Three police officers in Washington D.C. were injured by gunfire during a live situation while carrying out a warrant for animal cruelty.

Three police officers in Washington D.C. were injured by gunfire during a live situation while carrying out a warrant for animal cruelty.

Officials report that there is an active shooter situation in Southeast, with the suspect barricaded and continuing to fire shots from their residence.

According to the DC Police Department, a shooter in Washington, DC has injured three police officers and is currently barricaded in his residence.

The authorities have been dealing with a stand-off for seven hours, initiated when they reached a residence in southeast Washington, DC at approximately 7:30 am to execute a warrant for animal abuse.

At 2 pm, the shooting started and is still ongoing, according to Metropolitan Police Department Chief Pamela Smith during a press conference.

Mayor Muriel Bowser stated that the three officers who were shot are anticipated to recover. The Mayor and Ms. Smith have personally visited the officers at the hospital and reported that they are in good mental state.

An additional officer was injured, but not by a bullet, as stated by officials on X. The officer has now been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to NBC Washington, the site of the incident is only a few minutes from Davis Elementary School and KIPP DC LEAP Academy. Two elementary schools are currently on lockdown, while others are being supervised by police officers as students enter the building.


The White House has issued a statement regarding the ongoing standoff in Washington DC.

“I am deeply saddened by this shooting, which serves as a distressing and painful reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence on families, communities, and our nation,” stated Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, on Wednesday. She also mentioned that President Joe Biden is praying for the officers’ speedy recovery and urged Congress to take further action on gun control.

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The charter school located nearby has decided to dismiss students earlier than usual.

According to Chief Pamela Smith of the Metropolitan Police Department, students were released early at 2 pm local time from KIPP DC LEAP Academy, a nearby public charter school.

At the same time, two elementary schools in close proximity were placed on lockdown this morning due to the ongoing shooting incident in Southeast Washington, DC.

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The discussions with the individual in question are still in progress as the standoff reaches its seventh hour.

At approximately 2 pm local time, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Pamela Smith reported that a negotiator had arrived at the scene to communicate with the individual responsible for injuring three police officers in Washington, DC and who is currently barricaded in a residential property.

“According to Ms Smith, the subject’s mood can vary, but we are consistently keeping in touch with them.”

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VIEW: Live broadcast of a press conference held by the chief of the DC police department during an ongoing standoff.

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VIEW: Footage from doorbell camera shows gunshots in Washington, DC.

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Concerned parents are anxious about the well-being of their children attending schools in the vicinity.

Two parents shared their worries with NBC Washington regarding their children’s safety during the ongoing shooting near two elementary schools.

“I have never seen so many police cars in my life,” a mother told the outlet.

“I am appalled because my son attends this school. I was on my way to drop him off and couldn’t get through. I am completely taken aback by this,” expressed another mother to NBC Washington.

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Today’s shooting in context

The occurrence occurred at a time when the District of Columbia is facing a significant surge in violent criminal activity, which saw a rise of 39% in 2023. This increase was largely driven by a 35% uptick in homicides and a significant increase in carjackings, almost doubling in frequency.

The head of the Metropolitan Police, Pamela Smith, has advocated for the passing of laws that would increase the consequences for gun-related crimes in Washington, D.C.

Please refer to additional information provided by Kelly Rissman and Mike Bedigan.

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Negotiators have arrived at the location.

According to DC News Now, negotiators are currently present at the location of a shooting to communicate with the perpetrator. The suspect has taken refuge in a residence in Southeast Washington, DC.

The police have been dealing with the situation for approximately six hours since it started at 7:30 am in the morning. Officials had gone to the residence to issue a warrant for animal cruelty.

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The authorities have reported that the incident has been ongoing for over five hours.

Authorities report that officers initially reached the Washington, DC residence at 7:30 am to execute a warrant for animal cruelty. However, as of 12:30 pm, the individual in question remains barricaded inside the house, with five hours having passed since the start of the situation.

As the school day nears its end, it is still uncertain how authorities will manage the dismissal of students in the area.

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Local schools are currently on lockdown due to ongoing gunfire.

According to NBC Washington, two elementary schools in Southeast Washington, DC are currently in lockdown due to a shooting nearby.

According to reports, witnesses observed police accompanying students to a neighboring charter school, KIPP DC LEAP Academy.

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