The United States denounces the recent attack in Moscow and identifies ISIS as a shared terrorist foe. Here are the most recent updates.

The United States denounces the recent attack in Moscow and identifies ISIS as a shared terrorist foe. Here are the most recent updates.

Biden responds to Trump’s inquiry with ad: “Did the past four years improve your situation?”

The United States expressed strong condemnation for the terror attack that occurred on Friday during a concert in Moscow. The White House released a statement labeling the perpetrators, ISIS, as a prevailing terrorist adversary that must be combated globally.

The US government shutdown was stopped when the Senate voted 74-24 in favor of a $1.2 trillion spending package at 2am. President Joe Biden approved the bill on Saturday and it will ensure that the federal government remains operational until the end of fiscal year 2024 on September 30th.

The spending package was passed by the House of Representatives with a vote of 286 to 134, exceeding the required two-thirds majority. Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her anger and began the procedure to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson, deeming it a “betrayal” of Republican voters.

Ethiopian President Joe Biden’s campaign is taunting former president Donald Trump with the nickname “Broke Don” following the release of Federal Election Commission records. The records show that Trump has far exceeded his Republican opponent in fundraising, despite facing numerous civil judgments amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in New York.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited the classroom building in Parkland where the tragic high school shooting took place in 2018. She was joined by relatives of the victims and addressed plans for preventing gun violence.


Arrests for illegal border crossings nudge up in February but still among lowest of Biden presidency

The amount of people detained for unlawfully entering the U.S. from Mexico slightly increased in February compared to the previous month. However, despite immigration being a growing worry for citizens, the statistics were still some of the lowest since Joe Biden took office.

In February, Border Patrol agents apprehended 140,644 individuals trying to unlawfully enter the country through the border crossing points, as reported by Customs and Border Protection.

The figures are part of a range of data related to immigration, trade and fentanyl seizures that is released monthly by CBP.

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In case you missed it, President Biden has signed a bill to fund the government that was supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

On Saturday, President Joe Biden officially approved the government spending bill that was agreed upon by the Senate with bipartisan support.

The “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024” allocates funds until September 30, 2024 for initiatives and operations within Federal Government departments and agencies.

The president’s official statement, released by the White House, reads as follows:

The recently signed funding legislation, supported by both parties, ensures the government remains open, prioritizes investments in the American citizens, and bolsters both our economy and national security. While this agreement requires compromise, it also means that neither side received all of their desired outcomes. It rejects the drastic budget cuts proposed by House Republicans and instead allocates funds for childcare accessibility, cancer research, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and promoting American leadership globally. Additionally, my Administration has successfully secured resources to fortify our borders, which is beneficial for the American people.

But I want to be clear: Congress’s work isn’t finished. The House must pass the bipartisan national security supplemental to advance our national security interests. And Congress must pass the bipartisan border security agreement—the toughest and fairest reforms in decades—to ensure we have the policies and funding needed to secure the border. It’s time to get this done.

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Republicans in the House of Representatives are upset over the money allocated for the construction of a new FBI headquarters.

Following the approval of the $1.2 trillion federal budget, House Republicans express frustration over the inclusion of a $200 million allocation in the 1,012-page document for the General Services Administration to construct a new FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland.

A number of individuals in the conservative faction of the party assert that there is a political prejudice within the bureau as it carries out its duties of enforcing laws and apprehending offenders.

Representative Chip Roy from Texas stated on Twitter: “The recently released 1000-page swamp-bus, costing $1.2 trillion and revealed in the middle of the night, allocates $200 million for a new FBI Headquarters.”

He mentioned that the FBI “cuts” were not as significant as they were portrayed.

Representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania added the money for the newly proposed headquarters to his list of “disappointments and shortcomings” in the agreed upon budget.

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According to a survey, Republicans who do not view Fox News are less inclined to support Trump.

According to a recent survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, Republicans who receive information from non-conservative mainstream media sources are less inclined to back Donald Trump.

Moreover, a considerable portion hold the belief that the previous leader’s actions were of a criminal nature.

The results of the survey showed that all individuals who rely on conservative sources like Fox News plan to vote for Mr. Trump, while 79 per cent of those who get their news from other mainstream media intend to vote for him as well. Out of this second group, 13 per cent expressed their support for Joe Biden.

The survey highlights the potential challenges that the ex-president may encounter in the upcoming general election in November. Although he easily won in the primaries, which primarily consist of the party’s supporters, he may have difficulty garnering support from the larger voting population.

You can view the complete survey findings here.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s stunt shows Republicans are in a death spiral

On Friday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene gained attention with her bold action of submitting a motion to vacate in order to hold a no-confidence vote for Speaker Mike Johnson. The motivation behind this move was due to Johnson fulfilling his responsibilities of passing spending bills to maintain government operations.

Greene executed the maneuver flawlessly, despite her lack of interest in legislation and keenness for publicity. It proved to be the ideal spectacle for Congress. Greene even had her boyfriend, right-wing media figure Brian Glenn, join her for the display. As soon as she left the floor, myself and other reporters bombarded her with inquiries, but she held off on speaking until she reached the bottom of the Capitol steps, ensuring her moment in the spotlight before the cameras.

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According to Gingrich, the Freedom Caucus has caused great harm.

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Congress approved a $1.2 trillion spending deal while Marjorie Taylor Greene submitted a motion to remove Mike Johnson.

Eric Garcia and Gustaf Kilander provide coverage from Washington, DC.

During the House’s vote on the spending agreement, Ms. Greene submitted a request to remove the speaker from their position.

A majority of two-thirds was achieved for the approval of the spending package, with 286 votes in favor and 134 votes against.

Ms. Greene expressed to journalists on Friday that this goes against the Republican party’s voters’ trust. The legislation presented a difficult decision for Republicans by forcing them to either support funding for our soldiers or funding for late-term abortions. According to her, the bill mostly consisted of Democratic ideals and was a wishlist for the White House.

The Senate voted 74-24 in favor early Saturday morning, granting approval for the government to continue operating and sending the bill to President Joe Biden. President Biden has pledged to sign the legislation as soon as it arrives at his desk. This bill will ensure that the government remains open until the end of Fiscal Year 2024 on September 30th.

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The White House commemorates the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

Oliver O’Connell23 March 2024 22:30


US condemns attack in Moscow calling ISIS ‘a common terrorist enemy’

On Friday, the US denounced the terrorist incident in Moscow and denounced ISIS as a shared terrorist adversary.

The White House has issued a statement that states:

The United States strongly condemns the heinous terrorist attack in Moscow. We extend our deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones and to those who were injured or affected by these unconscionable attacks against innocent civilians. ISIS is a common terrorist enemy that must be defeated everywhere.

At the same time, the Secretary of State for the United States, Antony Blinken, expressed his strong disapproval towards the terrorist attack in Moscow on March 22. He also extended his condolences to the Russians and stands in solidarity with them in mourning the tragic loss of life caused by this event.

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The American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alerted about the urgent risk of famine and “unfolding genocide” in Gaza.

AOC, on Friday, in House Speech

During a speech in the House of Representatives on Friday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed concern about the potential for famine and violence in Gaza and addressed the actions of Israel towards Palestinians, calling it a “genocide.” She appealed to Congress to halt the transfer of US weaponry in order to avoid further atrocities. AOC made these remarks during her speech in the House on Friday.

The representative from the Democratic Party in New York echoed concerns raised by humanitarian organizations regarding the dire situation in Gaza, where over one million people are on the brink of famine. The congresswoman stated that this crisis is the result of deliberate actions by leaders in the Israeli government, who are preventing the distribution of food and international aid.

Alex Woodward reports:

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