news House Republicans may vote to expel George Santos today as live news coverage continues.


House Republicans may vote to expel George Santos today as live news coverage continues.

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George Santos, a Republican representative from New York who has been involved in numerous scandals, has admitted that he anticipates being removed from the House as early as this week.

“I am aware that I will most likely be forced to leave when the expulsion resolution is brought to the attention of the public,” stated Mr. Santos, age 35, during a recent live broadcast on the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter.

“I have repeatedly performed the calculations and the results are not favorable.” However, he proudly stated that he would wear his expulsion as a symbol of pride.

Lawmakers will reconvene after the Thanksgiving holiday and the vote for expulsion may occur on Tuesday.

On Monday, House Speaker Mike Johnson was questioned about the possibility of a vote taking place this week regarding the future of Mr. Santos.

“It is yet to be determined. I had a lengthy conversation with Congressman Santos during the holiday and discussed his possible courses of action, but a decision has not been made yet,” he stated.

Mr. Santos’s political career has faced yet another setback with the release of a 56-page report from the House Ethics Committee. The report, which was released earlier this month, detailed “substantial evidence” of Mr. Santos’s violation of federal law.


After the election, it was discovered that Santos had been lying.

On December 19, a groundbreaking article by The New York Times exposed Mr. Santos’ false claims and deceptions regarding his work and educational background to a wider audience.

A group of concerned citizens from the 3rd Congressional District came together to hold demonstrations outside his campaign headquarters in an attempt to push for his removal from Congress.

As Mr. Santos’ list of controversies increased, he showed his support for Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House.

Mr McCarthy welcomed the support given his razor-thin majority, and refused to take action on any of the mounting ethical scandals, even as a growing number of New York Republicans called for him to be removed from Congress.

During the State of the Union address in February, there was a heated exchange between Mr. Santos and Senator Mitt Romney. The senator from Utah told Mr. Santos that he should not be a member of Congress and should feel ashamed.

According to reports, Mr Santos responded by saying, “Inform that to the 142,000 individuals who voted for me.”

After the speech, Mr. Romney referred to the New York Republican as a “sick puppy.”

In March, an investigation was initiated by the House Ethics Committee to determine if Mr. Santos had participated in any illegal actions.

John Bowden28 November 2023 14:00

It is highly probable that he is simply a storyteller.

Following his loss in the 2020 election, Mr. Santos promptly started collecting funds for the upcoming congressional race.

In 2021, Representative Elise Stefanik of New York, the third-highest ranking Republican in the House, publicly supported him.

Subsequently, a vulnerability analysis was conducted with the approval of Mr. Santos, revealing concerning findings that resulted in the resignation of several of his employees, as reported by the Times.

In addition, it was discovered that he had made false assertions of being endorsed by Mr. Trump, as well as numerous fabrications about his employment background and personal finances that have since been exposed.

In 2022, the leaders of Congress became aware of his dishonesty. As reported by the Times, Dan Conston, who heads the Congressional Leadership Fund aligned with Kevin McCarthy, attempted to share the findings of the report with influential donors.

Two fortunate events contributed to his successful bid for Congress in 2022: the decision of incumbent Thomas Suozzi not to run for re-election in the 3rd District, and the redistricting process resulting in a new map that included a large number of Republican-leaning areas.

Once again, Mr. Santos was unchallenged for the Republican nomination and went on to compete against Democrat Robert Zimmerman in the general election. This was the first time in a House race where both candidates were openly gay.

However, despite this, Mr. Santos was able to secure the district in November with a margin of eight points.

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Early political career

It is challenging to distinguish between truth and falsehood in the early stages of Mr. Santos’ political involvement due to his unclear and constantly evolving background.

In the following year, he allegedly made his initial bid for Congress, yet was unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary signatures to be included on the Queens County Republican Committee.

In 2020, he began his campaign for the United States House of Representatives in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, challenging Democratic incumbent Thomas Suozzi.

There were no other contenders who submitted their names. When questioned by journalists about his residency outside of the district, he stated that he was living at an address which was actually his treasurer’s.

Despite losing the general election by approximately 46,000 votes, he surpassed the Republican party’s predictions for the predominantly Democratic district. He declined to accept defeat and concede the election.

