The Special Counsel has requested that the judge prevent cameras from being present during the live broadcast of the Trump trial.

The Special Counsel has requested that the judge prevent cameras from being present during the live broadcast of the Trump trial.

Jimmy Kimmel ridicules Eric Trump for asserting that he is a “construction guy.”

A gag order was temporarily lifted by a federal appeals court in the case involving former President Donald Trump’s alleged interference in the 2020 election.

On Friday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision to temporarily suspend the limited gag order. This will give judges more time to consider President Trump’s request for a longer pause on restrictions to his speech during his appeals.

The court stated that the pause should not be interpreted as a decision on the substance of Mr Trump’s request.

After Eric Trump finished giving his testimony on Friday in Mr. Trump’s civil fraud trial worth $250 million in New York, Judge Arthur Engoron extended a restriction on speaking publicly in this case, which was initially only put on the former president, to also include his lawyers. This came after a heated argument between the court clerk and the lawyers regarding allegations of prejudice.

The fraud trial is a civil proceeding while the election interference case is one of four criminal indictments against Mr Trump.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has accused the Trump Organization of manipulating asset values in order to secure more favorable financing terms from banks. The result of this legal case could potentially lead to the downfall of the company.


The special counsel is opposed to the Trump trial becoming a televised spectacle.

According to Rule 53 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, it is prohibited for a court to allow photography or broadcasting during judicial proceedings in the courtroom.

Mr Smith said that the rule is in place purely “to avoid the risks that policymakers have determined cameras pose to the fair administration of justice” and that it should remain for Mr Trump to be fairly prosecuted.

However, multiple news outlets such as The New York Times, The Associated Press, NBC Universal, and others have stated that the unique lawsuit against the former president is clearly of public importance and would be advantageous to broadcast.

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The children of Trump have acquired their father’s most effective strategies – and it may lead to his downfall.

Elise Seyfried writes:

I previously harbored resentment towards a co-worker who consistently arrived late, left early, and took credit for others’ work. It appeared that they faced no repercussions for their actions. I would often express my frustration by saying, “They’re getting away with murder!” However, I never truly believed that things could escalate to literal chaos.

In 2016, when Donald Trump claimed on tape that he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and not lose voters, I was reminded of a colleague. At the time, I brushed it off as a mere figure of speech. However, over the next seven years, Trump’s presidency was marked by a constant stream of lies and deceit, yet he seemed to have been accurate in his belief that there would be no consequences for his actions.

Finally, after a long time, it has come to this moment.

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Republican Representative Ken Buck plans to leave Congress in a controversial and destructive manner.

Congressman Ken Buck is fed up.

The Colorado Republican recently declared that he will not run for office again. In his statement, he first criticized Democratic policies, which is expected of a staunch conservative. However, he then shifted his focus to fellow Republicans, using most of his three-minute video to accuse them of being overly consumed with seeking revenge for fabricated wrongdoings in the past.

Buck’s aggressive tactics did not come as a shock to many on Capitol Hill.

Using a serious expression and a strong sense of independence, Buck, a former federal prosecutor, has become well-known for his outspokenness as a House Republican who is tired of Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 presidential election. He has also called out other members of Congress who support and spread these lies. This stance is not common among other GOP members and highlights the extent to which Trump’s previously unconventional falsehoods about the election have become accepted within the Republican party.

Buck frequently makes appearances on networks like CNN and does not intend to step down from Congress before his term ends. He is likely to continue being a prominent opponent to Republicans in his remaining months in office. His unconventional political views also extend to the impeachment inquiry against Biden, which Buck has disregarded as unfounded.

Buck stated in the video that our country is heading towards a collision with reality and the only way to move forward is by firmly upholding the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.

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In case you missed it, Ivanka Trump was unsuccessful in her attempt to postpone her testimony in a civil fraud trial in New York.

The request for a temporary postponement for a hearing on November 8th was quickly rejected by a temporary appeals court after the woman’s lawyer argued that it would cause her “unreasonable difficulty” since it was scheduled during a school week.

According to her lawyer, Ms Trump lives in Florida with her three young children and would face unnecessary difficulties if she is not granted a postponement and forced to give testimony in New York during a school week. This case is one she has already been dismissed from, and she has filed an appeal which has not yet been heard.

