The conflict between Russia and Ukraine: Russian forces are intensifying their plans for invasion by attacking Bakhmut.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine: Russian forces are intensifying their plans for invasion by attacking Bakhmut.

The country of Ukraine has shared a video showing a damaged Russian ship in the region of Crimea.

The leader of Ukraine’s ground forces stated on Telegram that Russian forces have increased their attack in order to reclaim territory near Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian military has regained control of the high points near Bakhmut and has made progress towards the city’s western, northern, and southern areas since the start of Kyiv’s summer counterattack.


The city of Bakhmut in the eastern region, known for its mining industry, was the location of the most intense battle during the war. However, it was eventually captured by Russian forces in May 2014.

“Recently, there has been increased Russian activity in the direction of Bakhmut, with attempts to reclaim previously defeated areas. However, our forces are successfully defending against enemy attacks,” reported Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi in a Sunday afternoon update on Telegram.

The much-anticipated counterattack by Ukraine has only seen small advancements and significant casualties, as Ukrainian soldiers face difficulties breaking through Russian defenses in the southern region.

In the meantime, Moscow’s military has made efforts to advance in the northeastern region, possibly as a means of diverting Kyiv’s attention and limiting the amount of soldiers it can deploy to critical battles in the south and east.

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian ground forces also stated that Russian soldiers have transitioned from a defensive stance to an offensive one near Bakhmut. This has resulted in increased pressure on Ukrainian troops located south of the city.


Russian soldiers are continuing their attempts to surround Avdiivka.

The General Staff of Ukraine reported that Russian soldiers are still attempting to surround Avdiivka, a stronghold in southern Bakhmut and a significant objective since the start of the conflict.

It is seen as the entrance to areas in the eastern Donetsk region that are under Kyiv’s jurisdiction.

The General Staff announced that the air force played a crucial role in the recent Russian attack. Gen. Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of Ukrainian troops in and around Avdiivka, stated on Sunday that the Russian forces were intensifying their use of airstrikes, specifically those utilizing guided bombs. In a message on Telegram, he reported that Russian soldiers carried out 30 airstrikes and 712 artillery attacks on the city and its outskirts in the past day, and engaged in almost 50 conflicts with Ukrainian units.

<p> An elderly civilian woman stands with a cat on the balcony of her destroyed house in the city of Avdiivka</p>

A senior civilian woman stands on the balcony of her demolished home in Avdiivka city, accompanied by a cat.

Lydia Patrick12 November 2023 13:30

Russia intensifies assaults on major cities in eastern Ukraine.

The leader of Ukraine’s ground forces announced on Telegram that Moscow’s military has initiated a campaign to reclaim land near Bakhmut, the mining city in eastern Ukraine where the deadliest battle of the war took place. This territory had previously been captured by Russian forces in May.

The Ukrainian military has regained control of the elevated areas near Bakhmut and has pushed forward towards the city’s western, northern, and southern regions since the start of Kyiv’s summer counteroffensive.

“Russian forces have increased their activity in the direction of Bakhmut and are attempting to regain previously held positions. However, our troops are successfully defending against enemy attacks,” stated Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi in a Telegram update on Sunday afternoon.

The much-anticipated counterattack by Ukraine has only led to small advances and significant casualties, as Ukrainian soldiers face difficulty breaking through Russian defenses in the southern region. At the same time, Russian forces have launched an offensive in the northeast, possibly as a tactic to divert attention from key battles in the south and east and limit the number of Ukrainian troops available for those areas.

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian ground forces also stated that Russian soldiers had shifted their strategy from defense to active defense in the vicinity of Bakhmut, in an effort to push against Ukrainian troops south of the city. Vladimir Fityo shared this information on Ukrainian television and mentioned that Russian troops were actively searching for vulnerabilities in Ukrainian defenses, and increasing their use of artillery attacks on Ukrainian positions.

<p>Dozens of Russians are said to make up the “Siberian Battalion”</p>

Dozens of Russians are said to make up the “Siberian Battalion”

Lydia Patrick12 November 2023 12:35

Under the plan proposed by Scholz, Germany is expected to increase their military aid to Ukraine by two times its current amount.

The governing coalition led by German chancellor Olaf Scholz has tentatively approved a plan to increase military assistance to Ukraine next year to 8 billion euros ($8.5 billion). This information was shared by a political source in Berlin.

The source stated that if Scholz’s parties, who have a majority in parliament, approve it, Germany’s defense spending would be raised to 2.1% of its gross domestic product target. This exceeds the 2% commitment made by all members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Members of Scholz’s Social Democratic Party, the Free Democratic Party, and the Green Party have reached a consensus to raise the budget for 2024 in ongoing discussions. This decision was made prior to a scheduled meeting of the Bundestag’s budget committee on Thursday, November 16, according to the source.

The representative for the German Ministry of Defense stated that the discussions within the Bundestag committee are ongoing and declined to provide any additional information.

According to the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the committee is expected to give their approval for an extra 4 billion euros.

“According to Andreas Schwarz, a member of parliament and SPD military budget official, doubling the military spending is necessary and the correct course of action.”

He reportedly stated that the move will reaffirm our commitment to Ukraine by providing the required funds. It is also a significant achievement for the coalition as it allows us to fulfill our NATO duties.

According to diplomats, there is opposition from European Union member countries towards a proposal to allocate up to 20 billion euros ($21.4 billion) for military assistance to Ukraine.

