The latest updates indicate that Biden believes the US will be judged by history for the collapse of funds for Kyiv.

The latest updates indicate that Biden believes the US will be judged by history for the collapse of funds for Kyiv.

Kyiv experiences its biggest drone assault ever from Russia, resulting in five individuals being injured.

President Joe Biden of the United States has made a heartfelt request to Republicans who are preventing additional assistance to Ukraine, urging them to not abandon the cause of liberty. Despite a discouraging discussion in Congress, where a small majority voted against a proposed bill for billions of dollars in aid to Kyiv, Biden remains hopeful.

The US Congress was unsuccessful in approving a $110 billion package for Ukraine, Israel, and other national security matters on Wednesday evening.

There has been a proposal by Republicans to increase the funding for securing the US-Mexico border.

On X, Mr Biden stated in a video, “Our duty as a prominent nation in the global community cannot be hindered by petty and divisive partisan politics.”

He stated, “If we ignore the fight for freedom in Ukraine, history will not look upon us kindly. We must not allow Putin to succeed.”

According to US budget director Shalanda Young, the Defense Department had utilized 97% of the funds allocated for Ukraine by mid-November. If not replenished, these funds may be depleted by the end of 2023, resulting in a lack of significant military aid for Ukraine.


If the US fails to provide additional aid to Ukraine, Biden states that “history will be the judge.”

President Joe Biden of the United States has stated that the country may face criticism from history if it fails to provide additional assistance to Ukraine.

On X, Mr. Biden made a request to Republicans who rejected a proposed package of additional assistance on Wednesday evening.

You can see his request below.

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The British Ministry of Defense has published a video revealing the extent of damage to a town in eastern Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defence released a video that depicts the damage caused by Russian troops in the town of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine.

You have the option to watch the video posted below.

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The country of Ukraine will utilize trains to transport stranded trucks across the border with Poland.

An official from the national railway company stated that on Thursday, Ukraine plans to circumvent a border blockade caused by Polish truck drivers by using train platforms to transport lorries.

Last month, Polish truckers initiated protests against the conditions of EU entry for Ukrainian trucks. This resulted in the blocking of major land routes into Ukraine, causing an increase in fuel and certain food prices, as well as disruptions to drone shipments for the Ukrainian military.

Valeriy Tkachov, deputy director of the railway’s commercial department, reported that a train with 23 loaded container wagons and lorries is currently stopped at the crossing in Hrubeshuv, located on the border between Ukraine and Poland.

He mentioned that the technical aspects were being coordinated between the Ukrainian and Polish parties at present.

Tkachov stated that once the test train is successful and everything is in order, they will proceed to launch it on a large scale.

According to Ukrainian officials, approximately 3,000 trucks are currently stranded at the Polish-Ukrainian border due to protests. However, negotiations between authorities and protesters have not yet resulted in a resolution to end the blockade.

The primary request of Polish truck drivers is to discontinue the permit-free entry of Ukrainian truckers into the European Union, which Kyiv and Brussels claim is not feasible.

<p>A man offers food for sale to lorry drivers held up because of striking customs officers near Kukuryki at the Polish-Belarus border</p>

A man is selling food to truck drivers who are experiencing delays due to a strike by customs officers near the Polish-Belarus border in Kukuryki.

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In a school shooting in Russia, a teenage girl fatally shot a classmate before taking her own life.

A student from Russia fatally shot a fellow classmate and wounded five others before taking her own life, according to local officials.

According to authorities in the local area, a 14-year-old female entered her school located in Bryansk, a city in western Russia near the border of Ukraine. She was carrying a shotgun that was registered under her father’s name.

The Russian Investigative Committee, responsible for investigating serious crimes, stated that the teenager murdered one of her classmates and is currently investigating a possible motive.

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A Russian patriot who sought to challenge Putin’s leadership will remain in custody.

Igor Girkin, a Russian nationalist, had previously expressed his desire to run against Vladimir Putin in the upcoming presidential election in March. However, on Thursday, he was granted a six-month extension of his detention as he faces trial for allegedly inciting extremism.

