Robert Card, the suspect in the Lewiston, Maine shooting, has been found deceased. The incident is currently ongoing.

Robert Card, the suspect in the Lewiston, Maine shooting, has been found deceased. The incident is currently ongoing.

The governor of Maine has confirmed that the suspect in the Lewiston shooting has been discovered deceased.

The alleged perpetrator of the Maine mass shooting, Robert Card, has been discovered deceased in a wooded area close to where the violent attacks took place. 18 individuals were killed and 13 were wounded in the tragic incident.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that after a dayslong manhunt following the shocking violence in Lewiston, Maine, Card is believed to have died by suicide.

The authorities have officially identified the victims, whose ages ranged from 14 to 76 years old.

It was announced on Friday morning that a note had been discovered, but its contents were not disclosed.

Divers were also combing the river near where Mr. Card’s SUV was discovered. At one point, a lettuce farm was investigated after reports of a gunshot.

The restriction for residents of Lewiston, Lisbon, and Bowdoin to stay at home has been lifted, allowing them to leave their homes for the first time since Wednesday night.

In a statement on Saturday, President Biden expressed his belief that Americans should not have to endure such conditions, and he called on Congress to take action in order to put an end to the ongoing epidemic of gun violence.

Sheila Flynn and Andrea Blanco are providing updates from Lewiston.


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Creating a visual representation of the occurrences of mass shootings in the United States.

At approximately 7pm, authorities received multiple reports of a person with a firearm who had begun shooting at a nearby bowling alley named Sparetime Recreation. Shortly after, additional calls were made regarding a shooting incident at a restaurant called Schemengees Bar & Grille, located four miles away.

On Thursday, a “vehicle of interest” was discovered in Bowdoin, a town in Sagadahoc County, leading to an extension of the shelter-in-place order.

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Following the shooting, Biden responded.

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What did the officials discover in the enigmatic note?

Robert Card, the suspect in the mass shooting that took place in Maine, left a puzzling note before he reportedly carried out a deadly attack at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston. According to authorities, the note was intended for a person dear to Card.

During a press conference on Friday, Maine’s Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck stated that a note was found following the attacks on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of 18 people and injuries to 13 others.

Mr Sauschuck declined to disclose the contents of the note, implying that it could provide insight into a potential motive for the murders.

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A chronology of the disaster in Oklahoma that resulted in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries.

Months before the deadly attacks, Card, a US Army reservist, was reportedly held in a mental facility for weeks over the summer. He was taken by police in July for evaluation at the urging of concerned military officials. In the same vein, Karen Card, the suspect’s sister-in-law, revealed to The Daily Beast that “in the past year, he had an acute episode of mental health, and it’s been a struggle.” Since his release from the facility, she added, “things have kind of gone downhill recently.”

At almost 7pm on Wednesday evening, gunfire occurred at Just-in-Time Recreation, a bowling alley located on Mollison Way in Lewiston, Maine.

At 7:08 PM, several emergency calls were made reporting a gunman at Schemengees Bar and Grill located on Lincoln Street, which is only four miles away from the bowling alley.

At approximately 8pm, the Maine State Police advised Lewiston residents to remain indoors and secure their doors. The department stated that law enforcement is currently conducting investigations at several areas.

At 8:06 PM, the police shared a picture of the person who fired the weapon with the press. An hour and a half later, the Lewiston Police Department received a call identifying the individual in the photos as Card.

At 9:56pm, two hours after the initial report, state police officers announced that they had discovered a “vehicle of interest” at Pejepscot Boat Launch in Lisbon. This led to the extension of the shelter-in-place advisory to include Lisbon. The Lewiston Police shared a picture on Wednesday night of a white Subaru, which was registered to Card according to police.

The police did not locate Card until 7:45pm on Friday.

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of the 2019 Australian bushfires

Fundraising campaigns have been launched on GoFundMe to aid those affected by the Australian bushfires of 2019.

Donations are being made to assist with expenses for the families and funerals of those affected by the tragic shooting, which resulted in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries.

  • The fundraiser for Joseph Walker has exceeded its initial target of $20,000 and has collected a total of $27,000.

  • The fundraiser organized by Aaron and Bill Young has raised more than $105,000.

  • The fundraiser for Peyton Brewer Ross has raised more than $57,000.

  • The GoFundMe page for Bob and Lucy Violette has raised almost $12,000.

  • Joshua Seal’s page has generated more than $200,000.

The large influx of money being donated to the fundraisers appears to show not only compassion for the families impacted by the tragedy, but also a potential desire to put an end to the widespread issue of gun violence.

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in Las Vegas

In light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, a Democratic congressman from Maine changes his stance on gun legislation.

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The vice president is urging for a ban on assault weapons.

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The community of Lewiston is recovering from a shooting and subsequent manhunt, and is slowly returning to its usual state.

Due to the shelter-in-place order, city services such as trash collection have been put on hold, resulting in a buildup of rubbish in Lewiston. Certain grocery stores and schools have also closed temporarily for safety reasons.

After a 48-hour-long search, the city has resumed normal activity following the discovery of the deceased shooting suspect.

Over the weekend, several Halloween and other activities were starting up again, and there was consistent traffic at a solid waste facility on River Road.

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Brave individuals arise during times of terror.

Michael Deslauriers Sr shared a heartfelt message on Facebook about his son and his friend’s courage during the shooting.

I have some extremely difficult news for a father to have to tell. My son, Michael Deslauriers II, and his close friend, Jason Walker, were killed last night at the bowling alley. They made sure to protect their wives and several young children before confronting the shooter.

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The individuals who were shot have been identified.

Robert Card is facing accusations of killing 18 individuals in the shooting that occurred on Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine.

The individuals affected were going about their daily routines at popular local places, such as a bowling alley and a bar, when an unfortunate event occurred. Their ages range from 14 to 76 years old.

A series of vigils will take place during the weekend.

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