The upcoming vote on Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda bill is expected to be challenged by rebel members of the Tory party. Stay tuned for live updates.

The upcoming vote on Rishi Sunak's Rwanda bill is expected to be challenged by rebel members of the Tory party. Stay tuned for live updates.

Robert Jenrick has stepped down from his position as immigration minister due to the controversial Rwanda bill, dealing a major setback to Rishi Sunak.

Prominent members of the Conservative Party have advised their colleagues to cease their scheming against Rishi Sunak and instead support his proposal for Rwanda in an upcoming vote in Parliament. This could have significant consequences for his leadership.

The fate of the vote rests on a slim margin of 28 ballots, and it is possible that a group of staunch Tories, known as the “star chamber,” could be influenced by the opinion of lawyers. The lawyers have strongly criticized Mr. Sunak’s recent legislation, which was proposed as a last resort after his defeat in the Supreme Court, stating that it is inadequate for its intended purpose of getting planes to Rwanda.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis criticized fellow Conservative party members for making the crisis worse in order to enhance their own chances of becoming party leader. He cautioned that those who prioritize their own personal success over the success of the party will ultimately fail. Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith urged his party to have calm and rational discussions instead of shouting at each other.

Moderate lawmaker Damian Green referred to certain Tory Members of Parliament as “mad or malicious or both.” These MPs were allegedly planning an “Advent calendar of s***” aimed at Chancellor Rishi Sunak and also discussing a potential leadership bid featuring Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.


The legislation known as “Weak Bill” is not completely reliable or secure.

On Sunday, Robert Jenrick, who stepped down from his position as immigration minister due to the legislation, stated to the BBC that he will not endorse the “ineffective Bill that will not be successful.”

However, he stated, “We have the ability to resolve this issue,” implying that he and other opponents may choose to abstain now and then work on modifying the legislation in the future.

This could potentially save the Prime Minister from facing a significant loss during a difficult week, which starts with intense questioning at the official inquiry into the coronavirus.

The European Research Group’s chairman, Mark Francois, has extended an invitation to the New Conservatives and the Common Sense and Conservative Growth groups to attend a meeting at the House of Commons where Sir Bill Cash will present a “forensic examination.”

The MP stated that our goal is to have a group conversation about the most effective way to approach the second reading of the Bill, which will take place on Tuesday.

According to Sir Bill’s article in the Sunday Telegraph, the Bill does not fully align with the Government’s goals and may require revisions to address this issue.

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by Conservative MPs

Sunak spent the weekend attempting to pacify a revolt among Conservative Members of Parliament.

Over the weekend, Mr. Sunak and high-ranking ministers, including Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, have been communicating with Members of Parliament in order to suppress any potential rebellion.

The Prime Minister attempted to reach a compromise after the Supreme Court declared that the plan to deport asylum seekers who arrive by small boats was illegal.

However, there are some individuals on the political right who do not think it goes far enough in disregarding international law. On the other hand, those with more moderate views have reservations about its legal consequences and the requirement for courts to consider Rwanda a “safe” nation.

Mr Sunak has told MPs the Conservatives must “unite or die”, but it is unclear whether they will heed his warnings, as some of his possible successors court limelight.

<p>Rishi Sunak is facing a difficult start to the week (James Manning/PA)</p>

Rishi Sunak is beginning the week with challenges ahead (James Manning/PA)

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Different groups within the Conservative party will have meetings to discuss Sunak’s Rwanda legislation before a crucial vote takes place.

Members of the Conservative Party from both sides of the deeply divided party will gather to discuss their opinions on Rishi Sunak’s legislation regarding Rwanda, which will be a significant challenge for his leadership.

The hardline Brexiteers’ European Research Group will convene a meeting on Monday with other factions on the right of the Conservative party to discuss the proposal to revive the asylum policy.

Sir Bill Cash, a long-serving Member of Parliament, will deliver the results from his group of legal experts known as the “star chamber.” They will then deliberate on how to cast their votes for the Prime Minister’s Bill on Tuesday.

However, Sir Bill has indicated that he does not think the current proposed legislation is suitable for successfully implementing the £290 million scheme that has been put on hold.

The One Nation Conservatives’ more moderate faction will convene for a separate evening session at Parliament and issue a statement regarding their decision.

<p>Sir Bill Cash</p>

Sir Bill Cash

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The government is exploring three potential solutions to effectively implement the deportation plan in Rwanda.

The initial step of the plan involved the UK revising its memorandum of understanding with Rwanda to a formal treaty. This week, James Cleverly and Vincent Biruta, the respective counterparts, met to officially sign the agreement and to strategize the next important actions for the migration and economic development partnership.

The government’s second strategy was to disregard and override the Supreme Court’s decision by enacting emergency legislation in parliament, designating Rwanda as a safe country. This move has sparked controversy and received criticism from prominent legal professionals and experts.