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The appeals court has temporarily lifted the gag order imposed by Trump in the case of election fraud.

On Friday, a federal appeals court temporarily removed a ban on Donald Trump speaking about his alleged interference in the 2020 election in Washington. This is the most recent development in the ongoing legal battle over the limitations placed on the former president’s ability to speak publicly.

The recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit temporarily delays the limited restriction on Trump’s ability to speak freely, allowing the judges to carefully consider his request for a longer pause while his appeals are processed. The appeals court clarified that this temporary delay does not necessarily indicate a decision on the validity of Trump’s request.

On November 20th, the court scheduled oral arguments with a panel of three judges, all of whom were appointed by Democratic presidents.

A lawyer representing Trump did not provide any statement on Friday.

Judge Tanya Chutkan, of the U.S. District Court, has issued a restriction preventing Trump from publicly attacking prosecutors, court personnel, and potential witnesses involved in the case accusing him of plotting to overturn the 2020 election that he lost to President Joe Biden. However, he is still permitted to maintain his innocence and argue that the charges against him are purely politically motivated.

Chutkan, who was designated as a judge by previous President Barack Obama, reinstated the restriction on sharing information on Sunday. This was prompted by prosecutors citing Trump’s recent posts on social media regarding his former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

This is the most significant limitation a court has imposed on the expression of the leading GOP candidate for the presidency and a defendant in four different legal cases. While it is not uncommon for gag orders to be used in high-profile cases, this is the first time a court has had to consider if they have the authority to restrict the speech of a candidate for president.

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George Santos has reached a new low with his vicious assault on the son of a Republican legislator.

George Santos, a repeat liar, launched a despicable assault on the child of another Republican politician, accusing him of being a criminal and a purveyor of drugs, specifically meth, which has harmed individuals in the community.

“Yesterday evening, the House observed its own shadow. Regrettably, this indicates that Santos’s reign will continue for another two weeks,” remarked Mr. Womack on X, previously known as Twitter.

As a reply, the troubled congressman from New York decided to initiate a spiteful and deeply personal assault on James Womack, the son of Mr. Womack.

Rachel Sharp covers his comments.

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Lauren Boebert, who has been criticized for her support of vaping and for groping a fellow lawmaker, was recently slammed by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has criticized Lauren Boebert for “vaping and groping,” further fueling the ongoing feud between the two former friends.

Mr Roy was one of 23 Republicans who joined 199 Democrats in rejecting Ms Greene’s measure and defended the move in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

“Rep. Rashida Tlaib has repeatedly made outrageous remarks toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her conduct is unbecoming of a member of Congress and certainly worthy of condemnation – if not censure,” Mr Roy wrote on X.

The post clearly rattled Ms Greene who fired off an angry reply – while managing to take aim at her fellow MAGA fan but sworn rival Ms Boebert in the process.

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Eric Trump says that the world is making fun of the current events.

Oliver O’Connell4 November 2023 06:00

Jimmy Kimmel criticizes Donald Trump Jr for his testimony.

Donald Trump Jr, who has denied any involvement with his brother Eric Trump, made a clever comment about not wearing make-up while photographers gathered in the courtroom.

Mr. Kimmel, the talk show host, did not find Mr. Trump Jr.’s jokes amusing.

Amelia Neath is the author of this story.

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Why are the offspring of Trump being summoned to testify in a civil fraud case in New York?

In October, the attention surrounding Donald Trump’s numerous legal issues turned to Lower Manhattan as his civil fraud case began its trial at the New York State Supreme Court.

The Trump Organization was sued by New York Attorney General Letitia James for allegedly falsifying financial statements from 2011 to 2021. According to James, the company inflated Mr. Trump’s net worth and misrepresented the progress of multiple real estate projects to secure more favorable financing from banks and insurance companies.

This was done by over-stating valuations of the former president’s most prestigious holdings including his triplex penthouse at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and his current home at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

As the prosecution nears the end of their case, three of his grown children are being called to the witness stand to give sworn testimony. This raises the question: how are they involved in this situation and why is their testimony significant in the trial?

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