.5km from the Svartsengi power station.”

Our top priority is to safeguard the plant, but if that is unsuccessful, we are seeking alternative options. The power station supplies hot water, which is utilized for heating, to approximately 30,000 individuals.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 12:44

According to a high-ranking official, it is probable that a volcanic eruption at a magma dyke will occur in the next few days.

The chief of Iceland’s civil defence has stated that if there is going to be an eruption in the magma dyke near Grindavik, it will most likely happen “within days”.

As reported by Iceland’s national broadcaster RUV, Víðir Reynisson stated to journalists this morning that there are strong indications of magma along the dyke, believed to be located at a depth of less than 1km.

“Since then, there have been no indications of it nearing the surface. If any activity were to occur along the dyke, particularly in the center, it would most likely happen within days rather than weeks.”

“If there is no eruption, the likelihood of one occurring decreases significantly over time. However, we are now observing changes at Svartsengi, which may trigger the next phase of this process.”

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 12:20

Citizens of Iceland who are evacuating due to an impending volcanic eruption have been informed that they may be displaced from their homes for several months.

During a recent Civil Defence briefing, Director Víðir Reynisson reported to my colleague Athena Stavrou that there has been considerable harm to residences and pipelines in the evacuated town of Grindavik.

The coastal village in Iceland has experienced the greatest impact, as the underground magma tunnel winds its way beneath the surface, causing significant damage to the roads.

Although the eruption is expected to occur in Hagafell, there is a chance that it could occur at any point along the magma tunnel.

According to Mr. Reynisson, residents must make preparations to live elsewhere in the next few months due to this factor and the unknown likelihood of earthquakes.

Residents have been granted temporary access to their residences for a duration of five minutes this week in order to retrieve their valuable possessions and pets. However, they must obtain prior authorization.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 11:37

In the past few hours, there have been numerous earthquakes occurring below Grindavik.

RUV, Iceland’s national broadcaster, reports that around 460 earthquakes have been documented at the magma tunnel underneath Grindavik since midnight.

The seismic activity has slightly risen, with the most intense tremor measuring at a magnitude of 2.7.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 10:45

Residents of Iceland described the scenes as “apocalyptic” and compared it to a dystopian movie as they evacuated due to the threat of a volcano eruption.

Residents from Grindavik, the small Icelandic town under threat from a volcanic eruption, have described their ‘apocalyptic’ existence as they fear for their future.

Andrea Ævarsdóttir, a 46-year-old resident of Grindavik, expressed to The Independent her disbelief at the current situation: “Everything feels surreal, like I’m living in a dystopian film. I keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare.”

The mother was preparing to head to Reykjavík to commemorate her son Björgvin Hrafnar’s 16th birthday when their home suddenly began to tremble on Friday.

She described some of the earthquakes as feeling like a large truck passing by the house, while the stronger ones felt like the truck had crashed into the house. She also mentioned how everything was shaking uncontrollably and the floors were moving up and down.

My co-worker Lydia Patrick has additional information in this report.

Andy Gregory20 November 2023 10:10

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