According to reports, the government is also exploring a potential alternative solution: compiling a collection of proof to demonstrate that Rwanda is a secure destination for refugees seeking asylum.

<p>Home Secretary James Cleverly meeting Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Biruta sign a new treaty with Rwanda on December 5</p>

On December 5th, Home Secretary James Cleverly and Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Biruta came together to sign a new treaty between their countries.

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Rishi Sunak and Mark Rutte had an uncomfortable encounter when they found themselves locked out of No 10.

It could be argued that Rishi Sunak had a difficult week.

Despite facing opposition from his own political party and rumors of potential leadership challenges, he was physically denied access to Number 10 on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of the UK and the departing Dutch leader Mark Rutte convened in London to discuss policies.

Mr Rutte arrived to greet Mr Sunak and the pair posed for photographs as they shook hands.

Next, Mr. Sunak attempted to open the door, but discovered that they were locked out.

As Mr Sunak tried to open the door, they continued their conversation until someone inside opened it for them.

Rishi Sunak and Mark Rutte experienced an awkward moment as they were locked out of No 10.

On Thursday, December 7th, Rishi Sunak and Mark Rutte were unable to enter 10 Downing Street. The British prime minister and the outgoing Dutch leader were in London for talks about policies. Video outside Number 10 captures Mr. Rutte arriving to meet Mr. Sunak. They take photos together and shake hands before Mr. Sunak tries to open the door and realizes it is locked. They continue to talk as Mr. Sunak attempts to push the door, until someone from inside finally opens it for them.

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Gove maintains that Sunak will not trigger a general election in the event of losing the crucial Rwanda vote.

Earlier on Sunday, Michael Gove stated that the government is not considering a general election in the event that the Bill does not pass through parliament.

The speaker stated to Sky that they are not considering this because they believe that upon reviewing the legislation, people will see that it is a strong but fair action.

According to his statement to the BBC, he believes that his argument is legally valid, even though one legal assessment for the government suggests that it only has a 50% chance of succeeding. He also mentioned that there is limited room for court appeals.

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Bill Browder claims that Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, is like the “Putin of Africa”.

According to an activist fighting against corruption, the leader of Rwanda is comparable to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in terms of power and influence in Africa.

During an interview on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg, financial figure and political advocate Bill Browder drew a parallel between Rwandan leader Paul Kagame and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He appeared on the show to talk about a new law that intends to save the Government’s proposal to relocate asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda, following the Supreme Court’s decision declaring the plan illegal.

Mr. Browder referenced Paul Rusesabagina, the heroic hotel manager portrayed in the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, as an example.

In 2021, Mr. Rusesabagina received a 25-year prison sentence in Rwanda for terrorism-related offenses. After completing two years of his sentence, he was released and returned to the United States, where he currently resides.

I am familiar with this tale on a personal level because the protagonist of the film “Hotel Rwanda,” the individual who rescued 1,200 individuals during the genocide, expressed disapproval towards Paul Kagame,” stated Mr. Browder.

He was abducted and returned to Rwanda where he was falsely convicted and given a 25-year sentence. It is ridiculous to think that we would deport political refugees to a country with such conditions.

Mr. Browder suggested that the entire Rwanda migration plan should be scrapped.

He expressed the need to discard the entire plan and find alternative methods to regulate immigration, as relying on Rwanda is unreasonable.

<p>Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Rwanda president Paul Kagame (PA)</p>

PA Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, and Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda

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Gove states that the Rwanda bill includes limited exceptions for appealing against deportation.

According to Gove, the bill in Rwanda only includes limited exceptions for appealing against deportation.

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“It’s making me feel ill”: Couples of mixed nationalities express their anger towards the new immigration policy proposed by the Conservative Party.

Countless couples of different nationalities are now facing unsettling uncertainty due to a recent immigration law that has raised the income threshold for obtaining a spousal visa.

Under the new five-step immigration strategy, individuals seeking to immigrate to the UK on a spouse visa will now need to meet a higher income requirement of £38,700, which is a significant increase from the previous amount of £18,700.

The updated regulations will take effect in April, however, the Home Office has stated that individuals with a family visa earning less than £38,700 will not be required to immediately provide their annual income. It is not clear what the process will be when they need to renew their visa.

The rise has caused worry among numerous marriages, according to MP Nadia Whittome who stated, “The majority of British employees will not be eligible for a visa for their foreign spouse.”

Lydia Patrick, my coworker, has talked to families who are concerned that they may be compelled to depart from the United Kingdom.

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According to Gove, Sunak’s strategy for Rwanda is robust.

The Communities Secretary, Michael Gove, has described the new legislation in Rwanda proposed by the government as “robust”.

On the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Mr. Gove stated that the legislation eliminates human rights laws, which some individuals may find controversial.

The strong response from those who oppose the Bill indicates that it is a necessary and effective measure.

He stated that it was inaccurate to say that anyone could file a claim under the updated laws.

Andy Gregory10 December 2023 16:02