The decision, declared by a court in Moscow, eliminates the slim possibility that Girkin would be granted permission to compete.

Girkin, who is 52 years old, gained recognition in the Western world for his involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 above Ukraine in 2014. This resulted in the tragic loss of 298 individuals on board. In 2020, a Dutch court found him guilty of murder, even though he was not present for the trial. However, Girkin maintains his innocence and denies any involvement.

The former Federal Security Service (FSB) officer had organised pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine since early 2014. Also known as Igor Strelkov, he has repeatedly said Russia faces upheaval unless the military leadership fights more effectively in Ukraine.

If found guilty of “publicly urging extremist actions,” he may face a maximum prison sentence of five years.

<p>Ex-Russian officer Igor Girkin said Putin’s troops were ‘deteriorating’ in Ukraine</p>

Former Russian military officer Igor Girkin stated that Putin’s soldiers were experiencing a decline in performance in Ukraine.

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What is the reason for a large number of Gurkhas from Nepal to be recruited by Russia to fight in Ukraine?

Around 200 citizens of Nepal are currently working as paid soldiers in the Russian military. However, this is not just a situation that benefits the Kremlin’s efforts to recruit more troops, as Namita Singh details.

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A man has been detained by Russia for allegedly causing explosions on trains at the request of Ukraine.

The FSB security service of Russia announced that they have apprehended a man from Belarus on Thursday. He is accused of causing explosions on two trains in Siberia, following orders from Ukrainian intelligence. This was allegedly part of a plan to sabotage Russia’s important infrastructure.

On November 29 and 30, two assaults took place in Buryatia, a region in Russia that shares a border with Mongolia and is located thousands of kilometers away from Ukraine.

According to a source from Ukraine who spoke with Reuters, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) carried out the operations with the intention of disrupting railway lines in Siberia that are utilized by Russia for military purposes.

Reuters was unable to confirm on its own whether the railway routes were utilized for transporting military equipment.

During the initial assault, bombs were set off on a freight train passing through the Severomuysky Tunnel. This tunnel, spanning 9.5 miles (15.3 km), is the longest in Russia for a non-urban railway, known as the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

The second strike targeted a cargo train on the Chertov Bridge in the same area, which serves as an alternate route for trains when the Severomuysky Tunnel is unavailable.

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Russian spies hack high-profile politicians and former spy chief in ‘grey warfare’ campaign

Leo Docherty announced in Parliament that a cyber influence operation carried out by a group called Star Blizzard has been uncovered. This group is believed to be linked to a cyber unit under the FSB.

Since 2015, the group has been engaged in a practice called spear-phishing, which involves leaking and magnifying information. They have targeted a substantial number of parliamentarians from various political parties in this activity.

The Russian ambassador was called to the FCDO by Mr Docherty, who informed them that there will be consequences for their actions.

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Four Su-35 fighter jets accompanied Putin’s aircraft on an uncommon journey from Russia to the Middle East.

Four Sukhoi aircraft accompanied President Vladimir Putin’s official plane during his visit to the United Arab Emirates, marking a rare occasion of him traveling abroad from Russia.

The Su-35 fighter jets of the Russian Air Force formed a tight safety net around Mr Putin’s plane as they escorted him all the way from Russia to Abu Dhabi, landing at the commercial airport there. Less than 30km away is the Al-Dhafra Air Base, is a major US military hub in the region.

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The Russian government claims that the White House is attempting to portray them in a negative light in order to gain support from Congress.

The Kremlin alleges that the White House is using the Russian threat as a means to obtain funding from Congress. This accusation comes after President Joe Biden stated that Russia would potentially target a NATO member nation if they were not successful in Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for the Kremlin, stated that Biden’s intention is to persist in using taxpayers’ funds to fuel warfare.

The individual blamed the White House for vilifying Russia and suggested that if Washington ceased its support for Kyiv, other Western nations would follow suit.

<p>President Biden warned congress aid to Ukraine ‘cannot wait'</p>

The President cautioned Congress that assistance to Ukraine must not be delayed.

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