program William and Kate have no desire for the drama surrounding Harry’s visit due to their focus on their cancer treatment program.


William and Kate have no desire for the drama surrounding Harry's visit due to their focus on their cancer treatment program.

A close acquaintance of Prince William and Princess Kate has stated that the royal pair are not enthusiastic about the “chaos” that would accompany a visit from Prince Harry.

As reported by the Daily Beast, an unnamed friend of the couple stated that their desire for peace and quiet was made evident. They expressed concern that a visit from Harry, with all the accompanying drama, would disrupt this tranquility.

A different acquaintance of William and Kate reportedly stated that they have accepted the separation from Harry and are comfortable leaving the past in the past.

According to reports, Harry will be returning to the UK in May to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Invictus Games, a global athletics competition that he established in 2014 for military personnel who have been injured.

Last week, Kate publicly shared her diagnosis and emphasized the need for privacy during her cancer treatment.

Prince William, standing second from the left, and Kate, who is the Princess of Wales and standing to his left, are joined by Prince Harry, standing second from the right, and Meghan, who is the Duchess of Sussex, as they admire floral tributes dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II.

William and Kate seem to have separated themselves from Harry and Meghan’s efforts to reconcile after numerous public conflicts and revelations.

After Kate publicly shared her situation, ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex privately contacted their relatives overseas.

Harry and Meghan publicly released a statement, stating their wish for Kate and her family to find health and peace privately.

Harry has stated his wish to reconcile with his family, but William and Kate have not made any public acknowledgement of Harry and Meghan’s attempts to extend an olive branch, such as their good wishes for Kate’s well-being.

The bond between the two brothers has become tense, as noted by friends and experts in the royal family, as William has shown hesitance in communicating with Harry during their family’s health struggles.

According to a royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not informed of Kate’s cancer diagnosis prior to its public announcement, as the family does not have confidence in them.

Renowned commentator on the British monarchy, Richard Fitzwilliams, shared with The Sun his belief that Harry and Meghan were not informed about Kate’s struggle with the illness, possibly due to the constant issues they have caused for the royal family.

“Of course, for the past four years, they have caused numerous issues for the royal family, making them untrustworthy,” he stated.

The Sunday Times revealed that Harry and Meghan were not informed beforehand about Kate’s cancer diagnosis. It was mentioned that Harry learned about it through television.