Storm Ciarán: UK set for washout bonfire weekend as Domingos to slam into Europe

Storm Ciarán: UK set for washout bonfire weekend as Domingos to slam into Europe

The UK is being hit by Storm Ciaran, causing waves to pound the coast of Devon.

After experiencing the worst of Storm Ciarán, Britons can now anticipate the arrival of Storm Domingos from the Atlantic on Saturday.

Domingos is anticipated to bring the most severe impacts to northern Spain and western France along the Bay of Biscay. Strong winds reaching speeds of over 60 mph and heavy rainfall are likely in this region.

Although the center of Ciarán has moved over the North Sea, numerous Bonfire Night celebrations in Britain have been cancelled or rescheduled due to anticipated travel delays.

A yellow weather warning was issued by the Met Office for heavy rainfall in the southern and southwestern regions of England, starting at 5am on Saturday and lasting until 11:59pm.

A cautionary alert for heavy precipitation on Saturday has been declared due to the persistence of 42 flood warnings. Heavy rainfall is anticipated to disrupt plans leading up to bonfire night.

Numerous flood alerts are still active along the Southern coast, with a small number in the Eastern region and several scattered throughout North Yorkshire due to rivers reaching full capacity.

There is a high chance of thunderstorms occurring in the southeast due to an anticipated rainfall of 30-40mm in the coastal areas.

The weather agency stated that there will be a period of intense precipitation in the morning, which will move towards the north. However, this will be followed by frequent and forceful showers accompanied by strong winds.

At least 12 individuals have lost their lives in Europe due to the chaos and heavy flooding caused by Storm Ciarán. In addition, numerous homes in the UK remain without electricity.

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Matt Mathers4 November 2023 15:36

Drivers advised to steer clear of coastal and countryside routes due to higher potential for tree and branch damage.

Drivers have been advised to steer clear of coastlines and country roads due to reports of trees falling.

Rod Dennis, spokesperson for RAC Breakdown, advised staying on main roads instead of coastal or rural routes to minimize the risk of encountering fallen branches and trees.

Motorists should maintain a strong hold on the steering wheel and exercise caution when overtaking tall vehicles, as they can create a disconcerting turbulence that may be unfamiliar to some individuals.

He suggested that while there is a possibility of increased traffic due to disruptions in public transportation, it would be wise for those who are not comfortable driving in such conditions to postpone their journeys until Ciarán’s departure later in the week.

<p>Cars pass a fallen tree in Dover, Kent, as Storm Ciaran brings high winds and heavy rain along the south coast of England (Gareth Fuller/PA)</p>

Vehicles are driving past a tree that has been blown down in Dover, Kent due to the arrival of Storm Ciaran. The storm has brought strong winds and intense rainfall to the southern coast of England. (Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA)

Athena Stavrou2 November 2023 19:45

Watch: Journalist pushed over by strong winds during live Storm Ciarán report from Jersey

During a live broadcast from Jersey on Thursday, November 2nd, a Sky News reporter was knocked down by powerful wind gusts.

Ashna Hurynag was present in Saint Helier reporting on the effects of Storm Ciarán. She began her report by remarking that she had never experienced winds as strong as these.

Despite the challenging weather, she persisted in her fight before ultimately being knocked over by the strong winds.

“The reporter stated that we were taking shelter away from the beach. However, as you can see, the wind just knocked me over,” she said, recovering quickly.

During a live report on Storm Ciarán from Jersey, a journalist was knocked over by strong winds.

A reporter from Sky News, Ashna Hurynag, was knocked down by strong winds while giving a live report from Jersey on November 2nd. She was reporting on Storm Ciarán in Saint Helier and started off by mentioning that she had never experienced winds of such intensity before. Despite the challenging weather, she persisted with her report but was eventually blown over by the fierce winds. “We were trying to stay away from the seafront… but as you can see, the wind just pushed me over,” Ms Hurynag explained, recovering quickly from the incident.

Athena Stavrou2 November 2023 20:15

This month, the United Kingdom experienced 33% more rainfall than the average amount.

In October, Northern Ireland experienced its fifth highest amount of rainfall since records began, with a total of 191.8mm, which was 68% above the usual average. Similarly, England had its eighth wettest October on record, receiving 147.2mm of rain, which was 63% higher than the average.

Furthermore, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, and the Isle of Wight, along with certain counties in eastern Scotland, have tentatively experienced their rainiest October ever recorded. In Northern Ireland, both Armagh and Down counties also received their highest October rainfall levels.

According to the Met Office, the UK experienced a 33% increase in rainfall, with a total of 171.5mm in October. This makes it the sixth wettest October on record.

Athena Stavrou2 November 2023 20:45

A warning has been issued for a tornado watch.

According to TORRO, the UK could potentially experience one or two tornados due to severe winds and rainfall.

According to the statement, the greatest likelihood of one or two tornadoes is projected to be below a line stretching from South Wales to London. However, there is still a possibility for this risk to extend slightly further north.

Athena Stavrou2 November 2023 21:15

Watch – Bus has front window blown out by Storm Ciarán winds

The strong winds of Storm Ciarán caused the front window of a bus to shatter.

On Thursday, November 2nd, Storm Ciaran brought strong winds and heavy rain to the south coast of England, causing chaos and damage. In Kent, a bus had its front windscreen blown out, while gusts of over 100mph led to power outages, school closures, and travel disruptions in England and the Channel Islands. Two buses were abandoned and passengers evacuated due to the extreme weather, as reported by Kent Live. The Met Office recorded wind gusts of up to 93mph at Jersey airport and 71mph in Langdon Bay, Kent.

Lydia Patrick2 November 2023 22:00

The minister in charge of handling floods has issued a statement.

Rebecca Pow, the Minister for Floods, expressed her appreciation for the efforts of emergency service teams nationwide who are working tirelessly to address the effects of Storm Ciaran. This storm is currently bringing powerful winds and heavy rain to the southern coast.

There are still potential dangers of flooding throughout the country due to high river levels, strong waves at the coast, and saturated ground. The Environment Agency is actively working to address these risks by deploying teams, clearing rivers and debris, and collaborating with partners to assist residents in at-risk or recently flooded areas.

Our Emergency Operations Centre is now active and we are assisting the Cabinet Office in organizing the government’s reaction.

Lydia Patrick2 November 2023 23:00

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The weather forecast for the weekend appears to be promising.

Lydia Patrick3 November 2023 00:00

The UK is being hit hard by Storm Ciarán, causing roofs to be ripped off of homes and cars to be damaged by large hailstones the size of golf balls.

Strong winds reaching speeds of 104mph caused significant damage in the UK, with the Channel Islands experiencing the brunt of the severe thunderstorm. This is believed to be the most severe storm to hit Jersey, a small island, since 1987.

Residents on the island endured a “terrifying” night as dozens were forced to flee their homes, while a tornado warning was issued by the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) from south Wales to London, as winds and heavy rain brought havoc.

Numerous schools in southern England were shut down due to concerns for student safety, following a yellow weather alert from the Met Office for strong and potentially disruptive winds in the southwest, Wales, London, and the southeast and east regions of England.

Lydia Patrick3 November 2023 01:00

The lowest average sea level in England and Wales has been broken with a new record.

Lydia Patrick3 November 2023 02:00