Thanksgiving travel – live: Thousands of flights delayed on busiest travel day

Thanksgiving travel - live: Thousands of flights delayed on busiest travel day

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A strong system is expected to pass through the central and eastern regions of the US, causing potential disruptions for those traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wednesday is expected to be the busiest road travel day for US holiday travelers, with more than 49 million Americans expected to drive to their destinations during the Thanksgiving stretch.

There is a prediction of severe thunderstorms, heavy precipitation, and snow moving from the central United States through the Midwest and eventually reaching the northeast during the holiday season.

On Tuesday, a storm will impact the Midwest, Ohio, and Tennessee Valleys before moving northeast for the rest of the week.

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York warned travelers in the state to be cautious as there was a risk of “extreme winter weather” during peak travel days.

On Tuesday, there will be strong thunderstorms, precipitation in the form of rain and snow, and strong winds in many areas of the eastern United States. These storms are predicted to decrease on Wednesday, allowing for a peaceful Thanksgiving Day in most regions of the US.


There is recent travel news regarding an explosion that occurred at Niagara Falls.

According to the US Department of Transportation, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport has resumed its operations for incoming international flights and departures. This comes after a vehicle explosion at the US-Canada border in Niagara Falls on Wednesday.

The airport was shut down for flights after a tragic event occurred at Rainbow Bridge, resulting in the death of two individuals and injury of one border patrol officer.

Authorities reported that an individual from western New York made an attempt to cross the bridge at approximately 12pm. However, when instructed by a border patrol officer to pull into a secondary lane for a search, the vehicle accelerated, launched over an 8-foot fence, and ultimately crashed, causing a fire and explosion.

Three bridges that connect different countries, namely the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, and the Peace Bridge, have been reopened following a temporary closure by officials as a precautionary step.

Currently, Amtrak has temporarily halted services between New York State and Canada.

At a press conference, Governor Kathy Hochul of the Democratic Party in New York stated that there is currently no threat of terrorism and that she does not believe the crash was driven by terrorist motives.

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Thursday’s weather forecast from the National Weather Service suggests that we have something to be grateful for as it is expected to be fairly pleasant.

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I anticipate that a large number of cars will be present at LAX.

According to KABC, approximately 103,000 cars are predicted to be present at the Los Angeles airport on Wednesday, while 223,000 travelers are expected to fly.

On Sunday, approximately 98,000 vehicles are expected to return as travelers finish their Thanksgiving holiday trips.

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The rally of union workers has commenced at LAX.

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The governor of Colorado cautions about possible traffic delays during the holiday season.

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“North Carolina experiences rainfall and heavy holiday traffic.”

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The statistics of Atlanta Airport

The Atlanta Airport stated on X that 32,029 travelers had been checked by 8am.

According to the post, this was the most hectic morning rush ever at TSA-ATL. At its busiest time, the wait was 37 minutes and all lanes at the checkpoint were in use.

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Passengers should be pleased to hear that flight cancellations are occurring less frequently.

According to the AP, airlines cancelled significantly fewer flights from January to October compared to the same time frame in 2022, with a decrease of 38 percent.

During the months of June through August, flight cancellations decreased by 18 percent compared to 2022, as thunderstorms posed a threat to smooth air travel.

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The accumulation of snow has already begun in the northeast.

As of this morning, the National Weather Service reports that Danbury, New Hampshire has received more than six inches of snow, while southern Vermont has also experienced significant snowfall.

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A panoramic look at the aerial transportation flow during the most hectic week of the year for travel.

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