Mr Santos spoke at the Stop the Steal rally at the Ellipse in Washington DC on the day of the Capitol riots on January 6, claiming his election had been stolen. A roommate would later claim that Mr Santos had worn his stolen $520 Burberry scarf to the rally.

In 2020, during his campaign for Congress, he started working at a Florida investment company called Harbor City Capital. However, the company was later accused by the Security and Exchange Commission of participating in a $17 million Ponzi scheme through a civil lawsuit.

He has openly denied any participation in the purported deception.

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A suspected person who performs in drag in Brazil.

During his time in Brazil, it is said that Mr. Santos also entertained audiences as a drag queen by the name of Kitara Ravache when he was younger.

In January, Eula Rochard, a drag artist from Brazil, shared pictures on social media of herself with an individual dressed in a red gown, bold red lipstick, and dangling chandelier earrings, whom she referred to as Mr. Santos.

A subsequent inquiry by Politico revealed that a Wikipedia contributor known as Anthony Devolder asserted that they had taken part in drag performances in Brazil during their teenage years.

Mr Santos issued a furious denial of the claims on social media, at a time when his Republican Party was vilifying and seeking to ban drag queens from performing in some states.

He denied the accusations that he had acted as a drag queen, stating that they were completely untrue. However, the following day, Mr Santos seemed to acknowledge that he had indeed participated in drag. He stated, “I was young and I enjoyed myself at a festival. Criticize me for living my life.”

In 2011, he returned to New York and took a job as a bilingual customer service representative at a call center for Dish Network, a satellite television company. This position in Queens would have paid approximately $15 per hour.

Mr Santos exhaled a stream of lies over a series of interviews: he alleged to have graduated from NYU business school, played as a star volleyball player at Baruch College, and attended the elite private school Horace Mann in New York, but failed to graduate due to financial difficulties, and worked at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. These claims have either been disproven or not substantiated.

In February, the organization Reclaim the Records acquired legal documents revealing that he wed a woman from Brazil in 2012. His previous spouse, who remains anonymous, initiated divorce proceedings in 2019.

He recently revealed that he is married to a man from Brazil, whose first name is Matt. According to reports, he shared with Brazilian magazine Piaui in November 2020 that his spouse’s name is Matheus Gerard.

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False FEC reports

Allegations have been made that Mr Santos committed campaign-related fraud by providing false information to the Federal Election Commission. This matter is currently being addressed in a public court case in New York, where two former members of his campaign team have confessed to financial crimes related to his campaign. One individual posed as a member of Kevin McCarthy’s staff, while the treasurer is accused of submitting inaccurate reports to the FEC regarding fictitious loans and questionable expenses. The treasurer has stated in court documents that Mr Santos was aware of her actions, but he has denied these claims.

The House investigation uncovered that Mr Santos’s campaign team referred to their finances as a “black box” that was overseen solely by Mr Santos and treasurer Nancy Marks. Although Mr Santos claimed otherwise, the subcommittee report revealed that he played a significant role in managing the campaign’s finances. He was also criticized for disregarding concerns raised by his team about Ms Marks and potential financial misconduct within their spending reports.

The report discovered that Representative Santos was not aware of all the errors in his campaign reports, particularly regarding receipts and disbursements. Despite being repeatedly advised by multiple members of his team about concerns regarding Ms. Marks, he did not take any substantial action.

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Improper use of funds allocated for a campaign.

There is a wide range of crimes that Mr. Santos is accused of committing, although it is not significantly more than others.

According to the investigative subcommittee, the congressman had a habit of accumulating debt, a very poor credit score, and depended on a constantly increasing number of high-interest credit cards to finance his extravagant lifestyle. The Ethics Committee found evidence that he used funds from his campaign to partially pay off these credit card debts and also made direct transfers from campaign accounts to his personal bank account.

Allegedly, he utilized these funds by transferring them to his personal accounts through different methods, in order to make extravagant purchases at high-end brands like Hermes, on OnlyFans, and for costly meals.

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Deception, deceit, and further deception.

The topmost item on the list involves a significant amount of deceitful financial conduct. In brief, the representative is being accused of falsely claiming to have loaned personal funds to his 2022 campaign for Congress and subsequently reimbursing himself with actual funds.

