The eruption of a volcano in Iceland is expected to happen soon as there have been 120 earthquakes in the area, according to live updates.

The eruption of a volcano in Iceland is expected to happen soon as there have been 120 earthquakes in the area, according to live updates.

Large fissures emerge on streets in Icelandic village facing potential volcanic eruption.

The Icelandic Met Office reports that approximately 120 earthquakes have occurred in the vicinity of Grindavik, indicating a potential eruption.

The Icelandic Met Office has identified the precise location for a potential eruption, stating that the likelihood of one occurring is still high.

Experts at the Icelandic Met Office have issued a key update after a study of data from GPS stations and satellite images showed an “uplift” continues in the area of Svartsengi, north of Grindavík.

The Met Office announced that the possibility of an eruption remains high due to ongoing magma inflow. They also noted that the most probable location for an eruption is in the center of the dike, between Hagafell and Sýlingarfell.

According to RUV, the port at Grindavik has been made deeper due to earthquake activity.

The fluctuation in depth is attributed to the effects of the earthquakes, according to Sigurður Arnar Kristmundsson, the port manager.

He informed RUV that the docks appeared to have decreased in height by approximately 20-30 centimeters during their measurement about 10 days prior, and there is a possibility that the bottom has also shifted downward.

Two weeks ago, the town of Grindavik was forced to evacuate due to seismic activity caused by magma, which created large cracks in the streets.


There is a possibility of a volcanic eruption happening in the vicinity of the popular Blue Lagoon.

Up until this point, the primary concern has been the potential location of an eruption being the dike near the evacuated town of Grindavik.

The Met Office of Iceland has released a comprehensive report following a series of earthquakes over the weekend and the beginning of this week, indicating that the epicenter may be in a different location.

According to GPS data and satellite images, there is ongoing uplift in Svartseng, located near the popular Blue Lagoon attraction about three miles north of Grindavik.

According to the latest analysis and available data, a spokesperson stated that an eruption along the dike is still probable as long as the inflow of magma persists.

“It has been determined that the most probable location for an eruption is in the central section of the dike, between Hagafell and Sýlingarfell.”

Hagafell and Sýlingarfell are both located north of Grindavik, with a distance of approximately four miles between them.

<p>Iceland Met Office map showing earthquake activity near the Blue Lagoon</p>

The map from the Iceland Met Office displays the occurrence of earthquakes in the vicinity of the Blue Lagoon.

Sam Rkaina29 November 2023 07:50

The deserted town in Iceland that remains in a state of uncertainty due to a volcanic eruption.

However, the volunteer rescue teams stationed in harsh 32mph winds are required to adhere to the strict guidelines set by Iceland’s tourism minister. Despite a lot of heated discussions in Icelandic, we eventually make our way through.

The media has been allowed to accompany the coach for the first time since the 5.2-magnitude earthquake caught global attention. Despite initial concerns about Iceland’s economy and rumors of the country sinking, the government has finally agreed to let the press visit the location after days of delays.

Shweta Sharma2 December 2023 03:45

“Live feed of seismic activity in close proximity to Grindavik”


As Grindavik’s residents get ready to go back, a massive hole measuring 25 meters wide has emerged.

Yesterday, a 25m deep hole formed on Hópbraut near Grindavik, causing continued instability in the surrounding land. While photographers arrived on the scene, scientists were already examining and measuring the hole.

The opening present is a natural indication of the fractures that have emerged in this area due to the disintegration.

When the solid rock breaks, the soil does not remain attached and instead crumbles into the crevice. This particular crevice is located approximately 25.7 meters deep, reaching the water table.

According to RUV, Ármann Höskuldsson, a research professor of volcanology at the University of Iceland, explained that the lake itself is naturally deeper.

Barney Davis2 December 2023 01:20

Potential threat to employees as a fresh cavity emerges near Grindavik.

A recently discovered opening formed beneath a construction vehicle operating near the massive crevice that emerged in Grindavík.

