The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched a drone attack on the West Bank while reports indicate that approximately 700 people have been killed in Gaza, making it the latest development in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched a drone attack on the West Bank while reports indicate that approximately 700 people have been killed in Gaza, making it the latest development in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The IDF has released video footage of the airstrikes in Gaza.

During a raid in the occupied West Bank, Israel used a drone to attack after claiming that they were fired upon by a group of Palestinians.

According to Palestinian officials, the drone attack resulted in the deaths of at least three people.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, over 700 Palestinians were reported dead in Israeli air strikes within the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of Palestinian deaths since 7 October to at least 5,791. However, the accuracy of these numbers cannot be confirmed.

The Israeli armed forces reported that they eliminated numerous members of Hamas during an overnight operation, striking more than 400 targets associated with the group. However, the complete eradication of the militant Islamist organization, whose surprise attack on October 7th shook Israel, will require additional time.

On Tuesday, the United Nations, United States, and Canada requested a temporary break in the fighting between Israel and Hamas in order to provide necessary aid to civilians in Gaza who are lacking basic necessities such as food, water, medicine, and electricity.


Syria alleges that an Israeli airstrike resulted in the deaths of eight Syrian military members.

According to state media, an Israeli airstrike in the south west of Syria resulted in the deaths of eight Syrian military officials.

According to Sana, the IDF attacked multiple locations near Deraa, causing injury to an additional seven individuals.

After Israel’s Defence Forces reported striking Syrian Army infrastructure and mortar launches in response to rocket launches from Syria.

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As Israel prepares to enter Gaza, the US is sharing valuable insights gained from urban combat experience in Iraq and Syria.

The possibility of Israeli troops attacking Gaza’s crowded city areas, where terrorists hide behind innocent civilians, evokes painful recollections of the violent conflicts fought by the coalition led by the U.S. against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

As Israel prepares for a potential ground invasion against Hamas, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his military leaders see the intense combat in Mosul and Raqqa, along with the civilian deaths caused by airstrikes and gunfights, as valuable lessons to be shared.

“In our conversations with the Israelis, and as we’ve made very clear, we’re continuing to highlight, the importance of mitigating civilian casualties and ensuring that … things like safety corridors are thought through,” Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon spokesman, said Tuesday.

The United States has the ability to vividly depict the killing of innocent civilians.

An Associated Press investigation revealed that during the eight-month long battle to free Mosul from Islamic militants, approximately 10,000 individuals lost their lives. This included at least 3,200 innocent civilians who were killed by airstrikes, artillery fire, or mortar rounds between October 2016 and the defeat of the Islamic State group in July 2017.

A similar amount of non-combatants were either fatally harmed or held captive by armed extremists and utilized as protection while escaping the urban area.

<p>Palestinians inspect the damage of destroyed houses after Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City,</p>


Palestinians are surveying the harm caused by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City, Gaza, which resulted in the destruction of several homes.

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The United Nations leader cautions about blatant disregard for humanitarian laws in Gaza.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, the secretary-general of the United Nations expressed his strongest criticism yet of Israel’s actions in the Gaza conflict. Israeli soldiers were preparing to enter Gaza in the next phase of the conflict against Palestinian militants.

As reported by Gaza’s health ministry, over 700 Palestinians lost their lives in Israeli air strikes during the time span of Monday to Tuesday. This marks the highest number of deaths within a 24-hour period since Israel initiated its bombardment of the Strip in an attempt to weaken Hamas following their unexpected attack on October 7th.

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Israel vows to completely eliminate all Hamas militants.

The foreign minister of Israel justified their military strike on Gaza, stating that it was a justified reaction to the attack by Hamas on October 7th. He also vowed to completely destroy all of the militant members, stating that it is not only their right but also their duty to do so.

The Israeli army reported preventing an attack by a team of Hamas divers attempting to breach the Israeli border from a beach north of Gaza. The group was met with airstrikes, naval presence, and ground forces.

In central and south Gaza, Israel instructed civilians to seek refuge, and in these areas, there were numerous instances of rescuers extracting the deceased and injured from extensive piles of debris resulting from collapsed structures. Disturbing images and footage captured by the AP revealed rescuers uncovering the bodies of children from multiple demolished buildings.

A man kneeled on the ground inside the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah beside three deceased children covered in bloody sheets. Later on, at the morgue nearby, employees held a prayer for 24 deceased individuals who were wrapped in body bags, including several young children.

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The frequency of Israeli air attacks in Gaza has increased, resulting in the destruction of residences and the deaths of multiple people at once.

On Tuesday, Israel intensified its bombings in the Gaza Strip, causing destruction to residential buildings and resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians. As a result, medical facilities were forced to close due to damage from the bombs and loss of electricity.

According to the interior ministry controlled by Hamas, Israeli aircraft carried out a sustained airstrike on various locations throughout Gaza overnight.

<p>A view of buildings that were destroyed during Israeli air raids in the southern Gaza Strip on 25 October 2023 in Khan Yunis, Gaza</p>

On October 25, 2023, in Khan Yunis, Gaza, buildings were destroyed in the southern Gaza Strip due to Israeli air raids.

