The progress of Putin’s ‘third wave’ in the Russia-Ukraine war has been hindered as Zelensky demonstrates a sense of assurance.

The progress of Putin's 'third wave' in the Russia-Ukraine war has been hindered as Zelensky demonstrates a sense of assurance.

Consequences of a Russian attack using missiles on a Ukrainian mail center, resulting in six deaths.

Volodymyr Zelensky expressed confidence in Ukraine’s ability to achieve victory in the war against Russia. He also emphasized that Kyiv has a plan in place for the upcoming year, while addressing criticism of the slow progress of their counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian president expressed confidence in our success in an interview with Reuters. He also mentioned our goal to demonstrate progress within this year. Our aim is not to impress the world, but rather to achieve it for our own satisfaction.

The top military official in Donbas reported that Russia’s attempt to advance near Avdiivka, known as the “third wave,” has been hindered by wet terrain. Due to several days of rain, there is currently no possibility of a new Russian advance.

According to Vitaliy Barabash, the head of Avdiivka’s military administration, it has been almost a week of intense rainfall. He stated to Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne that the terrain is too challenging and the equipment is unable to move.

In other places, the Kremlin has once again expressed concern about the potential use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons during the war. They attribute this to a decline in global security, which they believe is a direct result of the United States’ harmful policies.


The EU suggests that Ukraine begin the process of joining the bloc.

According to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the European Commission has suggested that discussions should commence regarding Ukraine’s potential membership in the European Union.

According to Mariia Mezentseva, who is a subcommittee leader on the board responsible for integrating Ukraine into the EU, the commission has stated that the process should begin despite Russia’s aggressive actions.

“In the middle of December, the EU Council will convene a meeting where leaders from 27 countries will gather to collectively confirm their intention,” stated the Verkhovna Rada.

<p>Mariia Mezentseva said EU accession would be discussed potentially this December </p>

Mariia Mezentseva mentioned the possibility of discussing EU membership in December.

Tom Watling9 November 2023 07:36

Zelensky states that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia cannot be equated to the war between Israel and Hamas.

According to Zelensky, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia cannot be equated to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Andy Gregory9 November 2023 07:03

King Charles wishes for refugees to feel more accepted and at ease in the United Kingdom.

Sir Michael Palin reported that during a humanitarian reception, King Charles III addressed the importance of creating a more welcoming environment for refugees in Britain.

The 80-year-old actor from Monty Python had a conversation with the queen on Wednesday night during the Buckingham Palace event that acknowledged the UK’s involvement in humanitarian work globally.

Charles and the Queen were presented to Saleh Saeed, the chief executive of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), at the event. They also interacted with refugees who have resettled in the UK and had discussions with broadcast journalists about their experiences reporting on global crises, such as those in the Middle East and Ukraine.

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Countries in the Balkans fall behind in the line, while Ukraine gains progress in its efforts to become a member of the EU.

On Wednesday, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia were given encouraging updates on their efforts to join the European Union. However, countries in the unstable Balkans area, which have been waiting for membership for longer periods of time, seemed to be pushed further down the list.

According to Lorne Cook’s report, there is additional information available.

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Zelensky warns that if Russia defeats Ukraine, the conflict will escalate to other Nato countries.

Zelensky cautions that if Russia is victorious, the conflict will spread to other NATO nations.

Andy Gregory9 November 2023 03:56

The complete report reveals that Russia is facing difficulties on all fronts in Ukraine, as Putin’s planned “third wave” is being delayed by rain.

My colleague, Arpan Rai, reports that Ukrainian authorities have successfully defended against multiple attacks from Russian forces in different regions of the country. Unfortunately for Vladimir Putin, his efforts to retake the strategically important city of Avdiivka for the third time were hindered by heavy rainfall.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff reported that their soldiers successfully defended against 15 assaults near Kupiansk in northeastern Ukraine and 18 assaults near Maryinka, a region that has been a focal point of intense fighting for several months.

Nine attacks were successfully defended against in and around Avdiivka, which has been a site of heavy conflict. The goal of Moscow is to retake this key city, which serves as a vital passage to Donetsk – the main communication center in the occupied territories.

Moscow has already made two failed advances to recapture the industrial city that has been described as the “next Bakhmut”, which has seen some of the most intense fighting since the Russian invasion began last year.

Vitaliy Barabash, the leader of Avdiivka’s military administration, stated that Mr. Putin’s third major advancement has been hindered and any further Russian actions have been prevented due to several days of rain on the battlefield.

Andy Gregory9 November 2023 02:51

According to the Ukrainian minister, a ship in the Black Sea was intended to transport iron ore to China.

According to Ukraine’s infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov, a civilian ship flying the Liberian flag was hit by Russian missiles and resulted in a fatal incident as it was trying to enter the port of Odesa in the Black Sea. The ship was reportedly en route to China to transport iron ore.

According to traders, the ship involved in the incident was called Kmax Ruler. Ukrainian authorities stated that one individual was fatally wounded and four sustained injuries in the assault.

According to Mr. Kubrakov, Russia launched 21 deliberate attacks on port infrastructure following their withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal earlier this year.

He reported that over 160 infrastructure facilities and 122 vehicles were harmed by the terrorist nation during this period.

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A newly built Russian warship was harmed during a Ukrainian cruise missile strike on a naval base in Crimea.

According to a recent intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), a newly constructed Russian naval vessel was likely harmed when it was hit in occupied Crimea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Askold warship, part of the Karakurt-class, was launched in 2021 but has not yet been officially added to the Russian navy. This information was confirmed by sources from both Ukraine and Russia. The term “Karakurt” in Russian translates to “Black Widow spider”.

On November 4, Russian authorities alleged that Ukrainian cruise missiles had targeted the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch. They confirmed that the attacks had hit one of their small warships. Askold is a Kalibr cruise missile carrier belonging to Russia.

Arpan Rai has access to the complete report.

Andy Gregory9 November 2023 00:37

Revised: Charting the Situation in Ukraine’s Frontline as Russian Troops Show Signs of Decline

A former military officer from Russia has proposed that Vladimir Putin’s troops are losing strength, and has predicted that by spring 2024, they will be even less capable of carrying out offensive operations.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Igor Girkin, a nationalist who is currently imprisoned, stated that the Ukrainian presence on the east bank of Kherson Oblast will likely occupy Russian forces during the winter.

In a statement released by his spouse, Mr. Girkin stated that the conditions for Russian troops were progressively worsening and that they were demonstrating a decline in strength compared to that of Ukraine’s capabilities.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain, my colleague, has compiled a report with maps highlighting the current areas of conflict.

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Monitor: Zelensky insists that Russian soldiers must withdraw from Ukraine in order to bring an end to the conflict.

Zelensky urges for the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from Ukraine in order to bring an end to the ongoing war.

Andy Gregory8 November 2023 22:34