The Met Office has released a warning for snow and ice as a cold front from the Arctic is expected to hit the UK. This alert is currently ongoing.

The Met Office has released a warning for snow and ice as a cold front from the Arctic is expected to hit the UK. This alert is currently ongoing.

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The Met Office has released additional weather alerts for Thursday, predicting snow and rain to affect many areas of the country.

Warnings for snow have been issued for certain areas in northern England and north Wales, along with a combination of yellow rain and snow warnings across all four nations.

The Peak District and southern Pennines could receive up to 25cm of snow, with a warning in effect from noon to 6pm on Thursday.

A distinct alert for snow and ice will be enforced from 8am to 3pm in the northern regions of Wales and Shropshire, with a general prediction of 10-15cm in both locations.

Kathryn Chalk, the chief meteorologist at the Met Office, advised individuals to stay informed by regularly checking the forecast and the Met Office warning page for any new information. It is important to plan for longer journey times, especially when traveling in snowy conditions.

“Remember to assess the overall condition of your car – if you need to go on a trip, check your tires, oil level, and windshield washer fluid. Also, allow extra time for your journey.”


“What can be done to assist birds in surviving during snowy conditions?”

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has provided advice to homeowners on how to aid birds in surviving snowy conditions.

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The weather on Thursday is expected to include snow and ice.

Most of the nation is currently under advisories for a combination of snow, ice, and rain. Higher elevations can expect to receive up to 10 inches of snow.

There are amber weather alerts for snow in effect for areas of northern England and north Wales. Additionally, there are yellow warnings for a combination of rain and snow across all four nations.

This map provides an overview of the expected rainfall in various regions for today.

<p>Met Office map shows snow and ice risk on Thursday</p>
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The Met Office has released a map indicating the potential for snow and ice on Thursday.

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The southern region is currently under a severe weather advisory for heavy rainfall.

Parts of southern England are currently experiencing a yellow weather warning due to heavy rainfall. This may cause travel delays for those commuting in the early morning.

A warning was issued at 2am and will remain in effect until 6am. The Met Office has cautioned about possible flooding in the region, which may cause longer travel times.

Public transportation options such as buses and trains may experience disruptions due to the presence of spray and water accumulation.

The caution applies to the entire southern area, which encompasses Plymouth, Brighton, London, and Cardiff.

<p>Yellow weather warning for rain in effect in southern parts on Thursday morning </p>
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There is a yellow weather alert for rainfall in the morning on Thursday for the southern regions.

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View: Woman buried under snow avalanche while shoveling from roof

A woman was engulfed by an avalanche from a roof while shoveling snow.

Witness the incident where a woman, who was shoveling snow in her garden, was covered by an avalanche that descended from the roof. Video footage from a surveillance camera at Ms Xu’s residence in Changde, Hunan province, China captured her clearing snow on February 4th. While working in the yard, she was suddenly buried under a large amount of snow that came crashing down from the roof. Her family members quickly rushed to help her up after she fell to the ground. Ms Xu shared with local media that she experienced pain in her lower back and spine due to the fall, but was relieved that she did not sustain any serious injuries.

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Educational institutions are scheduled for closure.

Due to the snow, schools in affected areas are anticipated to be closed on Thursday.

All schools in Flintshire, Wales will be closing, and there are also anticipated closures in Powys, Welshpool, and Llanfyllin.

On Wednesday, many schools in the Scottish Highlands were closed.

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UK will experience snow showers.

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Authorities in charge of health give a cautionary notice.

The Health Security Agency in the UK has issued a cold weather alert for certain areas of England. This may lead to an increase in demand for healthcare and social services due to cold-related health issues.

The notification spans from below Birmingham to the Scottish Borders.

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There is a possibility of being isolated in rural areas – alert.

The Met Office has issued a warning that rural areas, particularly in north Wales, northwest Shropshire, and the Peak District and south Pennines, may experience isolation due to amber warnings.

Amber warnings, which are more serious than yellow, could mean potential power cuts, mobile phone coverage affected and travel disruption.

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Gritting vehicles are ready to be deployed in large numbers.

Local governments in the northern regions of England and Scotland are getting ready for the snowy weather. In areas such as Cumberland and Derbyshire, authorities are dispatching gritting vehicles to improve driving and walking conditions on the roads.

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A storm had left thousands of people stranded only two weeks prior.

Just a reminder: It has only been two weeks since Storm Jocelyn brought winds of 97mph, resulting in significant travel disruptions and leaving thousands without electricity.

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