The Blue Lagoon extends its closure in response to the ongoing volcanic activity in Iceland, as the Met Office cautions that the unrest is not yet resolved.

The Blue Lagoon extends its closure in response to the ongoing volcanic activity in Iceland, as the Met Office cautions that the unrest is not yet resolved.

Large fissures have emerged on the streets of an Icelandic town that is under threat of a volcanic eruption.

The closure of Blue Lagoon, a popular tourist destination in Iceland, has been prolonged until 9 December due to safety concerns related to the potential eruption of a nearby volcano.

According to the country’s Met Office, seismic activity is decreasing, but the “unrest phase” is still ongoing.

The seismic activity that started on October 25 and reached its peak on November 10 with the creation of a 15 km long molten rock fissure is still ongoing.

It can be confidently stated that a new phase has begun in which a comparable series of events may occur again in the future.

Officials previously cautioned that the most probable location for a volcanic eruption is to the east of Sýlingarfell, near the well-known tourist destination.

Two weeks ago, the fishing village of Grindavik was forced to evacuate due to seismic activity caused by magma, which created large cracks in the streets.

At least 11 hikers have been killed by a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. The Marapi volcano, which stands at 2,891 meters in West Sumatra province, erupted on Sunday. It released ash as high as 3km into the sky, causing volcanic debris to fall onto nearby villages.


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Barney Davis notes that Iceland has a plethora of tourist attractions, from the breathtaking Northern Lights to the captivating Blue Lagoon waters.

After concerns about a potential volcanic eruption lessen, the town is considering the most effective way to bounce back following the damage to streets and evacuation of residents.

The destruction caused by the chaos has resulted in a crater that stretches from a Lutheran church and nursery, through a children’s playground, and under the prestigious Grindavík basketball team’s newly built stadium, just as the season is about to begin.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 December 2023 10:33

The deserted town in Iceland, rendered inactive by a volcanic eruption, remains in a state of uncertainty.

However, the volunteer rescue teams assigned to guard duty in strong winds of 32mph must adhere to the strict guidelines set by Iceland’s tourism minister. There is a significant amount of fast-paced communication in Icelandic, but we eventually make it through.

The media has been allowed to visit the site for the first time since the initial 5.2-magnitude earthquake caught the world’s attention. However, there have been concerns about Iceland’s economy declining and rumors of the entire country sinking into the Atlantic, causing a stalemate for several days. The government has finally relented and given permission for the press to accompany the coach.

Please take a moment to read my coworker Barney Davis’s report on Grindavik.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 December 2023 09:14

50 tremors have been recorded since the start of the day.

According to a volcano expert from the Icelandic Met Office, the earthquake patterns have been quite consistent in the last few days.

On December 6th, it was reported that approximately 50 earthquakes have been recorded since midnight, with the majority occurring near the central area of the dike intrusion. The day before, around 220 earthquakes were detected near the dike intrusion.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 December 2023 08:12

The Iceland Met Office has declared that the state of unrest is still ongoing.

The statement continued by mentioning that although there was a decrease in seismic activity, the phase of unrest is not yet finished and it is uncertain when and where the next dike will form.

<p>Iceland's Met Office said: “The broad uplift signal visible in orange/red around Svartsengi is indicative of a deep inflation (>5 km) taking place”</p>

The Met Office of Iceland reported that the widespread upward movement seen in orange/red near Svartsengi suggests a significant inflation occurring at depths greater than 5 km.

Maira Butt6 December 2023 07:02

Grindavik citizens are calling for a decrease in interest rates from pension funds.

The people living in Grindavik, the city at the center of a potential volcanic eruption, are requesting that pension funds decrease their interest rates and payments for home loans.

Last month, the entire population of approximately 4,000 individuals in the town was forced to evacuate due to concerns of a volcanic eruption caused by a series of earthquakes.

Earlier, banks in the business sector have come to an agreement to decrease the rates of interest and payments for housing loans for a period of three months. As a result, citizens are now requesting that pension funds also take similar actions.

Arni Gudmundsson, the head of Gildi pension fund, informed residents that we are subject to different rules and laws than banks. Our regulations and laws are completely different, and we simply need time to confirm that they are legally acceptable for us.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar6 December 2023 06:30

The government of Iceland has issued a warning that it may take several months before residents of Grindavik are able to return to their homes.

According to a press conference held by the Icelandic government last week, thousands of residents who were evacuated may face displacement for several months.

According to Iceland Review, the town that is currently under an evacuation order may remain uninhabited for several months.

The recommendation is that the decision to return home will be based on the condition of the town’s utilities, as they have been affected by strong earthquakes since the possibility of a volcanic eruption arose.

Local government officials will evaluate the town’s infrastructure and consider allowing residents to return in phases.

Maira Butt6 December 2023 05:57

The construction of a protective barrier around the power plant is progressing smoothly.

One of the engineers stated that the construction of a protective wall around the Svartsengi power plant, in order to shield it from potential volcanic eruptions, was progressing smoothly.

Ari Guðmundsson, speaking to the Iceland Monitor, shared that our progress is now directed towards reaching the Blue Lagoon. However, this is the only remaining task at hand. For instance, the defence wall on the Sundhnúkar crater hill is nearly completed.

The project has been constantly worked on by approximately 60 to 70 construction workers, according to the speaker. However, there is still no definitive date for when the wall will be finished.

“By the middle of the month, we will have a clear understanding, as we have already completed over half of the material placement on the walls,” stated Mr. Guðmundsson.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar6 December 2023 05:30

The inhabitants of Grindavik continue to be displaced, as shown in photographs.

<p>A Grindavik resident packs up his belongings including a picture of his daughter Alma, who was killed in a car accident several years ago</p>

A resident of Grindavik is preparing to leave, packing up his possessions, including a photo of his late daughter, Alma, who passed away in a car accident a few years ago.

<p>A resident in her living room of a house sitting on fault line damaged by earthquakes in Grindavik sorting through her possessions</p>

A person inside their living room of a home located on a fault line in Grindavik, sifting through their belongings after experiencing earthquake damage.

<p>A member of the Coast Guard flies in a helicopter near the evacuated town of Grindavik, in Iceland</p>

A Coast Guard member operates a helicopter in the vicinity of Grindavik, Iceland, which has been evacuated.

Maira Butt6 December 2023 05:01

Companies in Grindavik will now have extended working hours.

Officials in the southern peninsula area have prolonged the timeframe for conducting commercial operations in Grindavik, the town at the center of the volcano alert that was initially evacuated entirely.

According to state broadcaster RUV, companies are now permitted to start working at 7am and work until 9pm.

Companies were requested to ensure the proper functioning of their plumbing systems and to have an emergency evacuation plan in place for their employees.

The inhabitants of Grindavik are permitted to enter the town at 7 in the morning, but are required to exit by 5 in the afternoon.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar6 December 2023 04:30

The co-founder of Lava Show and a popular TikToker have launched a fundraiser to support the residents of Grindavik during the upcoming Christmas season.

The co-founder of Iceland’s Lava Show and popular TikToker, LadyLava, have teamed up to bring attention to the situation in Grindavik. They have created a fundraiser to support those impacted by the threat of a volcanic eruption in the town.

It has been exactly three weeks since all residents of Grindavik were required to leave due to a magma intrusion beneath the town. Despite this time passing, there is still uncertainty about the possibility of an eruption and whether the community will be able to return home.

“They have yet to return home, and with Christmas approaching, this must be extremely challenging.”

Maira Butt6 December 2023 03:51