“According to MBL, Henry Ásgeirsson, a worker for Jóni and Margeiri, shared that he was operating a crawler to repair pipes near a large crevice. While inspecting the area, the crawler unexpectedly submerged beneath him.”

He reports that the vicinity is full of cracks and poses a serious hazard.

My coworker, Jón Berg Reynisson, captured images of the beginning.

“We are always uncertain about what lies ahead in these occupations, but the hole was not of significant size. The ground may collapse and we have no knowledge of its depth and breadth,” he explains.

“We make an effort to be cautious, but there is always a possibility for unforeseen events in this vicinity.”

Barney Davis1 December 2023 23:17

The mayor of Grindavik is hopeful for a swift reopening, as restoration efforts are currently in progress.

The speaker noted that there is a diverse range of companies showing interest in resuming operations. As there is housing and equipment available for production and services, individuals are coming back and utilizing these chances to sustain their businesses.

Fannar highlighted the increasing feeling of camaraderie and reciprocal assistance in Grindavík.

“I am pleased to witness the overwhelming support from everyone. It is essential for those who are working to have access to food and necessary services. Additionally, various businesses such as machine shops and wood workshops are reopening, highlighting the interconnectedness of our community. As we enter a new phase, we are hopeful for a brighter future.”

<p>Grindavik </p>
Barney Davis1 December 2023 21:17

Icelandic residents were able to reunite with their pets after evacuating their homes due to the threat of a nearby volcano.

Iceland’s town of Grindavik has recently experienced a rescue mission for hundreds of pets who were displaced from their owners due to potential danger from a nearby volcanic eruption.

Organizations have participated in various rescue operations in an attempt to save animals in the town, with rescuers frequently revisiting the area to search for animals.

Rescue efforts were focused on cats, dogs, hamsters, and even hens who were abandoned due to the urgent evacuation orders that gave residents only a few minutes to leave. A total of 4,000 individuals were forced to evacuate.

Read the full article from Barney Davis

Alexander Butler1 December 2023 19:00

Could the top selfie spot in Iceland have suddenly appeared?

Iceland offers a variety of tourist attractions, from the breathtaking Northern Lights to the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon, making it a popular destination.

However, the nation may have discovered a new location for tourists to capture photos in, as the small port town of Grindavík experienced a series of earthquakes.

After concerns about a potential volcanic eruption lessen, the town is considering the most effective way to bounce back from the damage caused by torn-up streets and evacuated residents.

Please refer to the complete article written by our journalist Barney Davis here.

Alexander Butler1 December 2023 18:00

Mount Etna erupts with molten lava and emits smoke into the darkened sky.

On December 1st, an impressive video was released showcasing Mount Etna in Italy as it erupted with molten lava and plumes of smoke, located south of Iceland.

Although it may not be a powerful explosion, Mount Etna erupts often and produces clouds of ash that could potentially disrupt the nearby airport in Catania.

The Sicilian volcano has been experiencing a surge in eruption activity since November 2023.

It is thought that Mount Etna has the most extensive known record of volcanic eruptions compared to all other volcanoes, as there are records dating back to 425 B.C.

At night, Mount Etna erupts lava and emits smoke into the sky.

View captivating video of Mount Etna in Italy releasing lava and emitting smoke into the dark sky on the morning of December 1st. Although it was a smaller eruption, Mount Etna is known for its frequent activity and has been causing ash plumes that could potentially impact the nearby Catania airport. The current eruption cycle began in mid-November 2023 and Mount Etna is said to have the longest recorded history of volcanic eruptions, with records dating back to 425 B.C.

Barney Davis1 December 2023 17:25

The volcano has left an abandoned town in Iceland in a state of uncertainty.

As we are given permission to pass through the roadblock preventing people from returning to Grindavik, a feeling of apprehension grows among the passengers on the coach due to the looming threat of a volcanic eruption.

However, the volunteers assigned to guard duty in the midst of strong winds of 32mph must adhere to the strict directives of Iceland’s tourism minister. Despite the intense debates in Icelandic, we eventually make our way through.

Alexander Butler1 December 2023 17:00