The continuously rising number of casualties resulting from the airstrikes is unlike anything seen in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. This foreshadows an even higher death toll in Gaza as Israeli troops, supported by tanks and artillery, prepare to initiate a ground assault with the goal of defeating Hamas militants.

The 2.3 million inhabitants of Gaza are facing shortages of basic necessities such as food, water, and medicine due to Israel’s blockade of the area after the destructive attack by Hamas on southern Israeli towns on October 7th.

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The White House has canceled the idea of having B-52s provide entertainment at the state dinner while the Israel-Hamas conflict is ongoing.

The White House cancelled their original intention to feature the musical group The B-52s at the state dinner for Australia’s prime minister on Wednesday. This decision was made due to the belief that it would be insensitive during a time of widespread suffering, as stated by first lady Jill Biden.

The first lady made an announcement on Tuesday that changes were made to the entertainment planned for the dinner, without mentioning the Israel-Hamas war. Instead of the band known for songs like “Love Shack”, instrumental music will be provided by the Marine band, Army, and Air Force Strolling Strings.

Maintaining strong partnerships and relationships with our allies is crucial, particularly during these uncertain times,” she stated. “Food has a soothing, reassuring, and restorative quality, and we aim for this dinner to offer some of that too.”

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Russia is exercising caution in its approach to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, as it aims to increase its influence on the global stage.

The Russian government has voiced measured disapproval of both parties involved in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, this situation has also opened up possibilities for Russia to assert itself as a major player in global affairs and undermine attempts by Western nations to isolate it due to the situation in Ukraine.

Although Moscow may not have the ability to facilitate a resolution in the Middle East, it may attempt to exploit any perceived credibility issues with the West’s approach to the conflict. Additionally, it anticipates that the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict will divert attention from the ongoing fighting in Ukraine and weaken support for Kyiv.

Despite potential benefits, there are also potential drawbacks for Moscow. One such drawback could be damaging its current relationship with Israel, which has previously prevented it from providing weapons to Ukraine.

<p>Russian president Vladimir Putin listens to Russian deputy prime minister</p>

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is attentive to the words of the deputy prime minister of Russia.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has denounced the 7 October assault carried out by Hamas fighters on towns located in southern Israel. However, he also cautioned Israel against imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, comparing it to the siege of Leningrad by Nazi Germany during World War II.

He has portrayed the war as a result of the United States’ diplomatic failure, accusing them of choosing to provide financial aid to the Palestinians instead of working towards establishing a Palestinian state.

Earlier this month, Mr. Putin stated that Moscow could act as a mediator due to its positive relationships with both Israel and the Palestinians. He also emphasized that Russia could not be accused of favoring one side.

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The United States is creating backup plans to remove American citizens from the Middle East.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that they are making preparations to potentially evacuate Americans from the Middle East in the event that the Israel-Hamas conflict escalates into a larger regional war.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, emphasized that there are currently no ongoing attempts to remove Americans from the area. However, the U.S government has started conducting charter flights from Israel earlier this month.

Kirby stated that it would be unwise and negligent to not consider a wide range of potential scenarios. He also noted that evacuations are among the possible actions to consider.

The White House discussed backup plans in response to increasing worries about the ongoing 18-day conflict between Israel and Hamas potentially escalating further.

The United States has suggested to Israel that delaying a potential ground incursion into Gaza may be beneficial, as the U.S. and other regional allies work towards securing the freedom of over 200 hostages taken during the Hamas attack on October 7th.

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Observe: Thick clouds of smoke envelop hospital in Gaza following intense bombing.

In Gaza, a hospital is engulfed in plumes of smoke following intense bombing by Israel and Hamas.

On Tuesday, 24 October 2023, thick clouds of smoke filled the sky near Al-Amal Hospital in Kana Yunis, Gaza. A video released by the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) shows a large number of individuals running after hearing news of heavy bombing in the surrounding area. Reuters has confirmed the location of the video. The Palestinian health ministry reported that over 5,000 people have lost their lives in Gaza due to two weeks of intense airstrikes carried out by Israeli forces in response to a severe attack by Hamas on southern Israel on 7 October. Israeli officials claim that 1,400 people have been killed in Israel following the attack by Hamas.

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An Arab-Israeli medical professional chose to remain at a festival where a massacre occurred to assist the wounded, but was tragically killed by Hamas.

The family of an Arab-Israeli paramedic, who provided aid to injured survivors during the attack at a music festival in the desert, has shared that he was killed by Hamas militants.

At the Supernova festival, Awad Darawashe, 22, was working at a first aid tent when Hamas initiated their lethal assault on October 7th in the early morning.

According to his cousin, Kazim Khalileh, the militants took control of his ambulance and brought it back to Gaza with people being held as hostages.

Mr Darawashe, from Iksal – a small Arab-majority town near Nazareth – was seen treating victims with gunshot wounds just moments before militants completely overran the overnight rave.

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