Pat McFadden criticizes Azhar Ali’s “horrendous” statement that Israel permitted the 7 October attack.

Pat McFadden criticizes Azhar Ali's "horrendous" statement that Israel permitted the 7 October attack.

The UK campaign co-ordinator for the Labour Party, Pat McFadden, has criticized Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali for statements he reportedly made regarding the Israel attack on October 7th.

Mr. Ali has issued an apology for allegedly stating that Israel had been alerted about the attack on October 7th and deliberately allowed it to occur.

The Labour Party released a statement on behalf of the candidate in response to comments published by the Mail on Sunday. The candidate had been recorded telling the Lancashire Labour party that Israel had given a warning about the attack before it occurred, but they intentionally removed the security.

On Sunday (February 11th), Mr. McFadden, a Labour MP for over two decades, appeared on the Laura Kuenssberg Show and denounced Mr. Ali’s allegations as “shocking”. He also asserted that they do not reflect the beliefs of the Labour Party.