The alleged fraudulent loans amounted to over $500,000, a significant sum. However, this is not the only fraudulent activity that Mr. Santos is being accused of. He is also accused of misleading donors into contributing funds to RedStone LLC, supposedly for his campaign, but in actuality, those funds were used as a personal “slush fund” according to the Ethics Committee.

He and his team have been accused of acquiring donors’ credit card information and committing identity theft.

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In 1861, a total of 17 politicians, including three members of the House of Representatives and 14 senators, were removed from their positions for supporting the Confederacy.

In 1861, three House Democrats (Henry Cornelius Burnett, John William Reid, and John Bullock Clark) and 14 Democratic senators were expelled from office for their support of the Confederacy during the US Civil War.

No senator has been expelled since the Civil War.

Prior to 1861, there was only one instance of expulsion, involving Senator William Blount. Blount, a founding father who signed the US Constitution and was a member of the Democratic-Republican party at the time, was removed from office in 1797. He was accused of treason and conspiracy for allegedly inciting a rebellion among the Muscogee Creek and Cherokee Native American tribes in order to assist the British in taking control of West Florida, which was under Spanish rule at the time.

His real estate investments had led to considerable financial troubles.

Blount created a plan where Native Americans and people living on the frontier would attack Spanish territories in Florida and Louisiana, with the goal of transferring them to Great Britain. However, this plan was exposed when a letter was discovered, revealing Blount’s true intentions of using the Creek and Cherokee Indians for his scheme. This letter was intercepted by Federalist president John Adams.

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Important findings from George Santos’ ethics investigation: Botox, OnlyFans, and a visit to the Hamptons were mentioned.

The committee’s extensive report, released on Thursday, declared that there is solid proof suggesting that the Republican party misappropriated campaign finances for personal use, engaged in deceitful practices, and provided false information to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The conclusion of a lengthy investigation has proven to be detrimental for Mr. Santos. Despite being his saving grace against multiple attempts by fellow lawmakers, including those from his own party, to remove him from Congress, the investigation has now likely sealed his fate. It is highly probable that the House will vote to expel him in the near future.

Recently, legislators attempted to take action, but Mr Santos was once again protected by fellow lawmakers who did not want to establish a precedent of judging a member who was being investigated by the Ethics Committee. The congressman from New York was already facing multiple criminal charges and had been indicted by the Justice Department.

A Twitter post, made right after the release of the Ethics Committee report, states that he will not seek re-election. This statement completely contradicts what he told CNN’s Manu Raju in an interview less than a month ago.

During the same statement on Thursday, he urged Americans to convene a Constitutional Convention in order to drastically overhaul Congress. This is highly improbable, especially if it is promoted by a congressman who has recently confessed to creating false information about his past and has a history of lying about various aspects such as being a descendant of Holocaust survivors and witnessing his mother’s death on 9/11.

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Removing Michael Myers from the house.

In 1980, the Democratic politician from Pennsylvania was removed from office due to a bribery conviction. He was later imprisoned for 30 months for confessing to committing election fraud.

According to WHYY, Myers was among multiple officials who were involved in the Abscam operation carried out by the FBI in 1980. This resulted in the end of his four-year term in Congress.

During that period, Mr. Myers was given a bribe by individuals who were actually FBI agents pretending to be assistants for an Arab leader. Before agreeing to receive $50,000, he stated, “In this industry, money holds power while nonsense is disregarded.”

He received a three-year prison sentence and was removed from the House with a vote of 376-30.

In 2018, it was revealed that he had confessed to bribing a judge at two polling locations in order to manipulate vote counts from 2014 to 2018.

According to Assistant US Attorney Eric Gibson, during the 39/36 election, the judge of elections was instructed by Myers to enter the voting machine when the polling place was not busy and manipulate the vote totals in favor of certain candidates. This involved flipping a switch and adding extra votes to those candidates on the machine. As a result, the final results would show fraudulent votes in the tally. This information was reported by WHYY.

According to Mr. Gibson, at a different polling location, voters deliberately chose candidates they knew would not show up. However, they still wrote in those candidates’ names on the paper records. For instance, if Eric Gibson was absent on Election Day, someone would sign the check-in sheet and the polling book using his name to ensure that the machine’s vote count matched the number of voters.

In 1979, he physically attacked a security guard and a 19-year-old woman who were working at a motel in the outskirts of Washington, DC. This occurred after they requested him to lower the volume of the music at a party he was hosting at the location.

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