on Trump receives two legal setbacks in Jan 6 court cases: Updates on


Trump receives two legal setbacks in Jan 6 court cases: Updates on

After exiting a civil fraud trial in New York, Trump stays silent for the camera.

Federal judges have delivered two legal setbacks to Donald Trump’s efforts to avoid criminal charges and lawsuits related to his alleged actions to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

After a lengthy wait, a decision from a federal appeals court on Friday concluded that Mr. Trump can be legally responsible for instigating the violent protests at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, following his defeat in the 2020 election.

A recent decision stated that the ex-president cannot claim presidential immunity as protection against three lawsuits filed by law enforcement and Congress members who were in danger during the event.

The judge in charge of the election tampering case in Washington DC ruled on Friday night that the defendant does not have immunity as a president to escape charges in a case led by US Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith.

His legal team made their debut in Georgia, and as a result, the ruling was made. He is currently attempting to dismiss charges on First Amendment grounds in a separate but similar case concerning his efforts to overturn election results in the state.

The defendant’s lawyers contended that he should not be facing trial while he is actively seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. They also argued that he should not be on trial if he is elected in the upcoming election, which would postpone any potential trial until at least 2029.


The recent ruling in the Trump election conspiracy case states that the judge does not believe that presidential immunity applies.

The judge in charge of Donald Trump’s federal election fraud case in Washington DC has denied a request to dismiss the case citing his immunity as president.

The US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is in charge of the trial, stated that the previous leader’s tenure in office does not give him the privilege to escape criminal responsibility as if he were a monarch.

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Breaking news: A federal judge rules against the argument of ‘presidential immunity’ in a case involving election interference.

The request made by Donald Trump to dismiss his Washington DC election tampering case based on presidential immunity has been rejected.

Last Friday evening, Judge Tanya Chutkan of the US District Court denied the former president’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, stating that his time as Commander in Chief does not grant him immunity from criminal responsibility like other citizens.

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The ex-employee of a Trump-owned golf club alleges that her lawyer coerced her into signing a nondisclosure agreement following her experience of sexual harassment.

A previous employee is taking legal action against Donald Trump’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, claiming that she was sexually harassed and forced into a sexual encounter by her supervisor. She also alleges that she was deceived into signing an unlawful non-disclosure agreement by Alina Habba, the supervisor’s lawyer.

This week, a legal complaint was submitted in New Jersey.

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Trump attacks judge’s wife for her alleged posts on X. She doesn’t have an account

Shortly after a New York appeals court restored a restriction on speaking about the case in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, he posted a string of unsubstantiated statements on Truth Social targeting the judge’s spouse.

Donald Trump reposted multiple unsubstantiated “reports” from extreme conservative activist and unsuccessful candidate for Congress, Laura Loomer, regarding the spouse of New York’s Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.

The individual also alleged that she created anti-Trump memes featuring AI-generated images of Mr. Trump wearing orange prison jumpsuits and accompanied by captions stating that he is “going to prison.”

According to a spokesperson for the court, the judge’s wife not only did not create them, but she also does not have an account.

According to the statement, Justice Engoron’s spouse has not shared any social media content about the previous president and those posts do not belong to her.

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Donald Trump’s aggressive language outlines his campaign’s strategy for winning the election.

Donald Trump is using his 2024 presidential campaign to promote his aggressive and authoritarian ideas, which revolve around seeking revenge.

He is facing a growing number of criminal investigations and lawsuits, which are clashing with his actions. Prosecutors and judges are attempting to use gag orders to control his speech, as it has resulted in numerous abusive messages and legitimate death threats from his followers towards those involved in the legal proceedings.

Scholars and legal analysts are urgently warning that the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is authorizing his followers to dehumanize and belittle his political adversaries, mirroring his own actions. This is preparing them to accept acts of political violence against the opposing side, while excusing them from any accountability.

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Mark Meadows and Jeffrey Clark successfully postpone the Georgia case.

Mark Meadows, former chief of staff for President Trump, and Jeffrey Clark, a former official in the Justice Department, sought to delay the deadlines for pre-trial motions and discovery in the case of alleged interference in the Georgia election.

Following a hearing in Fulton County court, attorneys presented arguments on behalf of their clients today. Judge Scott McAfee announced that he will allow a two-month extension until February 1st, which could greatly impact the trial timeline for both the defendants and their co-defendants.

According to reports, Meadows, Clark, and Trump will not be offered plea bargains. The judge in charge of the case will need to decide whether to try all 15 defendants together or separate them.

The prosecutors have requested a trial date of August 2024.

Both individuals have full schedules filled with legal matters. Meadows and Clark are attempting to transfer the case to a federal court, and Clark is also dealing with potential disbarment in ongoing proceedings in Washington DC.

<p>James Durham, attorney for Mark Meadows, speaks in Superior Court of Fulton County before Judge Scott McAfee on 1 December. </p>

On December 1st, lawyer James Durham addressed Judge Scott McAfee in Fulton County’s Superior Court on behalf of Mark Meadows.

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If you missed it: Tucker Carlson had a strong dislike for Trump and was eager to disregard him. However, he will still vote for him.

According to sources, Tucker Carlson, a previous figure at Fox News, has expressed strong animosity towards Donald Trump in private. He has referred to him as a “demonic force” and a “destroyer” whom he eagerly wishes to disregard. Despite this, Carlson has stated his intention to vote for Trump in the upcoming 2024 election.

The extreme conservative commentator was terminated from the television network following a substantial settlement in a defamation lawsuit related to false claims made by the previous president during the election.

Last Thursday, during his appearance on Roseanne Barr’s podcast, he stated that he has consistently supported Mr. Trump’s policies, but he became a vocal supporter after his Mar-a-Lago estate was searched by law enforcement last summer.

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The attorneys argue that Trump cannot be put on trial in Georgia while he holds the position of president.

According to his attorneys, Trump should not face trial in Georgia while running for president in 2024. If he is elected, he should only be tried after his term in the White House ends. This relates to a criminal case regarding his attempts to dispute the outcome of the previous election which he did not win.

The most recent update regarding the Fulton County case:

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Black Lives Matter organizations criticize former organizer for seeking attention with endorsement of Trump.

A previous member of the Rhode Island chapter of Black Lives Matter openly supported Donald Trump this week, a decision that has been denounced by both the local and national organizations. They emphasize that he is no longer associated with the group.

A statement claims that this is merely a publicity ploy. The right-leaning group persists in exploiting and magnifying marginalized Black voices in order to falsely portray widespread backing for their dishonest candidates.

The endorsement of Trump, who has previously criticized the movement against racial injustice as being anti-American and destructive, has been welcomed. However, organizers argue that this is a manipulative and insincere act that distorts and exploits the group’s message.

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The White House and its supporters are refuting accusations of obstruction as the House Republican party prepares for an impeachment vote.

The Biden administration and Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are refuting Republican allegations that the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is being hindered or blocked by the Biden administration and the president’s family members.

A document examined by The Independent presents evidence refuting Republican accusations against the president. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson and other leading Republicans are setting the stage for an official impeachment inquiry, but no proof of misconduct has been found thus far.

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