<p>German Chancellor Olaf Scholz greets 102-year-old German Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlaender </p>

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz greets 102-year-old German Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlaender

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The husband of an American journalist who is being held in Russia is appealing for her prompt release, stating, “We want her back.”

Pavel Butorin had not anticipated celebrating his anniversary in this manner, with his wife of 21 years imprisoned in Russia and very limited means of communication.

Alsu Kurmasheva, a journalist of Russian-American origin, is employed as an editor at Radio Free Europe, which is funded by the U.S. government. She has been held in detention in Russia for nearly a month and accused of not registering as a “foreign agent.”

Butorin expressed his desire for Alsu to be home with him and their children instead of being in a Russian prison on their anniversary. He stated that they want her to be released as soon as possible and appeared visibly upset during the interview in Prague on Friday.

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According to the UK, Putin is enlisting mercenaries from the Wagner Group to join the national guard.

Pavel Prigozhin, son of the deceased Yevgeny Prigozhin who was the leader of the Wagner group, is believed to be in charge of Rosgvardiya’s national guard. Yevgeny Prigozhin passed away in a plane crash this August, shortly after the rebel faction took control of Rostov-on-Don.

The Ministry of Defence reports that additional Wagner soldiers may have enlisted with Redut, a separate Private Military Company consisting of 7,000 members.

According to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, 170 ex-Wagner fighters have joined the Akhmat special forces, and some Wagner group fighters have also joined the same forces.

The British government has labeled the Wagner mercenary group as a terrorist organization.

Lydia Patrick12 November 2023 10:57

Orbán of Hungary believes that discussions regarding Ukraine’s potential membership in the European Union should not progress.

The prime minister of Hungary stated on Friday that he does not back the progress of talks regarding Ukraine’s potential membership in the European Union. This further suggests that his country could be a significant obstacle to Kyiv’s aspirations of joining the EU.

In mid-December, the leaders of the European Union will make a decision on whether to extend a formal invitation to Ukraine to start negotiations for joining the union of 27 countries. However, some view Hungary as a potential barrier, as the unanimous consent of all member states is necessary for a new country to join. This gives Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the ability to veto the decision.

On Wednesday, the European Union’s governing body advised that Ukraine should be allowed to begin discussions for membership once it has resolved certain issues. However, in a radio interview on Friday, Orbán stated that the struggling country is far from being admitted into the largest trading group in the world.

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Armistice Day is observed worldwide with the solemn sound of bugles and bells, as the messages of peace are often overshadowed by ongoing wars.

On Saturday, somber bugles and bells echoed from Australia to the battlefields of western Europe where World War I took place, as people around the world paid tribute to the tragic events that occurred just over a century ago. This war was believed to be the one that would bring an end to all wars.

However, the sound of tanks and the noise of incoming attacks from Ukraine to Gaza disrupted the seriousness of the event and the idea that humanity could find a way to avoid using violence to resolve its most severe conflicts.

A year ago, our attention was on Ukraine. Now, we are overwhelmed by the disturbing visuals coming out of Israel and Gaza. These are only a couple of the 100+ ongoing armed conflicts around the world. According to Benoit Mottrie, director of the Last Post Association in Ypres, Belgium, where some of the most intense and fatal battles of World War I took place.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain12 November 2023 09:30

Ukraine has dealt a significant blow to Russian President Putin by destroying two landing boats filled with armored vehicles. This loss is a major setback for Putin.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, two Russian amphibious ships carrying armored vehicles were targeted by naval drones during the night.

One of the ships was recognized as an Akula class vessel, while the other was a Serna class landing vessel.

A military report from Ukraine stated that the findings of intelligence gathered on November 10, 2023 in Vuzka Bay in temporarily occupied Crimea revealed that two small Russian landing ships were destroyed after being attacked by naval drones.

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What the Republican candidates have said on the war in Ukraine

As frequently mentioned by President Joe Biden, “This is not the Republican Party of our grandparents’ generation.”

Gustaf Kilander and Ariana Baio have stated:

Tara Cobham12 November 2023 07:00

Summary: Opposition arises against the EU’s 20 billion euro proposal to provide military aid to Ukraine.

According to diplomats, a proposal by the European Union to allocate up to 20 billion euros ($21.4 billion) for military assistance to Ukraine is facing pushback from member countries and may not be approved in its current state.

In July, Josep Borrell, the chief of the EU’s foreign policy, suggested the creation of a fund worth 5 billion euros annually for four years. This is part of a larger effort by Western countries to support Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s invasion.

However, as defense ministers of the EU gear up to discuss the proposal in Brussels on Tuesday, diplomats report that several countries, including Germany, have expressed concerns about committing significant amounts of money so far ahead in time.

The European Union and its member countries have been major contributors of military assistance to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion in February 2022. The bloc’s diplomatic service reports that they have provided weaponry and equipment totaling 25 billion euros.

Borrell’s suggestion aimed to establish a more sustainable approach by setting up a fund specifically for aid to Ukraine within the larger European Peace Facility. This facility is typically utilized to reimburse EU member states for providing military aid to other nations.

A senior diplomat from the EU, who wished to remain anonymous, stated on Friday that they are not ready to declare it dead yet. However, they acknowledged that there is always room for improvement.

“Germany has been faced with numerous inquiries…and for good reason. We are discussing a significant sum of money.”

Tara Cobham12 November 2023 06:00

The information is from the website “The Independent”.

This data is sourced from the online platform “The Independent”.