The outcomes of Super Tuesday show a tight race between Trump and Haley in Vermont.

The outcomes of Super Tuesday show a tight race between Trump and Haley in Vermont.

Citizens from 15 states are casting their votes on Super Tuesday.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have won the majority of the Super Tuesday elections that have been announced thus far.

Both Biden and Trump were quick to declare themselves the victor in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Super Tuesday is the biggest date in the primary calendar – voters in 16 states and one territory go to the polls.

At this point in time, it seems highly likely that Donald Trump will be the chosen presidential candidate for the Republican Party once more. He has already secured significant victories in Iowa, the US Virgin Islands, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Michigan, Idaho, and Missouri.

The sole remaining challenger to him is Nikki Haley, a former UN ambassador who is well-funded but has not met expectations.

Ms Haley and Mr Trump were neck and neck in Vermont as votes were counted on Tuesday night.

On Sunday, she secured a crucial victory in the Washington DC primary.

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Large disparity in gender among California voters’ preferences in exit poll.

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Alabama has selected new justices for their state Supreme Court.

Several weeks following a ruling by the state’s supreme court that poses a risk to the continuation of in vitro fertilization in Alabama, voters on Super Tuesday cast their votes for the court’s new justices in a highly anticipated Republican primary election.

Last month, the Supreme Court of Alabama redefined frozen embryos as children, broadening the definition of “personhood” supported by Christian fundamentalists and anti-abortion organizations that believe life begins at fertilization. This further highlights the potential consequences of the potential overturning of Roe v Wade.

The decision was met with widespread criticism and concern. The state’s fertility clinics were afraid of facing immediate legal examination and the possibility of being forced to close, causing families to be left in a heart-wrenching state of uncertainty.

The predicted victor of the Republican primary for the upcoming chief justice position is Sarah Stewart, a Republican judge, who is also a current member of the court and supported the contentious ruling. Stewart will go on to compete against Democratic opponent Greg Griffin, a circuit judge from Montgomery County.

The outgoing chief justice of Alabama, Tom Parker, who is 72 years old, supports Christian nationalist beliefs and referenced the Bible in a recent IVF ruling. However, he is not able to run for another term due to the state’s law prohibiting judges over the age of 70 from being elected.

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Dean Phillips praises Joe Biden in a humble tweet.

Minnesota Democratic Rep Dean Phillips who challenged President Joe Biden for the nomination wrote on X on Tuesday night: “Congratulations to Joe Biden, Uncommitted, Marianne Williamson, and Nikki Haley for demonstrating more appeal to Democratic Party loyalists than me.”

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“Joe Biden suffers defeat in the American Samoa caucus”

On Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden experienced his first defeat in the United States territory of American Samoa as he was bested by lesser-known candidate Jason Palmer in the Democratic caucus by a margin of 51 votes to 40.

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Tune in to see Trump’s response to his victories on Super Tuesday while the race in Vermont stays close.

At this moment, it appears highly likely that Donald Trump will once again be chosen as the Republican Party’s candidate for president in 2024. He has already earned significant victories in several primaries, including Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, South Carolina, Michigan, Idaho, and Missouri. Any uncertainty about his position on the ballot has been eliminated by the US Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday, stating that states do not have the power to disqualify candidates.

Nikki Haley, the under-performing former UN ambassador, remains as the only challenger to the well-funded individual.

As votes were tallied on Tuesday evening, Ms. Haley and Mr. Trump were in close competition in Vermont.


The report states that Elon Musk met with former president Trump in an effort to increase his financial resources.

On Super Tuesday, Mr. Trump aimed for a complete set of wins that would bring him closer to a potential rematch against Joe Biden for the presidency on November 5th.

The New York Times reports that the ex-president and his team are searching for more significant donors to boost his financial situation as he prepares for a potential general election against Mr Biden.

It is not currently evident if Mr. Musk intends to financially support Mr. Trump, but his recent social media activity indicates his belief that Mr. Biden’s term should conclude.

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“The responsibility for the Gaza ceasefire lies with Hamas,” stated Biden.

According to Joe Biden, the responsibility for a ceasefire in Gaza lies with Hamas. He made this statement during a press conference on Tuesday, March 5th.

The US leader echoed a statement made by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, stating that there is a chance for a prompt ceasefire, but the group bears the responsibility.

According to Mr Biden, the Israelis have been working together and a ceasefire is needed.

According to Hamas, the responsibility for achieving a ceasefire before Ramadan now lies with the Americans, and they must apply sufficient pressure on the Israelis if they are truly committed to the cause.

Biden calls for a ceasefire in Gaza as Ramadan nears.

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It is predicted that Trump will win states where he was originally excluded from the ballot.

According to projections, Donald Trump is set to secure the Republican nomination for president in both Colorado and Maine. However, his eligibility for the presidency has been called into question by a state supreme court and a top elections official, who cited the 14th Amendment that prohibits individuals who have participated in insurrection from holding public office.

His wins in those states occurred only a day following the US Supreme Court’s decision that only Congress, not individual states, holds the power to disqualify insurrectionists in federal elections. This overturned the Colorado Supreme Court’s groundbreaking ruling that deemed Mr. Trump unfit for office due to his actions on January 6.

The unanimous decision by the Supreme Court did not address the main argument made in the Maine and Colorado rulings. These rulings stated that Mr. Trump was responsible for inciting an insurrection through his actions in fueling the mob that attacked the US Capitol.

The three liberal members of the high court strongly opposed the notion that only Congress has the power to take action. They noted that the conservative majority was trying to prevent any potential challenges to federal officeholders who may have participated in an insurrection. According to the liberal justices, the conservative majority has essentially declared that a candidate who participated in an insurrection could still run for and win office, as long as they have the backing of the dominant political party in Congress.

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As Haley’s Super Tuesday aspirations fade, Trump continues to charge ahead towards securing the Republican nomination.

The ex-president, who has been impeached twice and indicted four times, easily won the states of Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas, and North Carolina, beating out former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. The outcome of the elections in states like California is still pending.

On Super Tuesday, Republicans competed in primary elections in 15 states, namely Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. They also participated in caucuses in Alaska and Utah. This day is considered the midway point of the primary season and historically, winning on Super Tuesday has led to being chosen as the party’s nominee.

On Super Tuesday, 865 delegates are at stake, with the most significant states being Texas with 161 delegates and California with 122 delegates. The Republican Party’s nominee must secure 1,215 delegates. Currently, Mr. Trump has been victorious in all GOP primary races, except for the District of Columbia, which was won by Ms. Haley.

Mr. Trump has recently been winning in several polls, which suggest that he could surpass President Joe Biden. One of these polls, conducted by New York Times/Siena College and released over the weekend, showed Mr. Trump winning by a significant margin. In the same survey, Mr. Trump also emerged as the clear winner against Vice President Kamala Harris.

With Mr Trump’s personal successes, his impact was also evident in the success of lower-ballot candidates. In North Carolina, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, a staunch Maga Republican known for his derogatory comments towards the LGBTQ+ community and Jews, secured the Republican nomination for governor in a state that Mr Trump had previously won.

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Trump wins Minnesota

According to the AP, Donald Trump is projected to be the victor in the Minnesota Republican primary.

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