The Tories’ X account was just deleted

The Tories’ X account was just deleted

The Conservative Party’s official account on X, formerly Twitter, has been deleted.

The removal came on Monday, a few days after the Tories suffered a landslide defeat to Labour in the general election.

Visitors to the page only saw an error message indicating that the account was no longer live. “Something went wrong,” read one of the messages.

Conservative sources suggested that the deletion was an error on X’s behalf, and that it was working to restore the account.

The party had used that account heavily during the campaign. Materials posted on the page included attack ads against Labour as well as policy announcements.

The accounts of senior Conservative figures, including outgoing leader Rishi Sunak, are still live on the site. The former prime minister’s account still links to the official @Conservatives account.

The party also operates an account with the handle CCHQ press, which says that it posts “News, updates and analysis from the official CCHQ Press Office”. That is still online though it has not been updated since 3 July, the day before the election.

Enquiries to X resulted in an automated reply reading only “Busy now, please check back later”.